~ Congratulations Shweta ~ U came,U saw,U conquer!

Posted: 9 years ago
Take a BOW lady !

The way you have portrayed urself inside the house.. YOU are one TRUE deserving winnerClapStarting from Avoiding Fights, to maintain your cool, maintaining your dignity THROUGHOUT.. And being polite and decent to everyone.. And not instigating or creating unnecessary drama.. And entertaining us days after days.. And the list goes ON and ON and ON.. Clap

But MOSTLY for, the tremendous pressure that was created SPECIALLY for you.. By bringing an INSULT to HUMANITY urf Dolly Bindra UGLY character woman.. And the way you handled her throughout.. They TRULY tested your patience.. Misused your popularity and provoked you to NO end.. You were under MOST mental pressure inside..

LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you Shweta.. You truly deserve to win !

Party for ALL who wanted Shweta to win ! And thank you everyone including ME Embarrassed who voted for her, prayed for her, or even thought of Shweta as deserving one even for 1 momentBig smile And also special thanks to everyone who didnt want Shweta to win.. Never mind


Thanks ZeeBig smile
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Posted: 9 years ago
YAY....hearty congratulation to Shweta Tiwari and all her fanz including meEmbarrassedClapClap

You made it Shweta, and we are truly proud of youBig smile
ClapShweta Tiwari, what can I say about this lady as her name says it all. She is the woman Star beauty with brain, very talented, hard working, dedicated, well behaved, and dignified woman Thumbs Up. The way she conducted herself in the show has been an exemplary and remarkableThumbs Up I salute you for your awful tolerance and cool attitude!!! You were tested awfully through out the show yet you never gave up nor cry out like a helpless victim. I salute you for your braveness and silent warrior nature!! You are a rock star StarThumbs Up You have proved that we don't have to fight back like a dog in order to win a victory. You are truly an amazing human being besides being one of the best single mothers everClap.

In short, you made it only and only because of your own hard work, patience, dignity, and tolerance, and many more!!!ClapClap

You set the record by winning the title and made us proud Big smile

Way to go ..........

Once again, congrats to all Shweta's fans who supported her throughout the show despite getting so much negativity and what not around here!! Together we did it guysHug
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Posted: 9 years ago
kyaa yaar.... show ke start se sab bol rahe thai... it is scripted... it is preplanned.... tau ab bhee tau wohi hai naa....
it was all already decided... so kya conquer shonquer
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Posted: 9 years ago
congratssssssss to all ST fans including me,Indian janta n spcly spcly GOD PartyDancing
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Posted: 9 years ago
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..Dancing Dancing Dancing

Shweta won..PartyPartyParty

Dunno how to show my happiness..!!!TongueLOL

Too too too much happy today..!!!Silly Silly Silly

Finally positivity win..Thumbs UpLOL
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Posted: 9 years ago
aahuun aaauhuun ...................dil khush kar chadiya!!!!!!!!! Shweta deserved to win..she played the game with dignity.n never offended anyone.........luv ST!!!!!!!
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Posted: 9 years ago
Shweta was first in the house and last out. So happy ST won! I'm in the middle of watching it on YT now.
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Posted: 9 years ago
Congrats to everyone who loved Swetha and supported her...............
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