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Posted: 2010-12-26T16:53:48Z
Hello lovely people.
In honour of Christmas, and I-F's Secret Santa,
I wrote an OS for the ever amazing Tanya. (tanubie.)

She requested that I post it here for everyone to read. =]

- - -
Lost in Thought~

"Abhay, Abhay?" Uff, whenever I need him... I can never find him. And yet when I get into trouble, he's the first one there, Piya thought.

Looking for him had to be one of the hardest jobs ever... but she never stopped trying. It was the type of girl she was. After finally finding out the truth about Maya and Danish, Piya felt pretty bad for accusing Abhay - although of course, in typical Piya fashion, she never apologised, instead focusing on a new issue - who was Maithili?
Hmmm, maybe I should apologise... but hang on; Mr. Raichand never gives me enough time to string words together... why start now? Piya began fuming over "Mr. Too-cool-for-everyone" and his ever present egotistic attitude.
Furious, Piya didn't even realise where she was going... and once again found herself in the forest. Only this time, she didn't regret coming here. She had spent so much time in the forest lately, that she felt calmer and safer here than anywhere else - especially anywhere near Abhay to begin with.
Sitting down at the foot of a tree, Piya immersed herself in memories of the past few weeks... and every memory centered on Abhay. She kept thinking of his manner... his calm presence... his anger... his patience...
Piya suddenly opened her eyes. What the hell was she thinking?! "Arghh Piya, get a grip! Uske yaad kyun karahe ho? Stupid Mr. Know-it-all!" And with a quick reflex, Piya got up and started walking... only to find herself standing in front of Maithili's tombstone.
Sighing, Piya crouched down, knowing that until she figured out who Maithili was, she'd never be able to rid herself of Abhay, and all his memories in her head. Before long, it was night... but Piya wasn't paying attention. She just continued to stare at the tombstone, half hoping for some sort of sign that would help her figure out who Maithili, and what her connection with Abhay was.
- - -
"Dekho Raichand, I don't know what you want from me... but I'll be straight, maine Piya kahin bhi nahin dekha. In fact she was meant to come home with me... she's probably romancing with Kabir as always." Misha looked sternly at Abhay; why was he asking her where Piya was?
Abhay rolled his eyes - typical Misha... always refusing to help when it was needed. However, he was getting a bit worried... he hadn't seen Piya all day, and now Misha was telling him she hadn't seen her best friend either?
Abhay shook his head, wondering where Miss Curly Head could have gotten to. It wasn't until he saw Kabir walking towards them - alone - that Abhay realised. This girl!!
Without another word, Abhay sped off into the forest, knowing that Piya would probably be sulking somewhere. Did she ever learn her lesson? Ever?
- - -
"Nahin Abhay... I want to know... kaun thi? Mere peeche kyun aate ho... just tell me na..." Piya had fallen asleep, mumbling away when Abhay found her. Breathing deeply, he picked her up, and raced her back to his home, avoiding Haseena and Chand... he just wasn't in the mood for another argument.
Cursing softly, he got Piya into his bedroom, and closed the door. He laid her down, and watched her sleep. For the second time, Piya had been "rescued" by Abhay, and once again, she was sleeping in his bed! You're really asking for trouble Abhay... really asking for it. She's not Maithili damn it!
"Huh? Maithili?" Piya had woken up hearing Maithili's name... her eyes slowly focused on her surroundings...
"OH MY GOD! What am I doing back here? Abhay, Abhay! Kahan the? I was looking everywhere for you... and then I got lost in the forest... and I came across..." Piya stopped before she revealed she knew about Maithili.
But Abhay knew... he had heard her mumblings. I can't tell her... she'll freak... but Abhay, if you don't, she'll try to find out... and then she'll find out the truth... you promised to protect her... you better do it... especially for Maithili...
"Abhay? Kya hua? Dekho Abhay, I should really go now... oh no, I was meant to be at Misha's house... thanks, I'm gonna go now..." And in a flash, Piya had gotten up, and walked to the door, when a strong hand held her wrist.
"Tum.. nahin jaooge. Don't argue with me Piya... I'll drop you off tomorrow morning. It's really late... please?" Abhay was incredulous... did he just say please, and was he being nice? Was this even Abhay Raichand?
Piya's eyes widened in surprise... what the hell had happened to Abhay? She turned, and almost fell into his arms... she looked up at him, and got lost in his eyes... a thousand words she wanted to tell him, and with one glance, her eyes betrayed it all...
Raichand. She loves you... the question is... what are you gonna do about it?
- - -
<3 Sabiha.

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Posted: 2010-12-26T21:12:17Z
wow!! nice!
must congratulate tanya for having such a brilliant piece dedicated to her. :)
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Posted: 2010-12-27T23:21:44Z
Originally posted by amail1601

wow!! nice!
must congratulate tanya for having such a brilliant piece dedicated to her. :)

Thanks amail1601!
Glad ya liked it.. and hehe, Tanya's a sweetie pie.. I know she adores AbhIya, so why not. :D

Originally posted by -Sameena-

WOW Sabs! Hug That was like awesome!
Beautifully written Embarrassed
Tanya is really lucky Wink

Thanks Samm!! Means a lot.
Oooh, don't you worry Sammy, when your birthday or something special comes, I'll spoil you with something like this. :D
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Posted: 2011-03-20T04:31:26Z
Hey that was a really nice one!Star

There r quite a few OS's which really hook the readers in,
Your's is one of those!


Pls write more,would love to read it!
Edited by cutemug - 2011-03-20T05:12:21Z
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