January 17th Update

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Posted: 2011-01-17T10:38:20Z

Rishabh says that really does want the family to be together.
The weddings both happen and the brides enter their new houses.

Chavvi and Akash are playing the game to find the ring in the milk - Sweetie's husband jokes that Sweetie won at his wedding and they are still like this today.
Some strangers enter the house - Dadi recognizes them.
They call Thouji to come and talk.  Thouji says that today is his son's wedding and in a few days he will give them the money.
The man says that Thouji won't get another day to pay.  He has to pay today as promised.
Thouji says that he doesn't have the money right now and begs for a few more days.
The man insists and the whole family looks on.  He looks at Chavvi and Akash and says that his Bahu is wearing enough jewelry to pay the debt.
Akash looks horrified.
Thoujis says that this is his daughter and she just got married.  The man insults them and wants his money.
He says to take the jewels off of Chavvi right away.
Rishabh comes there and says this is enough!  He says that his bahu is his pride and no one will never insult his family.
The man says that he has no fight with Rishabh and why is Rishabh getting involved in Thouji's business and he owes money.
The man says that Thouji owes Three crore - all are shocked.
Rishabh says that the man will get his money with interest.  All are quiet and wondering what will happen.
Rishabh comes with a cheque - the man says why is Rishabh paying Thouji's owings when Thouji was responsible for Rishabh's father's death.
Rishabh says that his thouji is like his father and a father's son will pay his debt.
Thouji and Rani are very happy to see this - and Rishabh further says that if his Thouji is every insulted again, he will have to deal with Rishabh.
The man apologizes for barging in and wishes them well.
Rishabh is about to leave, but Thouji comes and gives his blessings to Rishabh.  All are happy to see this.
Thouji embraces Rishabh and the family is really happy.  Rishabh finally feels the father's love he never had.

At the chawl, Deven is telling his mother that the producer is coming to Mumbai and will want his money.
The video keeps cutting but it looks like Deven's Bhabhi comes and gives Rajni and Deven her jewelry so that they can help to pay what's owing.

Rani is in her room.  Rishabh comes there and says it's time to make the decision they have waited for.
The family is downstairs and Rishabh comes with Rani there.
The video is cutting again, but it looks like Rishabh is giving Thouji his share of the wealth.
But I think that Thouji has refused and says he will leave the business with Rishabh and he's going to retire.  But, Akash will help Rishabh.
Rishabh also tries to give Sweetie's husband his share, but they also say that they do not want to part the business.  Sweetie says that now that her own daughter has gone to her inlaws, that now Sweetie has to go to her inlaws.
Sweetie says she made a big mistake by staying back and now it's time she took her responsibility and learned from Rani how to make relationships.

No preview today.

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Posted: 2011-01-17T11:05:30Z
thanks very much dear for the update... so is it really going off air on 20thCry
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Posted: 2011-01-18T07:23:14Z

Finally sweetie leaves!!!!
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