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Well, I am back with an another FF. (I just cant seem to stop! LOL!).

Well, actually I have been writing a book with a friend of mine, and I thought it would be great fun if I merged the characters of my book with the characters of PKYEK. I have the basic idea of how the story should go (The basic idea itself is very complicated!), and I shall keep making up new ones as I go along.

I am really not sure how long I shall continue this, as I get bored of writing FFs easily. Oh well.


Abhay was running through the woods. It was the only thing that helped him get rid of the mental agony he was going through.

What did God have against him, that he was punishing him so? First, he took away Maithili , the love of his life, the one he thought he would spend the rest of him life with, And then he places an exact looking alike of Maithili in front of him.

Every time he looked at Piya's face, he could feel his heart contract. That girl was driving him crazy ! Whenever he looked at her, he couldnt make up his mind, whether he should drag her behind a pillar and kiss her, or whether he should burn her alive for reminding him about Maithili.

Abhay clenched his hands, and ran faster. Nowadays even running was not giving him the relief he so desperately wanted. Sighing he came to a stop in front of his house and pushed the gate open.


"I see, you are very late today" Said Haseena, who was surprisingly wearing her best clothes(Black of course) "It is dangerous to be out for so long"

 "I am a vampire mom, dangerous? Really?" Abhay said rolling his eyes in frustration "Why are you dressed up? Are we going somewhere?"

"No, someone has come to visit us" Haseena said with a small smile. "Be nice." She added in a threatening whisper.

Abhay frowned and followed his 'mother' out into to the garden where his father was talking to someone whose back was turned towards him.

Abhay frowned when he inhaled the stranger's scent. His scent was vaguely familiar. And he was dreading meeting the man with every passing second.

"Abhay!" His 'father' called out to him, while Abhay stood glaring at the back of the stranger's head "Look who has decided to pop in and give us a visit!"

The stranger turned. Ice blue eyes met emerald green.

"Hel-lo Abhay, we unfortunately meet again"

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Oooh!! Seems nice.Pls do continue soonSmile
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I like the word, serendipity! Embarrassed
Nice start...!! Big smile
who is the stranger?
continue sooon...! Embarrassed
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Thank you SO much guys !Hug
Chapter One coming up in a few!
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Will be waiting! Embarrassed
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wow. .nyc. .waitng 4 more
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Hmmm...inte-res-tingggg Smile
In anticipation of next chapter Geek

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Chapter One : Cousins 

"Hel-lo Abhay, we unfortunately meet again"

Abhay growled. Standing in front of him was a green eyed boy, no, man, with a lean but muscular frame, and incredibly messy hair, which made him look sexier than he already was.

"What are you doing here Aarav?" growled out "You shouldn't be here"

"Am I not allowed to visit my favorite vampire?" Said Aarav, the corners of his mouth turning up in a lopsided grin.

"Cut the fluff, Aarav. Why are you here?" growled Abhay, taking a step towards Aarav, and boring his blue eyes into his green ones, inwardly threatening him.

"Boys!" Haseena exclaimed pushing both Abhay and Aarav with her hands "Both of you stop this right now! I shall not tolerate any fighting in my house! Get it?"

"Tell him, not me" Abhay said still not taking his eyes off Aarav's snarling face.

"Abhay!" Haseena warned "That is not how you treat a guest in our house! Go to your bedroom now, we shall talk tomorrow!"

"Fine!" said Abhay, giving Aarav one last scathing look before running up the stairs in superhuman speed.

"Don't mind him , Aarav" Chand said kindly "He is just…displeased"

"Displeased would be one way of putting it" scoffed Aarav brushing imaginary dirt off his shoulder.

"Ignore him, He'll come around. Come now, let me take you to your new room" said Haseena, taking Aarav by the shoulder and leading him up the stairs towards the guestroom.

"I can just tell, the next few months are going to be one hellish ride" Chand sighed , watching his wife lead Aarav up the stairs "I just hope those two learn how to behave themselves"


It was 8 am in the morning, Haseena and Chand sat of the couch, while Abhay paced up and down in the hall.

"How could you let him stay with us?" Abhay said, his blue eyes flashing "You know I cannot tolerate that guy!"

"Do not act childish Abhay" Haseena hissed "Aarav has done a lot for us, it is only reasonable that we help him when he asks for it!"

Chand nodded in agreement.

Abhay growled. His 'parents'  just weren't getting it. Letting Aarav stay with them was a death sentence.

"Haseena's right Abhay" Chand said while Abhay just stared ahead, not looking at him "So, be civil and take him to collage with you"

Abhay said nothing, he just climbed up the marble stair case and banged Aarav's bedroom door open.

Aarav who was standing in front of the mirror running a hand through his hair to make his already messy hair messier just smirked at the reflection of the Vampire.

"Get your butt moving, we are getting late for collage!" Abhay growled out.

"Aww…Good morning to you too!" exclaimed Aarav in a falsely sweet voice, while he turned to face Abhay. "I am ready, lets go."


The car came to a screeching halt in front of the collage gate.

"Whoa!" Aarav exclaimed holding a hand near his heart "Do you always drive that fast? I think I just got a friggin' heart attack!"

"Only when I have an unwanted visitor whose stench is driving me crazy, and I cannot wait for them to get out of the car" Said Abhay switching the car engine off and looking at Aarav pointedly.

"Okay! Okay! Jeez, I get the hint" Aarav exclaimed, getting out the car.


"What are we going to tell the other kids?" Aarav asked Abhay as they were walking towards the principal's office. Aarav needed to visit the principal for admission.

"I thought we had already decided on that, you are my 'cousin brother'" Said Abhay, slightly irritated with the man walking next to him.

Aarav rolled his eyes "I know that Abhay, but if you haven't noticed, I have joined in the middle of the term, what answer do we have for that bro?"

"We shall make something up" said Abhay stopping in front of the principal's office "Oh, and do not call me bro" he added with a glare.

"Why? Does it irritate you?" Asked Aarav innocently, with a hand on the door knob.

"Yes." Growled Abhay.

"Good. Then I shall call you that. Be right back, bro" and saying so Aarav walked into the principal's office.


Precap : 1."Where is it?" Aarav searched for the file fanatically, "I need to find her, shes got to be in here somewhere!"

"What are you looking for?" came a voice from the doorway, Aarav turned around to find a pretty girl with jet black long curly hair and big round black eyes smiling at him.

Okay so , I know its not much, but I am going to take this story slow and steady. So you can expect a few more chapters filled with Abhay-Aarav before getting any Abhay-Piya action.
PS - I know its a very small chapter, but this is the best I could do. Coming chapters shall be longer, I promise.
PPS - Ignore the grammatical errors please.LOL
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