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This thread is dedicated to the discussion of all the mythological shows and movies the late BR Chopra directed in his lifetime.
As many if not most of you know, before the creation of this Mythological Masti Forum, there used to be forums for all the new mythological shows (most of which are locked now), but none for the old ones. Finding this highly unfair, I had at first tried to convince the mods of IF to create just one forum for the old mythological shows, but they told me that the purpose of IF is for the discussion of television shows and movies currently running, but that the Chat Clubs Forum is a great place to discuss anything/anyone which does not have a forum.
And so that's how the BR Chopra Mahabharat Chat Club #1 came into existence in the CC Forum. It was all due to group work only that it became such a hit among Mahabharat fans before our fellow member Lola convinced the mods to open one single forum for all Mythological Shows....and here we are!Dancing
However, I came to know that some members have missed the close knit feeling of our past CC, and so I am creating this thread to discuss all the mythological shows/movies of BR Chopra just like we had done in our CC...the purpose of this thread is to give all BR Chopra fans the feeling of a homey CC again, within our own beloved forum instead of travelling somewhere else on IF where many new members do not even know how to find the CC Forum.
So keep this thread running, guys! Other than discussions and chatting, feel free also post your creations and pics which are from BRC's shows/movies or BRC actors' other shows/movies. It will be just like a 2nd CC...pretend we are continuing from where we left off!Wink And welcome once again to BR Chopra's Perfect Paradise #1!Hug
Here is the Mahabharat Chat Club we had in our CC Forum before it was closed...if you are a new member, feel free to browse through them at your own pace.Big smile
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This list was taken directly from the past CC so if you want your name added, please press the Like This Post button on this post or leave a post in this thread.
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What Wikipedia says about BR Chopra:


Baldev Raj Chopra

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Baldev Raj Chopra (B.R. Chopra) (21 April 1924 – 5 November 2008)[1] was an Indian director and producer of Bollywood movies and television serials. Most known for Hindi social films like Naya Daur (1957), Kanoon (1961), Gumrah (1963) and Humraz (1967), plus the mega TV Series, Mahabharat in the late 1980s [2] He was awarded the highest award in Indian cinema, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1998 [3]

His younger brother Yash Chopra, son Ravi Chopra and nephew Aditya Chopra are also directors in the Bollywood industry. His another nephew Uday Chopra is an actor.



[edit] Biography

Born in Ludhiana, "B.R." received an M.A. in English literature from University of the Punjab in Lahore. He started his career in 1944 as a film journalist with Cine Herald, a film-monthly published in Lahore, he later took over the magazine and ran it until 1947 [4]. In the same year, he launched a film with a story by I. S. Johar, Chandni Chowk. Naeem Hashmi was hero of this movie and Erika Rukhshi was the heroine. Just as the production of film was to start, riots broke out in Lahore and he and his family had to flee from the city. After the partition of India into India and Pakistan in 1947, he moved to Delhi. He later moved to Bombay (Mumbai), where his first production, Karwat, began in 1948, though it turned out to be a flop. His first film as a director, Afsana, was released in 1951 and featured Ashok Kumar in a double role - the film was a hit and established his name in Bollywood. Chopra made Chandni Chowk, with Meena Kumari as a lead, in 1954. In 1955, B.R. formed his own production house, B.R Films. His first movie for this production house was the highly successful Naya Daur (1957) starring Dilip Kumar and Vyjayantimala Bali, the film became a golden jubilee hit. In 1963 he was a member of the jury at the 13th Berlin International Film Festival.[5]

B.R. was instrumental in developing the career of singer Mahendra Kapoor, and employed Mahendra in most of his movies. (Director-producer Yash Chopra, younger brother, cast Mahendra Kapoor's son in Fasle.)

B.R.'s foray into television led to Mahabharat, one of the most successful TV serials in Indian television history. Another of his memorable TV drama is Bahadur Shah Zafar.

He died in Mumbai at the age of 84 on 5 November 2008 [6], survived by his son, Ravi Chopra, also a filmmaker and two daughters [7]

[edit] Awards

[edit] Filmography

[edit] Actor

[edit] Story Writer

[edit] Director-Producer

[edit] Director

[edit] Producer

[edit] References

Wikinews has related news: Indian filmaker Baldev Raj Chopra dies at age 94

[edit] External links

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Okay guys,
I'm done editing this thread....you can begin chatting.Big smile
There's just one slight change from the precious CCs.....you can post pics, lyrics, creations, etc, here but I will not be maintaining a ToC because there are already ToCs for the pic gallery, creation gallery, song gallery, video library, etc in the forum. Post here, but please do not forget to post in those main imp threads as well so that your work can be recorded.Smile

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Pls add me too!
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So Happy to have this Thread here in our own 'Mytho Forum'!!Star  Members will definitely Enjoy to come and chat about B R Chopra, his creations and specially about our favourite Mahabharat Smile... Will love to interact here...

@Janu!!! Great Thread Dear!! Clap Clap 

@ Aishu! Welcome Dear Hug...  Great to see you here! Hey, have you gone through the pages of our Chat Club on BRC's MB (the link given by Janu in the 1st post)?
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Hi Debipriya di! Hug Yeah, I saw the link. I was just going through the first couple of pages!
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Wooooooooowwwwwww Di!!!

Such a sweet title!!!Embarrassed
Thanx for starting it!
Thanks Duck Writing
U're lovely!!1lg022clap.gif image by prestonjjrtr
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