January 18th Update

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Posted: 2011-01-18T10:39:38Z

Rishabh tries to give the property to Tauji, but he refuses and says that his two sons will now take care of the business.
Sweetie agrees to go and live with her inlaws.  She admits that she should not have made the mistake of staying with her own family, but Rani has shown her that she was wrong.

Dadi says that Rishabh and Rani have made her rich in love.
There is a lot of extra sweetness here between the family and Rani saying that everyone is together and happy now.

At the producers office Deven and Rajni are there and taking out the money they owe the Producer.
Rajni says they have caused the producer losses, but have brought everything they own to pay him back.
The producer says that they can still shoot around her pregnancy and she can give the dates.
Deven and Rajni are happy to hear this.  The producer says they do not want to do the shoots without her.
The producer says that today his own wife said she is pregnant, and he now realizes what it is to be a parent.  He apologizes to them, and they all make.
Rajni says that she will do the film after delivery and Deven is really happy that everything has worked out.

Sweetie is ready to go to her inlaws.  She promises her mother that she will be a good bahu and a good daughter to her inlaws.  And, she will be a good wife too.
Her husband also cries saying that this is also his family and he will miss them all very much.
He thanks Dadi for always being a mother to him, and he will pray that in every life, Dadi will be his MIL.
They all say goodbye to each other, and Sweetie is very emotional before going.  But, all are happy that she made the right choice.

At night, Chavvi is brought by Rani to her room dressed up for her Suhaag Raat.  Akash is also brough by Rishabh.
Akash stares at Chavvi and Rishabh then says they should leave before they get kicked out.
Rishabh drags Rani out of the room and takes her upstairs past her room and Rani is confused.
They are on the roof where it is all decorated.  A swing is there as well decorated.
Rani is surprised at all this, and sees a path of flowers leading them to the swing.
Rani says that it's Akash and Chavvi's Suhaag Raat and Rishabh has become romantic.
Rishabh says that Romance is due to Rani.
Rani walks over the flowers and Rishabh leads her to the swing.
They spend some time together. 
then Rani and Rishabh talk - Rani says that Rishabh knows what's in his family's hearts, but he doesn't understand what's in his wife's heart.  Rishabh is worried that he has done something wrong, but Rani jokes and says now that everyone is good and everyone is together, all her tireness is over.
They enjoy some more moments together.

The next morning, Rani comes and says she has booked tickets for Switzerland for Rani and Rishabh and Akash and Chavvi.
But they all protest that they won't go and leave Dadi.
Tauji says that these people are not romantic at all and after some prodding, they find out that Tauji and Thaiji never had any romance.
They all insist that Tauji and Thaiji go on a romantic holiday.
They go and start to pack their bags.  Tauji says they should go, but all insist that now that Tauji is retired, they should get a holiday in.
All send Tauji and Thaiji off on their holiday. 
All of a sudden, Rani feels faint and they call for the doctor.
Rishabh is really scared, and the family is really concerned.
It ends Rani laying in bed unconscious.

Precap: Rani is pregnant - YEAH!

So, it looks like Rajni and Rani will have babies together.  9 months will just fly by in the next day and finally we will get to see Rani birthing a little girl! (my prediction)

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Posted: 2011-01-18T11:02:45Z
Thanks Samirah..
Rani preggy was expected LOLShe too will have a baby girl and I rthink they would name her PARI ROFL and the saga continues ever after Tongue
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Posted: 2011-01-18T21:46:02Z
I'm happy that they're ending the show on  a positive note! 
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Posted: 2011-01-19T00:40:35Z
hope the baby is a girl and this might be the starting of a new season of wrwmk
i would be glad to see if they come up with a storyline like that of saumya pari or raj rani

what u guys say
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Posted: 2011-01-19T07:08:27Z
Thanks!! Of course she's going to have a girl lol and it would be hilarious if they did name her pari hahaha
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