Abhiya OS: Love Lost, Love Found

Posted: 2011-01-02T09:03:29Z
I know you won't like this..but just like love..a story happens..you can't stop it from being written..LOL This is the ending of an old story...and the beginning of a new one...of love lost..and love found...

Maithili!!! he screamed with raw passion in his voice.

The graveyard was desolate, abandoned. In life, the souls buried here were once the most lively people around. But now, in death, they were unusually quiet, waiting for freedom to claim them. And today they were witnessing the true testimony of undying love-literally. Love, which had no place in this corner for lost and tired souls, was now filling the air with its passion and fury. Love, the bane of death, for it always seemed to stop it. And yet he felt his love was weak, for he could not save her from her grave.

Abhay sank to his knees, sobbing, repeating her name quietly over and over again. The wind roared, an indication that a storm was coming-but in Abhay's heart it had already arrived.

'I'm sorry Maithili'

His voice echoed, carried away by the bitting wind. He raised his shocking blue eyes to the sky, baring his fangs, in his true, beautiful, and yet, deadly form as a true vampire. Dark beauty. Beauty in death. Just like his love for Maithli.

'I lost you Maithili..but I can't lose her...'

There was no answer. He continued to speak, picking up courage as images of Pia filled his mind.

'She is just like you Maithili.' He laughed. 'a little quiet, but just like you.'

Again, there was no sound except for the thunderstorm approaching. such weather was uncommon in town.

'Maithili..give me the courage to tell her I love her...'

The intensity of the storm increased, but Abhay Raichand stood his ground.

'Give me my heart back, 'Maithili," he said so softly, no one could have heard him.

The storm continued to wage its battle against the earth. The trees swayed at alarming angles. And yet the sound of footsteps approacing was clear in Abhay's ears.

He turned around, to see Pia standing there, staring at him, looking directly into his eyes.

'You lied to me Abhay,' she said sternly. 'You lied to me.' And then sadly, 'Am I not worth your trust Abhay? Was she the only one who deserved to know what an angel you are?'

'No,' he said...'No Pia. I am an angel, but the worst kind of angel you will ever meet. I am one of the fallen.'

Love will make you rise Abhay...love will make you rise....a strange voice whispered on the wind...

'For the last time,' said Pia, a tear falling down her cheek, 'I love you...and true love is unconditional.'

And saying that she walked away from him...And he got up and ran. He could not lose her..not the way he lost Maithili.

'I'm sorry,' he whispered from behind.

She turned around and clutched him tightly, crying silent tears. And even the wind stopped for a while, quietening, so that she could feel his heartbeat for the first time....

Smile hope you liked it!

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Posted: 2011-01-02T09:08:47Z
Awwwwww Meg..u're a fabulous writer.. U shuld continue this one..
Abhay Awwww I felt really Bad for him.. Sobbing.. I culd totally feel the pain..
Pia poor gal.. Her luv is truely unconditional..   Edited by NIDIZ - 2011-01-02T09:15:21Z
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Posted: 2011-01-02T09:10:14Z
Loved it Dear.Even though it is small.At last Mithili give heart back to Abhay to Love Piya. AWESOME ......Clap
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Posted: 2011-01-02T09:46:00Z
Awww!! Meg this was amazing!! I loved it so much!! And really, the way he begged Maithili to give his heart back, I swear I had goosebumps!!! I'm glad you wrote your own OS! I really wanted you to write one!Embarrassed
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Posted: 2011-01-02T09:56:11Z
Reserved. Will unresreve tomorrow


Meg. Tell u something honestly. I fell in love with your writing. Your style is awesome.
I had tears in my eyes. Edited by -Destiny- - 2011-01-03T04:18:10Z
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Posted: 2011-01-02T09:57:33Z
Hello Meg Smile
(your name reminds me of a character I love, from Little Women)

Tremendously fell in love with your piece...Embarrassed
The intensity of the situation, the sadness,depicted by the imagery you very beautifully portrayed,
Poetry in Prose...Superb!
Would love to read more of your creations,


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Posted: 2011-01-02T09:58:59Z
ahhann. .i loved it Hug
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Posted: 2011-01-02T12:25:07Z
Awwwwww so sweet :D carry on please :) <3
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