January 19 Update

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Posted: 2011-01-19T16:16:03Z

Sweetie leaves for her inlaws house and attributes this to Rani showing her the right way.
Rishabh does some romantic stuff for Rani.
Rani and Chavvi try to send Tauji and Thaiji on a trip.
Rani becomes dizzy and passes out.

The doctor says that Rani is about to become a mother.  Everyone is happy and celebrating.
Rishabh says to Akash to drop Tauji and Thaiji to the airport, but they say they are staying back because Rani has given them so good news.
Rishabh is really happy.
Rani comes out of the room and all the family come - the song Dhikhtana from HAHK is playing - all come down and see Rani.  Akash sings the main part.
It's a total happy fest.
They show Rani in 7 months and all are taking care of her (although their clothes have not changed from 7 months earlier!)
Even Payal and Rajni has come there (it's 9 months) and Rajni has her baby with her.  Rani's Thauji also comes to visit.

At the hospital, Rani has given Rishabh a girl and he thanks her for making him a good son, husband and now a father!  He says that he's going to be the best Papa in the world.
Rishabh says that he wants their daughter to be just like Rani and have all her good qualities.
Rani jokes that she also wants the baby to be as 'Natkat' as Rishabh.

At home, all take turns holding the baby and fighting over who's going to hold the baby.  Even Sweetie comes to see the baby with Dimple.
Today is the name they are going to name the baby and the Pandit has come.
Dadi asks the Pandit to look into her horoscope and find a good name for her.
He says the baby is very lucky and will always be happy.  He says that the baby should be named something with either a Gh or a S sound.
they fight over all different names for the baby.
Dadi says that if they all fight, then the baby will never have a name.  They all decide to put their choices on a piece of paper and then Rani can pick from there.
They all put their submissions.
Rani goes to the bowl and draws a name from the bowl. (I don't like this way of picking the name at all!)
Rani takes her time to reveal the name - Gauri is picked and it was Dadi's choice.
Rishabh then then addresses her as Gauri Jhurry.

Shekhar and Rishabh are sitting together in the garden.  Deven comes there (he has a mustache!)
Payal comes and says to Shekhar that he didn't drink his medicine because he was too busy watching the match. 
Rajni comes there and says that Deven is drinking a cold drink and it makes his throat feel bad when he drinks it.  They go from there.
Rishabh laughs at them, but Shekhar says his time will come.
Rani comes there and complains that he didn't offer the men anything to eat.  And, the food is getting cold.  They all promise to come.
Deven laughs at Rishabh and then Shekhar then asks him what he was saying about Rani not being like the rest of the women?
Shekhar says that all Wives have control over their husbands.  It was different when they were like free birds when they first got married, but now it's like their wings were cut.
Rishabh stays quiet.  Then he agrees with them while Payal and Rajni comes there and are listening to everything they are saying.
The men are caught when they see Rajni and Rayal standing there watching them.

Payal and Rajni are complaining to Rani (where is Rajni's baby?) about how their husbands are ungrateful about what they all do for them.
Rani disagrees.  But, the others say they have to teach them a lesson.

The Taujis are sitting together and talking.
The ladies come there (again without babies), and say to Tauji that his three daughters are ready to come home to their maika.
Tauji says that they are welcome to come whenever they want but they should ask their husbands before they come.
Rajni says that their husbands have no problems with them going to their maika.
Tauji says for them to pack and come - they tell the servant to go and tell the men that they are all going home to their maika.
The servant tells the men, and Rishabh wants to talk to Rani, but the others stop him from going and say they have to show the women that they can live without them.
Rishabh and Rani don't want to be a part of this, but they don't have a choice.
The women put their stuff into the car and take the babies and say they are going.
Deven and Shekhar don't stop them and tell them to spend as much time as they want.
Rishabh is the only wants to know if it's necessary for her to go to her maika?  But, Shekhar interrupts and says that the women should be able to spend time at their maika.
The women say for them to enjoy their time without them, and Rani and Rishabh are sad.

No precap.

So, overall, the beginning where Rani has the baby was good, but the rest of the episode was a waste.
I think they could have shown Rani pregnant, and then Rajni giving birth.  They could have shown Rani's Godh Barai which would have been really nice.
They didn't make any pomp at the entry of the first born child to the jhurries like a party or anything.
The Namkaran is usually accompanied by a puja of some sort which wasn't done.
All these things would have been better than this waste about the girls going to their maika.

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Posted: 2011-01-19T19:03:34Z

I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't name the baby pari lol
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Posted: 2011-01-20T03:17:28Z
thanks for the update frnd
there was a precap
it showed rani telling the sis "we all love our husbands to the core and then rishab shekar also enter saying they too love their wives"
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Posted: 2011-01-20T09:19:04Z
Originally posted by sujithra

thanks for the update frnd
there was a precap
it showed rani telling the sis "we all love our husbands to the core and then rishab shekar also enter saying they too love their wives"
thanks - I didn't see it in the online version I had.  I can't believe they are going to drag this part about loving wives and husband and spoil the whole end of the show - I really don't like how they are ending this.
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