Abhay-Piya FF: Unlocking the Past Ch. 8/Pg. 27

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Hello PKYEK-ians!Hug

After having read a couple amazing FF's based on AbhIya, I couldn't help but think of writing one myself. This would be my second FF. And, I'm thankful to all those people who encouraged me with my first one. They're the same one's who are quite optimistic about this one! The idea for this one has been in the works for quite a while, actually.
Originally, I had thought of waiting this one out a bit, but it was way too tempting!
Now, you probably have read all the wonderful FF's on this forum and others in the FF's section, so what do I have to offer in this story of mine that is different or 'hatke'?

Essentially, how did this FF come about?

It all happened when I was just mulling over this research proposal I had done this past summer for this psych research lab course.

Although it wasn't even the topic I finally chose that this FF would be based on, it was an alternate thing on the side that had seemed really interesting at the time. It really is still very much interesting.

So that idea which I mentioned is...Genetic Memory.

Heard of it before, in passing even?

 My topic for that research proposal actually was Neurogenesis. But, Genetic Memory was something I came across my research.

It's kinda like, if instinct could be passed on from mother to child, genetically speaking, then why not actual memories marked, and layed out on DNA molecules.

 Apprently, this one's a hot topic with neuroscientists!

...So, you could experience an ancestor's memories!

 Ex: You go to a place your ancestor has been to. Although, you haven't ever been there before, you somehow seem to know the place real well. Also, you seem to experience certain flashes of memories near objects/places of the same kind. These flash of memories belong to your ancestors! But while you've these flashes, it seems like you've flown to the past itself! It's very real, until you obviously snap to the present.

 So this would obviously be a big building block to the story - this idea of 'genetic memory'. The FF would have me switching between the 18th century and the 21st century. But there's much more to the story than this!


 Now, that was to familiarize you with the concept I would like to put forth with this FF. Below, I've posted the prologue. Do check it out! 

And, please let me know your thoughts. You guys remotely interested in this concept of mine? (:

Prologue - Pg. 1
Chapter 1 - Pg. 4
Chapter 2 - Pg. 7
Chapter 3 - Pg. 10
Chapter 4 - Pg. 12
Chapter 5 - Pg. 15
Chapter 6 (Part 1) - Pg. 18
Chapter 6 (Part 2) - Pg. 21
Chapter 7 - Pg. 23
Chapter 8 - Pg. 27
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It was a dark, ominous night.

The fort with its mighty gates, huge ornate halls, palaces, pavilions, and gardens, usually was a welcoming sight. But tonight, it was anything but that. The effect was menacing.

An evil smile curled his lips. It would be horrifying for her.

Snapping out of his thoughts, he made his way back inside. It was perfect. The moon was full, casting a silvery-blue glow across the five-story windows. Easier to see her, to make sure that all would go as planned.

I'll get rid of her, he thought, climbing the stairs. He'd make sure of it. He had come too far to lose everything now. It had been going his way. But she'd at the last moment threatened to ruin it all.

Stopping at a window overlooking the gardens, he checked to see if all was in place. And there she was.

A dark cloth covered her face, while a stole was wrapped around her upper body.

Throwing a glance both ways, she made her way across the garden, her footsteps soft on the grass. Neither the darkness nor her attempt to conceal herself could take away from her beauty. She looked like an angel, no doubt.

Your place is in the clouds above, he thought with a dry laugh.

Turning to take his leave, he took a last look at his handiwork. Everything was ready. Everything was in place. But then he saw an approaching figure. A familiar figure. He hadn't anticipated this.

Abhayendra. . .what's he doing here?

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Posted: 2011-01-19T16:34:57Z
Tashu babbyyyy <333
Omg i love itttttttt!!!
i am sooo interested LOL
i cant wait for part 1 <33333333
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Posted: 2011-01-19T16:52:35Z
i loved your way of describing and using the language, do continue, looking forward to read more!
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Posted: 2011-01-19T17:00:27Z
hey nice one.....pls continue soon
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Posted: 2011-01-19T17:15:21Z
You had me at genetic memory...I'm a biologist who works on cancer..so anything remotely sciencey excites me. LOLLOL (Ya, I know nerd!)  Nice, eerie beginning...good stuff girl. Keep it going!
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Posted: 2011-01-19T18:01:20Z
Tashu, yeye finally u got this going lol..like i alredy told u how interesting the story line, well i guess not gone hurt me if i repeat myself..lol so the storyline is intersting..cant wait to read more...do add me to ur pm list if u creat one..
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Posted: 2011-01-19T19:27:49Z

awww honey yay! u posted it!!
but my internet currently sucks..so i shall check this out once its fixeedddd =D
im soo glad u put this up though =D



okie so my internet is still not fixed -__- so im being bad and "borrowing" network! LMAO!

ahhhh i love it!!! haha i knew u wouldn't be able to resist!!! great jobb...really looking forward to this awesome fanfic!!! i've already told u how amazing i think it is so i don't think i need to go into details!! 
ur awesome! love yaa!!!

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