January 13th update

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Posted: 2011-01-13T12:02:39Z
Hi Team -
I am in bed with pneumonia, and unable to watch ... but I was able to get a hold of my laptop today and watch, so here's the update:
They all say they cannot do anything for Rani.
Rishabh tells Rani that he will not take Rani away from the family and she starts to breathe and get better.
Rani is home and Rishabh says thanks to Rani for making him realize the value of his family and she has made them all very happy.
Rani says that the dream to unify the family was both of their dreams.  Rishabh says how did Rani know, and Rani says that this is what is called Love.
Sweetie comes to the door and tells Rishabh not to bore Rani and to let her sleep as she is not well.  Rishabh starts to smile.
Rishabh says now he can't even stay with his wife 2 minutes without the family bothering him.  They laugh.
On the day of the wedding, all are ready for the wedding.  Sweetie hugs Payal.
All are hugs and the family is very happy.
The two weddings happen at the same time.  The family is very happy. 
HC Thauji is also there and very happy.
After the weddings, the brides are being spoiled by their MILs and all are really happy. 
Sweetie sees Payal fussing with Dimple's Ghunghat and she comes with an upset face to Payal.  She says she doesn't want to fight with Payal, but she is being forced to fight.
All the family are surprised.  Sweetie says that everyone is seeing what is going on.  All are confused.
Sweetie seems upset that Payal took Dimple's ghughat off, but then says that Payal did this because Dimple was having an problem with it and so, Payal fixed it.  All laugh.
Sweetie says that Payal is trying to show that she's the best MIL (jokingly).
Sweetie says that she also wants to show that she's a good MIL and that if Chavvi has any problems with her Ghunghat, Chavvi should also remove it.
Sweetie's husband says they need to sing and dance - there is a competition between the Jhurries and the Agarwals.
They sit in teams and sing "Aaaj Hamare ..." from HAHK ... Rishabh starts by singing.
Akash pulls Chavvi to dance.  All are clapping and watching.
Chavvi gets shy and wants to leave - Akash serenades her.
Sweetie pulls her husband to dance and then sings.  She pulls Payal up as well to dance and then Shekhar.
They all get up and dance together.  Even Dadi is dancing nicely.
At the end, it's up to Dimple to enter her new house.  Rishabh goes to drop her.  She does all her rights to enter the house.  Shekhar urges her on with happiness.
Rishabh goes in with her as Payal does her arti.  Payal welcomes her as the House's Lakshmi.  Rishabh says that he must also go and welcome his new bahu at home.
Shekhar says before going, please give his blessings to Dimple.  She takes his blessings, and Rishabh says that she is now part of a new family and starting a new life.
He says that Shekhar and Payal really consider her a daughter, and she should also regard them as her own parents.  She cries and hugs him.
At the Jhurry house, everyone is blessing Chavvi and welcoming her to the house.  She does all her rituals to come into the house.
They all go and sit and start to play games between the bride and groom.  Thauji picks the side of his Bahu when they play the game of finding the ring.
At the door, people come there and ask to come in. 
Precap: they say that they are all to leave the house.  Otherwise, they really don't have to leave because the jewels Chavvi is wearing is enough to fix what is owed.
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Posted: 2011-01-13T21:52:20Z
Thumbs Up hey thanks for the update Smile
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Posted: 2011-01-14T07:11:41Z
Thank you!!!

Finally the wedding happened :) i wonder who the new characters are though,...
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