Pradyumna's Kidnap

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Posted: 2011-01-09T19:47:53Z
Hug Hey guys! How are you?
I actually had a question.
I read somewhere that Krishna's son, Pradyumna, was kidnapped right after birth by someone named Bhanumathi and that he was returned at age 14.
I have several questions actually LOL
Why was Pradyumna kidnapped?
Is the Bhanumathi that kidnapped him the same Bhanumathi as Duryodana's wife?
Did Rukmini and Krishna have some kind of curse (because of the separation from their son)?
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Posted: 2011-01-09T20:31:32Z
Hey Dear Hug, really glad to have you here after a long time Smile

Yes, Pradyumna was kidnapped by Sambharasur only a few days after his birth. Actually Pradyumna was the God of Love- 'Kaamdev', who got cursed by Lord Shiva and came to this mortal world. And this Bhanmati is not the wife of Duryodhana, she was a Nartaki of the Lord, was cursed and like Kaamdev, she also came to this mortal world. This story is there in details in SK. Will try to write the story in future. 

These links may be helpful, but in SK,  the character Mayadevi is shown as the wife of Sambharasur, and it was Bhanmati (who was the wife of a servant of Sambharasur)- who took charge of Pradyumna in SK, so it is a bit confusing...   But I loved the story of Bhanmati in SK, it has a great lesson in it! 

And there must be something about the curse, but guess I've forgotten about it completely Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Posted: 2011-01-12T19:03:09Z
^ Thanks a lot Priya di! That answered a lot of my questions, very useful. And will definitely check the links. Hug So Bhanmathi was not even a wife of Duryodan?
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Posted: 2011-01-12T19:54:52Z
Oh Aishiii! You are here !! Hug

So, about Bhanmati, let me try to clear the confusion a bit LOL.  Actually here we are discussing about two characters with the same name LOL.  

The first one was a princesss of Kashi, who became the wife of Duryodhan. I guess her role is limited inside the Kuru Raajprasaad only, haven't heard much about her. 

Now the second Bhanmati, who took charge of Pradyumna, was the wife of a servant of Samaharasur,. She was very sad for not having a child and used to pray to the Lord for having one. One day, when her husband (who used to work in Sambharasur's kitchen) found a baby inside a giant fish,  Bhanmati took it with her as her own child. This child became Pradyumna after growning up. 

Now something about the past of Bhanmati- as I've mentioned before- she was originally a nartaki of the Lord, who prayed for and got the boon of the 'Knowledge of magical powers' from the Lord, with only one condition that she will use it for the welfare of creation. But she became obsessed with her power and used it for her personal aim and the Lord gave her the punishment to have a mortal life. Thus she became Bhanmati (Pradyumna's Mother), in her next birth. 

At the end of the story of Pradyumna, we can see that, after Bhanmati's karm-phal (which was the outcome of her wrong deeds) ends,  she remembers her Original Self and helps Pradyumna to acheive his aim (i.e.-to kill Sambharasur) and goes back to her original state of serving the Lord. The story is shown very very nicely in SK, I 've written here the SK version only, I loved watching all those episodes!! Star (Though they extened the story too much Unhappy )

Now a bit about Pradyumna's kidnap- after his birth, Sambharasur kidnapped him and wanted to kill him. But our own Naaradji makes him confused with his logics Wink and Sambharasur throws away the baby in the water to die, but that baby is taken inside by a fish, which eventually gets caught by  and brought into Sambharasur's kitchen, from where the husband of Bhanmati finds him. 

So you can very easily guess how much confusing and complex the story is  ROFL
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Posted: 2011-01-13T04:20:57Z

From what I read, after Kama was incinerated by Lord Shiva, Rati was distraught, but a divine voice told her that she'd get back her husband Kama.

Kama was  reborn as Pradhyumna and kidnapped by Shambarasur, and Rati joined Shambasura as his maid, not his wife, and took the name Mayavati.  When Pradhyumna grew up, Narada one day told Mayavati that Pradhyumna was none other than Kama.  Trained by Mayavati, Pradhyumna managed to kill Shambarasura in mortal combat, and then Pradhyumna & Mayavati returned to Krishna & Rukmini.

One thing I've wondered - did Pradhyumna's re-union w/ Mayavati co-incide w/ Shiva's marriage to Parvati?  I read that after the marriage of Shiva & Parvati, the devas asked him to forgive Kama & re-unite him w/ Rati, and Shiva agreed, saying that he too was beholden to Kama, since he was in love w/ Parvati.  But did that happen soon, or did it take ages for that to happen?
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Posted: 2011-01-13T06:44:41Z

Hey Vrish, nice to see you in this forum. :) And thanks for the story about Kaam Dev and Rati. I heard somewhere that Kaam Dev was reborn as Pradyumna, but I never knew about Rati being reborn as Mayavati.

Beautiful explanation, Debipriya! I know very little about the stories of Shri Krishna's children, as I'm mostly familiar with his Krishna Leela and later on the Mahabharat stories, but your explanation was really well written.Clap
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Posted: 2011-01-14T23:57:37Z
@ Vrish,

Hey Dear! Welcome to Mytho Forum! Glad to have your post here! Smile

Yes, Lord Shiva's anger on Kaamdev, the punishment and Rati's worry- everything is shown in SK in the same way as you have written in the first paragraph.

But they changed the story a bit after Pradyumna's birth. Here Rati stayed and observed the deeds of Kaamdev/Pradyumna from her abode/swarglok (??- not sure Embarrassed) . And we also had occassional commentary of Rati and Naaradji about those events haapening on earth (i.e.- regarding Sambharasur and Pradyumna's life). 

I guess the differences in the storyline depend on the different Soures like Shrimad Bhagwat, Vishnu Puran and many more... 

And regarding Shiva's marriage- I don't know anything about that story. May be other members will be able to help us.

@ Janu,

Hey Dear Hug, ... Yes, Shri Krishna's Leelas and His role in Mahabharat- all these are so Famous and Powerful Big smile that we really don't need to know anything more than that Smile. But as I LOVE Day Dreaming to watch SDB on screen and I LOVED the story of Bhanmati Thumbs Up, so I had to go through the whole story of Sambharasur, which was pretty lengthy Unhappy...  And Thanks for those sweet words Hug, but as you already know- I am always full of Energy when I start writing on SK  LOL.

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Posted: 2011-01-22T21:02:34Z
Hey Priya di, thank you so much for your answer! Now my confusion is totally cleared. Sorry for the late reply btw LOL Thanks guys, for answering. Now I know there are two Bhanumathis.
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