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Which is your favorite kand from Ramayan & why?

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Bal Kand
Ayodhya Kand
Aranya Kand
Kiskindhya Kand
Sundar Kand
Yuddha Kand
Uttar Kand
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Posted: 2011-01-17T07:02:26Z
I have a choice definitely, but I want to see your choices first! Smile
Friends, please analysis your answers, I want to make this pole equivalent to a discussion thread. 
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Posted: 2011-01-17T17:24:32Z
Great post, Urmi! I personally love ALL the Kandas for the lessons they teach, but my fav has to be the Uttar Kand because of the strength and love portrayed by Ram and Sita even during their long and permanent separation from each other.Broken Heart It also portrayed the true ideal of a husband and wife by the faithfulness Ram and Sita show for each other, it is truly a tearjerker Kand, but the most beautiful and tragic for me.
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Posted: 2011-01-17T18:50:41Z

I love all the Kands...but if you force me to choose then I'd have to say "Bal-Kand", simply because I'm a sucker for happy times! I really truly am!  LOL Embarrassed Shri Ram and Sita Maiyya's first meeting, the Swayamvar and wedding...I can never tire of reading these parts! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

P.S Great post Sema! Clap Clap

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Posted: 2011-01-17T20:03:53Z
Lovely topic as always Sema Clap And great answers so far guys, really enjoyed reading them Thumbs Up In terms of events covered, I'd have to agree with Bal Kand... what's not to love about that SiyaRam swayamvar and vivaah magic Day Dreaming But in terms of devotional saundarya Wink The teachings in this part of the epic are unparalleled... Hanumanji's selflessness, Sita Maa's strength, and of course Shri Ram's mercy - wowwww could drown in it forever Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-01-17T22:28:52Z
Yes. Beautiful thread as always really.Clap And I also almost knew the choices of Lola and Janaki. Not that sure but after seeing their posts, I felt that if I was asked their choices, I could have rightly guessed. But it doesn't seem that easy in my case.LOL I think about each kand and I think there are at least 5 out of 7 which I feel like naming it. 

Balkand because of entire journey with Vishwamitra from Ayodhya to Taadkavan, Taadkavan to Aashram, Aashram to Mithila and Mithila to Ayodhya. 

Ayodhyakand because of greatest of sacrifices of many and entire Bharatmilaap sequence starting from Bharat coming back from nainihaal till Keikei's meeting in Nandigram; Nishadraj & Kevat. 

Aranyakand because of Shabari and meeting with sages and Ram's dharmsansthapan commitment taken; and very happy & exciting 'pure jagat ke liye kalyaankaari' 13 years (further elaboration reserved till the end of this post).

Kishkindhakand because of Ram-Hanuman milan, Vali's realization, teaching about friendship, teaching about smashaan vairaagya and then immediately temporary loss of concentration away from devotion due to means of entertainment and Sugreev's realization.

Sundarkand because of blessings of Ram-Sita to Hanumanji, Hanumanji's adventure (Most favourite kand supposedly in childhood like any other child), Ram-Vibhishan milan, Ram's anger on Samudra.

Yuddhakand because of Rameshwaram, Setubandhan, Ram's forgiveness to spies and his forgiving and peace loving attempts for Ravan, Sanjeevani booti adventure, Incarnation's major objective accomplished and devatas made happy, Reunion.

Uttarkand/(Uttarkand+LavKushkand) I have very little to write honestly because I have felt the events only a few times. On the contrary in stead of Ram-Sita story, I more like to see meeting with Manthara and Ram-Sita in Hanumanji's heart and then sequences after Lav-Kush catching the horse. But even those scenes I have seen very few times only in the serial.

If I am forced to choose any one of the above, then I will have to pick up the criteria that which part of the story I would like to go there and watch as spectator from the sky in Tretayug live if allowed that boon. Again a very tough choice because the bliss of Balkand, sacrifices of Ayodhyakand, realizations of Kishkindhakand and Hanumanji in Sundarkand, Ramrajyaabhishek in Yuddhakand/Uttarkand (I have just kept it like this because of RCM chapterization) but I would go for Aranyakand. A thought also came to my mind that I like all kands equally and I am neutral and indifferent. A thought also came to my mind that perhaps I like the kands exactly in the same order in which they are. But ultimately the choice dropped on the third one.

Aranyakand is the kand perhaps I like to watch almost every moment of with it (just the exception of moments of SitaharanCryAngry - when I was kid, I used to shut my eyes & ears or go out to some other room outside the TV room in Sitaharan scene.LOL) It has got everything perhaps (same argument can also be given for every kand still I suppose if one really tries to find out). Union of the trio almost throughout, happy and yet active & challenging 13 years of life. I love it because of the sanyaas content in it. Chaaron ore se kalyaan. Graced, natural and automatic way of getting the sanyaasi independent/self dependent life (and that too still in the company of sahdharmachaarini/better half) as a fulfillment of social duty.Day Dreaming Meeting with sages (Pyaase tak neer chale) continuously is like dream come true for me (whether I am in place of Ram or in place of Sharbhang/Sutikshna equally)Day Dreaming. Being Shabari myself is like dream come true for me.Day Dreaming Being committed to sweep away the garbage of evil from the earth is like exciting feeling for me (Sab asuran ke naam ke dhari tarakas me teer, nayee disa me pag dharyo, karamveer, Raghuveer - mai praigya karta hun ki sari prithvi ko raakshason se vihin kar dunga - what a turning and telling moment impressed!!!Clap - Paritraanaay saadhunaam, vinaashaay cha dushkritaam). Dharm ke rath par, Karm ke rath par, badh chale aage Ram dhanurdhar (The near and far picture of the trio - the impact of this song and Ram Lakhan Siya bhramat aranya make me feel - I want to go there only, I want to go there only - arre want to go kya, wahin par to hun aisa feel hota hai; bas baagh/sher aur raakshason se Ram hi bachaaye. LOL.......Udhar Ram kartavya ke path par, badhte jaayen nirantar; karmveer ke liye nahi kuchh harsh vishaad me antar (Geeta).Day Dreaming It has Karmyog. It has Bhaktiyog/Buddhiyog (Navadha bhagati and Navdha bhakti's gyan). It has Gyanyog/Karmsanyas yog. It has peace of Godavari shore when the trio meets Jatayu for the first time, constructs the cottage and Ram sits on his special sitting place and has talks with Lakshman about mind and intellect (Bhavuk hona ati sundar baat hai parantu bhaavna par gyan ka ankush yadi na rahe, to bhavna ke aavesh me kai baar bhul ho sakti hai). It has natural beauty of the forest (only green green comes in the mind apart from bhagva muni vesh). It has two incidents of gyani's/devotee's wait and Mukti (Sharbhang and Shabri). It has Hanumanji's meditating wait (may not be written but present like he was to act in Dwapar and Kali now). It has similar unwritten implicit wait of Vibhishan and ray of hope of meeting sparked (though with feeling of guilt and shame for his brother's act). It has naughtiness and playful teaser of Ram with Shoorpankha-Khar-Dushan (Krishna's/Vishnu's darshan in Ram of seedhisaadi bholibhali image).Big smileStarCool It has continued/continuous Lakshman's service and continuous shelter of Ram on him.Day Dreaming It has Bharat's continued devotion and sacrifice and karma in Nandigram. It has Keikei's tapobhoomi and repent ongoing. It has Urmila-Kaushalya-Sumitra wait ongoing. Sacrifices of Ayodhyakand continued..... Seperation pain between Vishnu and Lakshmi also starts towards the end. It also has Sitamata's strength in Ashokvatika begun (First ghaans ka tinka scene). It has Jatayu's sacrifice. Ram's respect paid to him. Unity of soul in all creatures (Jatayu ki katha vibhinna yonion me aatmaa ki ektaa ko siddha karti hai). Respect paid by Ram to a bhilani. It just seems to be complete kand. 13 very quick years passed in the epic but every moment worth living with. Ye kand bahut hi chhota parantu atyant shikshaprad hai kyunki isi me Shri Ram ka us samay ke sabhi rishimunion se samaagam hota hai. Sharbhang muni ki katha ye siddha karti hai ki maanav yadi poorna karmyogi ho jaay to wo devataon se bhi ooncha ho jata hai. Devata swayam uske aage peechhe hath bandhe phirte hain. Aur yeh kand bhaktiras se bhi otprot hai. Kyun ki Shabari ki katha bhi isi me aati hai. That Ramanand Sagar's commentary is also my most favourite commentary. Jis desh me Ramayan gaayi jaati ho, aur jis desh me Bhagwan swayam jaa kar ek bhilni ke jhoothe ber kha kar apne aap ko kritaarth maante ho; us desh me aaj bhi jaati paati ke bhed ki baat mai sunta hun, to vishwaas nahi hota. Jo Ramayan ko maantaa hai, wo kabhi aisa nahi soch sakta. Wo kabhi aisa nahi kar sakta. Aisi meri maanyata hai. Aur apeksha bhi. Jai Ramji ki.CrySmile

I initially thought not to cast vote in this poll but just to write comment because I have neither read VR nor RCM fully but only parts (And also ideally we should become eventually indifferent about all of them). So my choice at the moment is based on serial only. Opinion in future may or may not change. But then I thought to vote looking at the pattern of voting so far. It is even even and well balanced voting (And I can guess and sense Ayodhyakand also to be coming and also can guess from whom Smile). So I decided to register the first entry in favour of Aranyakand and make the poll even more balanced.Smile And how naturally in continuous flow of thoughts I could describe the kand with such a lengthy post!!!! I could have even more to write for it who knows (may be for all kands if I try perhaps but at least at the moment, the length of this post affirms my mind that my voting is probably correct).Wink
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Posted: 2011-01-21T10:04:02Z
I like the Bal Kand the best because of Ramsita Swayamvar and marriage !!Big smile
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Posted: 2011-01-22T21:10:25Z
I love all of them, but if we have to choose, I'd also go for Uttar Kand. I think it's just because it is when Valmikiji comes into the story. (even though he's technically in it throughout because he wrote it) Even though we saw Sita's greatness before, her real sacrifice and divinity come out in the Uttar Kand, as well as Ram's. Heart Oh, and of course I love Luv and Kush as well.
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Posted: 2011-02-03T06:17:56Z
Yudhya-kand - due to everything - from the Vanara's building a bridge to Ram-ji's Rajyabhishek.  The expulsion of Vibhishan & his acceptance by Rama, Angad's visit to Ravan, the battles b/w various Rakshasha & Vanara warriors, Rama's battles w/ Ravan & Kumbhakarna, Lakshman's battles w/ Indrajit, Rama's encounter w/ Dasharath after the war & his return to Ayodhya.  Dusshera & Diwali - both are contained in Yudhyakand!

[Uttarkand - sorry, no offense, but only a sado-masochist could like it the way it's portrayed in serials & movies - about Sita's imagined plight.  In fact, Uttarkand from Valmiki says little about Sita apart from her exile, then her giving birth to twins and at the end, her shapat.  First half of it is about the history of Ravan, Vali & Hanuman.  After Sita's exile, it focuses on several stories that Rama either narrated or heard, and then goes to the yagna.  After Sita's passing, it mentions the history of what happened after that, b4 it ends.  My biggest problems w/ Uttarkand is the questionmarks about authenticity of several parts of it, as evident from both the Shambhuka story as well as the Kalapathy of Kalanjar - the talking dog.  Otherwise, Uttarkand had the potential to be a great source of history of Ayodhya, but not the way it was written.
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