FF:Adha Ishq ch 22 updated on pg 39

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Hey everyone i'm fiza here is my new ff hope like it dont forget to comment

Character Sketch

Abhay Raichand: AKA: Mr. Mysteries who is a Arrogant stuck up successful man who has his own business which is a matrimonial agency and website called Rishta.com but under his mr.macho front he has a heart of gold .He too wants to find his special someone but knows it's not possible because he has a deep dark secret which no one will be able to accept if it leaks out. His Naseeb brings him close to piya in such circumstance which he never expected. Has only one main motive and is to teach [email protected]#$$%^&* Devil Daanish such a lesson that he would rather die than live.

Piya Dobrial: is a 18 no-nonsense, fun-loving full if life girl from a high class Dehradun household Was Engaged to Her childhood friend Kabir which was arranged my her parents. She is very organized , Very Focused and determined with future plans to become the best wedding planner in India and open her own company Vivah khushiyon ki , ambitions, and her goals in life are well laid out until her naseeb has something else planed for her when it brings her face to face with a devil named Danish a guy who ruined her in every way possible and after such a horrifying event happens to her she ends up on the cross roads of life which leads her toward Abhay who bends backward in every way to see her smile. Can't not forgive kabir for not being with her when she needed him and thought that he really loved her

Panchi Dobrial: eldest of 3 sisters who is very intelligent girl who does a lot of social work she loves help out at the dog shelter and also works at the mount college as one of the head of the drama club . her dressing style is a little conservative she is very close to her sister Misha and piya , she a loving sister who is responsible, protective yet knows how have fun. Who supports and is very proud of piya of how she has handle herself after such a horrible event that happened to her and hates kabir who didn't support or trust her sister when she really needed him the most ,is very grateful to Abhay for taking such good care of her . Is also helping Piya recover from this horrifying incident threw her NGO Muskaan and will punish Daanish for his disgusting sin

Misha Dobriyal: 2nd of 3 sisters who is a total opposite of both her sisters, she is the stereotypical tom boy who hates to wear dress and has a little bit of a punk fell to her she is the laughter track of the house who loves her sisters panchi and piya    but most of all loves to get on panchi nerves. Hates that son of a #@$!&* kabir it is because of him his sister piya went through hell and he acted like Donkeys but and threw piya out of his life when he should have been there for her. Adore Abhay and thinks that he is truly the one for piya after all he's done for her. And will beat the living Hell out of that [email protected]#$%&* Daanish and send him to jail.

Kunwar Kabir <font size="5">Singh Rathore</font>: very chilled out Mr. cool who is the perfect example of the meaning chocolate boy the heartthrob of all the girls in town who was engaged to piya but broke her heart and didn't support her when she needed him the most has fallen in his own eyes and has poor judgment when it comes to trusting people , is very regretful and wants to get piya back in his life hate the fact that abhay has proved to be better than him in each and every way especially when it comes to piya hates his so called bro Daanish and wants to see him behind bars

Kunwar Daanish <font size="5">Singh Rathore</font>: eldest son and Kabir's bro he is a two faced guy wearing a mask of goodness when in reality underneath that mask he is a devil. Had always been a Casanova who would be with a new girl each and every night basically a scum ball he had started to fall for piya knowing his bro loved her , he confronted piya she refused him and said she would expose his true colors so he then ruined his own younger bro engaged life by taking advantage of piya's innocence and misbehaving in such way that she wouldn't be able to show her face to kabir, her family and the world


charater Sketch Pg 1

Chapter 1 Pg 2

Chapter 2 pg3


chapter 3 n note pg 5

chapter 4 n note pg 8
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ur story is very new n interesting
n do cont
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Posted: 2011-01-20T01:30:54Z
The character sketch is very interesting.I wonder what that horrible Danish did to Pia.Looking forward to the next chpSmile
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Posted: 2011-01-20T01:37:29Z
i wonder
wat danish did to pia
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Go ahead...
New n refreshing story ....Great.... good character sketch
Really wanted 2 know wht danish did 2 her and how abhay our hero entered her life.
Please do update soon..
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Originally posted by pallavisarkar

ur story is very new n interesting
n do cont

Thank you glad u liked it Big smile
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Originally posted by shruthiR

The character sketch is very interesting.I wonder what that horrible Danish did to Pia.Looking forward to the next chpSmile
Thanks u will find out soon will update ASAP Wink
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Posted: 2011-01-20T14:30:34Z
Originally posted by meaw

i wonder
wat danish did to pia
Thanks Wink
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