FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39(Page 30)

Posted: 2011-07-14T03:23:59Z
wow!a long and lovely update thank god pia finally cme back to abhay and i am so so so happy for the couples all of them have sorted their misunderstandings thanks for such a maha updateLOL  

update soon...
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Posted: 2011-07-14T13:05:49Z
Super awesome update! I'm so happy that Piya knows Abhay's truth and she eventually accepted him! I'm so happy for Abhiya! The Abhiya scenes were so cute! Eagerly looking forward to the next update! Continue soon Smile
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Posted: 2011-07-14T13:18:15Z
superb part yyaarrr
plz plz do cnt soon.
luv u
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Posted: 2011-07-14T13:33:08Z
nidha babes sry for the late comment was busy
... ok now abt the update  rocking loved ClapClapClapClapit thank god pia understood abhay and went back to him and are sweet muskaan nice name thanks for taking my  suggestion
loves the abhiya scenesEmbarrassed ok now for me and arnav thank god i got him back and u got ur boyguard Wink but i dont think jay will takeing everything so easliy bet he will do sumthing  over all rocking khudos nidha Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile luv ya
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Posted: 2011-07-15T00:42:44Z


Ch 18

Few days later


the whole house wa perpairing for SidChi Engagement it's a small party just with close friends and family

Mona: by god kitna kaam hai jaldi jaldi kar na hai

Pia: don't worry bhabi sab kuch hoga time pe calm down go get ready guest will be coming

Ridz: haan we are ready will go see the guest

Sidchi enchange rings

Pia: so jaitani ji welcome to the family teases pia

Panchi: thank you my sweet deverani

Shaurya: misha if panchi and pia bhabi are ok with knowing what we are then why are you not

Misha: im fine now shaurya really I love you they hug

 Fiza not here yet where is she  asks arnav

Not sure let me call her says pia

Pia: she is not picking

Arnav gets a call from jay

Jay: fiza is mine and only mine you shouldn't have attacked me that day arnav what did you say that day to me you dog well well youe will be so sry cuts the phone

Arnav: abhay  jay has fiza we have to go now

They leave

Arnav breaks down the door fiza he yell they see her sitting on the sofa and crying

Abhay : kya hua you ok

 Jay comes out well well fiza you haven't told him anything yet I ll tell him

She is no longer yours  arnav she  is like me she is a wherewolf   


Abhay : what oh no

Arnav: I will kill you

Fiza comes in between at stops him no it no use arnav  please don't


Leap of 8years

Raichand house

Abhay pia in the room sleeping good morning my beautiful wife before I forget I love you sya abhay

I love you two  says pia

Suddenly 4kids   run in the room jumpmng on the bed

Pia: Sonam, Prena, Preet ,Akash  stop jumping on the bed schoolki liye rady hona hai   abhay kuch karo

Abhay : bache mama ki baat suno aur whereis your muskaan di

In the next room

Panchi is getting her kids ready for school

Roshni, yuvraj, jeet, hurry up get up for  school

Panchi: sid yuvi is getting very spoiled sirf khelna no work aaj teacher has called us to meet her  after school again

Sid: now im sure he is my son jokes sid

In mishas room

Misha is sleepingshaurya getting kids ready

Kiran beti where are you papa is getting late na hurry up come and where this dress

Kiran: no I hate dresses  I will wear jeans

Shaurya: kiran school ko yeh uniform dress hai jeans nahin misha please get up and help kiran is not listening she just like you no dress only jeans help me kiran  where is you sister riya?  * sound of the toilet flushing*

Misha riya flushed my Armani watch down the toilet please get up now please

Hassena and chand watching them wow chaand in these 8 years we are so bleased with a houseful of grand kids and wonderful daughter in laws

Nidha walks in

panchi,  where are you where getting late for the meeting thank god today prthivi took the kids to school hurry up

khurana house fiza is married to jay and has 4 kids

gia, simran, ranbir,arjun

that's it for now do comment

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Posted: 2011-07-15T00:49:14Z
amazing nd superb part.
plz cnt soon.
luv u
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Posted: 2011-07-15T01:21:17Z
Awesome update...
Fantastic...Raichands have a cricket team in their houseLOL
Fiza and Jay also have four kids ...
But one doubt ...Who is Nidha's husband Arnav or Prithvi as it sounds from her words Prithvi and if its true then what about Arnav...Confused
Update soon...
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Posted: 2011-07-15T01:26:44Z
amazing all have kids but sad for arnav...where is he now? aww...everyone has so many kids and pia has 5LOL
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