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The following story takes place after Piya and Abhay have fallen in love but still are fighting their feelings, and he behaves friendly with her like she is just another colleague of his, although he helped save her life twice, however due to some unusual circumstances the following happens)


Abhay and Piya were finally alone in his well decorated bed room, he looks at her with intensity with eyes filled with so much love and passion, she looked so divinely beautiful and so young and innocent in the red embroidered bridal gown, and under all that priceless heavy antique jewelry of his mom, she was shyly smiling, her face glowing, and she looked so happy 

The beautiful ceremony was over, and all the guests were gone, the whole house and the garden were lavishly decorated with red and yellow chiffon and net curtains, flowers, candles and tiny lights, there were roman arches and pillars all around the garden and a huge dance floor was set in the middle of the garden, hundreds of round covered tables with chairs were surrounding it, the tables were decorated with flowers and floating candles in crystal bowls filled with colored water the whole red and golden yellow theme was well coordinated, three different type of buffets were set in the corners consisting of Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines and there was a well known band playing both Indian and English songs 

The guest enjoyed them selves dinning and dancing and shooting photos with the bride and groom, her friends were all happy, Misha threw a funny loving  speech for them 
And Abhay danced with her embracing her and behaved like a happy man and he was,  but deep down he was highly troubled and very sad! As he discovered an hour before the marriage that this was all a dirty plan of his dad who dragged him along to be a part of his manipulating scheme without him knowing his true intentions! He literally forced him to marry her on his own free will!

He recalls how many young girls including T were envious of Piya being his bride, they were bitching about her how a girl like her ended up marrying such a wealthy, hot boy! If only they knew how unlucky she really was! He sighs and rubs his forehead, then he recalls what some of the more matured guests were saying 
A woman talked about how beautiful they looked together but she felt it was like they were attending bacho ka shadi!

One woman said she can't believe that the Raichand chose a plain and poor orphan to be wedded to their only son! When all the families in the high society would have been happily ready to give their daughters that too with a meaty dowry!
Another replied that its destiny's doing and that marriages are made in heaven by God himself, another man said this was totally wrong! Marriage isn't a child's house play because both are so young they can't handle the marriage responsibilities so it's doomed from the beginning!

What bothered him the most was how Piya's own dad looked so pissed off along with his wife and Abhay heard him agitatedly snarling and saying "this looks like a big tamasha! if only he hadn't tarnished her reputation, I wouldn't have allowed this to happen, after all they are still just kids, and I wouldn't let a sweet bacchi like Piya to be a part of this terrible manipulative family, and I hated how Mr. Chand has persuaded me so I be the one who did her kanya daan! I would have gladly done it under some other circumstances, but not like this, it's like I threw her away in the lion cage with my own hands", and this was coming from a man who still doesn't know that Piya was his own daughter! That she is his own flesh and blood.

It wasn't him alone, as most of the guests were skeptical too, maybe because of the fact that she is only 17 and he is 18 and are still in collage! 

His heart beat become faster by seconds as he keeps on looking at her, he couldn't believe that finally what he dreamt of has come true, finally Piya is his wife! 
He tears his eyes off of her and looks out side his window, the servants were cleaning up the tables moving the chairs and the musicians were packing up their instruments, he looks at the beautifully decorated wedding mandab that was set near the swimming pool which was filled with floating candles and closes his eyes in pain how did I let this happen! How could I do this to her! Marry her like this! Make her marry me a monster! When all I wanted is to keep her away from me so she be safe!

How couldn't I sense that it was a set up all along! How could I be so stupid!
Then a voice inside him tells him don't lie to your self Abhay!  This is what you wanted all along, so what's bothering you now? You wanted to be with her, so why are you so troubled now! 

Finally you can be with her, protect her, and express to her your love and whatever you feel without any boundaries; finally you can make her yours in the true sense! His heart was bounding like he was running 

He swallows hard and shakes his head, he was all worked up, there was a huge battle between his heart and mind, I can't do this! No not like this, not before she knows what she has put her self into by marrying me! Not before she knows what I am, and that this marriage was just a set up! A conspiracy planned by my dad against her dad! when he some how discovered that Piya was MR. Dobrial's daughter, even though I wanted whole heartily to marry her, but all the circumstances that lead to our sudden marriage were  fabricated incidents, But how could I tell her the truth, How could I break her heart now when she looks so happy!  And what will be her reaction if she knows the truth about me and my family? and can I save her from my own parents wrath if she confronted them?! What if she tells someone else! He thought with a disturbed mind, so many questions were haunting him!

She looks at him her eyes full of devotion and love she was sitting on the well decorated bed that was covered with lots of red rose petals looking nervously at him He could hear her heart beats, and her scent was driving him crazy!
he hears a knock on the door And he walks towards it ignoring her gaze
He looks at his mom in surprise, she smilingly looks at him in her intense way and gives him a glass of blood!" you haven't had any since morning" she says in her husky voice and then gives Piya a similar glass filled with juice she says smilingly "thanks aunty" and puts it on the table, 

"You can call me mom now" she says in her husky voice, Piya's smile widens and she nodes
Abhay twitches his lips feeling like bursting out at her but instead he says politely "Thank you mom"
Haseena comes closer to Piya puts her hand on her head" did you eat anything beta? Can I bring you something"
"Thank you aunty? I mean mom I have eaten" says she nervously 
"If you need anything don't hesitate to ask me beta or any of the servants this is your own home now" Piya hugs her the woman gets taken back but she hugs her too looking at Abhay

Abhay looks at his mom disturbed, she smiles a stern smile and looks at them both and then walks out saying "good night" and closes the door behind

Abhay locks the door, he recalls his mom telling him earlier to make sure that Piya takes some kind of birth control but Abhay didn't know how he could talk about it with Piya, so his mom suggested till he does know how, he should make sure that she has a drink that was mixed with a birth control pill! But that would cause risks to her health he told her, then she said to him then you better talk to her! No errors Abhay you know the consequences! She has warned him! 

Piya looks at Abhay a bit disappointed she couldn't understand why was he standing far away from her, so aloof, she thought that he would be eagerly waiting for them to be alone and that he would take her in his arms once they were alone like any normal man would after he is married, but instead he looks tense as he keeps on looking at her standing within 10 feet away from her she senses something was wrong.
She slowly walks closer to him "Abhay what's wrong?" She says with a soft tune looking at him nervously

He looks at her slowly, his heart aching, every inch of him was longing to take her into his arms and tell her that he loves her, but instead he stood there helpless not knowing what to do or say, and how could he think straight when she was gazing him shyly her face flushed with so much love and passion, looking so heavenly beautiful!


Note : To understand the the Raichad family history, and my version  of vampire characteristics, please take a look at:  http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1532762 ,  and read,  -9- Who Are the Raichands?


She walks closer, slowly and nervously then stops standing within an arm length away from him, looking eagerly at him, there was so much yearning in the way she looked at him, her intense gaze and closeness weaken his defenses,  and stir up his senses.

He starts to have an overwhelming urge to vanish the gap between them and take her into his arms and he was about to give in to the sensational temptation, but then he tears his eyes off of her gaze abruptly looking away and says: "nothing Piya!, excuse me".

He rushes towards the bathroom and closes the door leaving her puzzled!
He inhales and exhales deeply several times, he felt he had to get away from her to clear his mind, and have a grip on his disturbing mixed emotions, that were troubling him so much. What should I do!  How could I deal with this situation without  breaking her heart and causing her pain, as either ways I will end up hurting her! And how could I control my own feelings!.

He splashes cold water on his face and head! Then brushes his hair with his hands, and sighs deeply, and squints his eyes in pain. He felt like he was trapped! He twitches his lips in anger, this is all because of  you dad!  yet again you managed to play with my life so easily because of your own selfish needs! without any considerations to my feelings and the pain that you may cause me! How could you do this to me?! But you have went too far this time dad and this time I wont let you get  away with it! He felt so frustrated and had an urge to break something,  then he reminds himself to calm down and to focus now on Piya!  

He calms down and gives the whole situation some deep thought trying to figure out how possibly he can handle the situation.
Meanwhile Piya's gaze was fixed on the bathroom door, She couldn't comprehend why Abhay looked so tense, why did he look so troubled?! Then she looks at her own reflection in the huge mirror on the wall and smiles sadly, she never thought that she would get married so soon at this age! 

She knows if it wasn't for the unfortunate circumstance they wouldn't have been married in the first place, she didn't know whether she should thank or curse the person who was behind it all, but she never thought that she will be lucky enough and end up marrying her first love! She loved Abhay madly and whole heartily, there is no denying it, she loved him ever since he rescued her the first time though he was rude with her and with the rest in his initial days of collage but then he become friendlier!

Then he becomes her hero! her knight in shining armor who stood by her side and asked her hand for marriage just to stop those false rumors that tarnished her name and made people label her as a s**t, but still no one knows who took that video of her and Abhay when he rescued her from drowning in the river!

It all started when a shabby looking man grabbed Piya when she was jogging and kidnapped her, he then taped her mouth, terrified she wiggled and tried to cut lose from his clutches but he was too strong for her, although she doesn't really remember how she ended up drowning  in the river wearing only her sport bra and stretched short, all she remembers is that Abhay rescued her and revived her back to life by giving her CPR.

Once she realizes her status, she gets hysterical,  she thought maybe the kidnaper was a rapist, who kidnapped her, then raped her and tried to kill her by dumping her into the river, so she gets more hysterical sobbing uncontrollably, Abhay takes off his shirt and covers her, then he tries to calm her down by embracing  her gently in his arms consoling her,  reassuring her that nothing of the sort had happened as he had chased the man, that's why he let go of her and dumped her inside the river! 

What Abhay wasn't telling her is that her kidnapper wasn't a normal man! that what he had chased was a predator! a vampire! Whom Abhay thought at the time that he was just hunting and Piya was just another prey, and that he threw her in the river to get Abhay out of his tail!  

Unfortunately What they both weren't aware of is somehow someone caught all that on a video, and that video got edited in a way that looked like they both were being intimate in the woods, it looked like he was kissing her and making love to her! and then it got circulated in the whole collage via Bluetooth

It was such a shock for her to see it by her own eyes the day after, It was such an intolerable, humiliating and painful experience! that in her shock state of mind she ran out of the collage while Misha was running after her, to Misha's horror Piya tries to throw her self in front of a running truck Misha scream" Piya!" Abhay pulls her away from the running car, and if it wasn't for Him she would have been hit
He grabs her and snaps angrily "what's wrong with you?! can't you see the truck?" she screams hysterically crying hitting him on his chest" you should have let me die that night! why did you rescue me, why?" 

Abhay looks at her confused! then Misha shows Abhay the video clip! Abhay pushes the mobile away with disgust, he squint his eyes with anger, Piya was still screaming trying to get away and cut lose from his grip, he slaps her, bringing her back to her senses by yelling at her "how could you even think of  suicide?! when I know and you know that you didn't do anything wrong!"

"Come!" He holds her hand dragging her, and they enter the collage together. Everyone look at them , Piya walks with teary eyes looking at the them and then looking down, while Abhay walks with a furious look and challenge in his eyes he could hear them wagging their tongues; talking about them in an obscene manner

Being a scholarship student soon she was brought to the collage administration for investigation the principle was very harsh to her threatening to expel her, although she tried to explain!

Misha and her friends already knew about her kidnapping and drowning incident and they believed her! but the video was very well made hence most of the faculty and students believed it!

Alas! her life turned into a living hell in just one day, her whole world crumbled down and she was called a s**t by everyone else 

Witnessing all this Abhay gets very furious as he could sense Piya's tremendous humiliation of being so dishonored! He could feel her pain and he immediately takes some actions, first he confiscates all the phones and laptops in the campus and deletes the clips from them with the help of , Misha, Ruhi and few other students who were sure about their innocence and then he threatens any one who had a copy of filing a law suit against them if they didn't delete it or tried to circulate it again! And he swears  that if anything of the sort happens then they will have to deal with him personally too!

Fortunately no one was able to send it out side the campus!  then he announces that this is all fabricated, and nothing of the sort had happened, but even if they don't believe him, he doesn't give a damn! and that what he and Piya do is none of any ones business, because they are a couple and he wants to marry her soon!

Then in front of the whole collage he proposes to her bending on his knees and everyone start to cheer clapping , however T and some other girls get shocked feeling envious 

Piya cries and runs away, he follows her and grabs her
"Why are you doing this?"  she asks him with teary eyes and frowned face 
He gets taken back because he thought that would make her happy "fixing everything" calmly he says
"How Abhay?! by pretending we are a couple? by pretending to propose? You have just made the matters worst! what if they discover that you were lying and " she stops crying 
"I am not lying Piya" says he softly
"But we are not a couple Abhay! And you.."
"I am serious Piya, I want to marry you!"
"I don't want you to marry me because of this Abhay, just because you feel sorry for me "She says with quivering voice
He holds her arms and turns her to face him
"Look at me Piya, even if we somehow prove that the video was fabricated you will never hear the end of it! The damage is already done! you are a girl Piya and in our society a girl's reputation is like glass once broken it won't get fixed especially with such a scandalous blunder" 
"But I don't want you marry me because of this alone, this is marriage we are talking about Abhay! a life time commitment it's not a joke"
She says looking at him helplessly with broken eyes

He looks deeply in her eyes " Piya I .." he pauses and looks away and then smiles and says" I like you, and I think you like me too so why not? This is for better this way no one will dare talk about you and you can stay and complete your studies too" he swallows hard

"But Abhay getting married like this and at this age!" she says doubtfully
"What's wrong with it? don't you think we make a cute couple" he says humoring her
"But what about your family?" she says anxiously 
"Leave them to me" he was sure at the time that it would be a very hard task for him to convince them but he had made up his mind , he wouldn't let Piya's life get destroyed 
To his surprise they refused in the beginning but then when he explained the whole situation and threatened them that he will do it anyways and would leave home if necessary, they give in and give him the green light! and now he knows they have played him all along!


Its not much but hope you guys like itEmbarrassed


Piya stares at the flaming blazes of the fire, listening to the distinct sound of the burning woods creaking inside the fire place for some time, feeling clueless and she wonders, what's on your mind Abhay? 

Then she walks to the window and looks out side, it was snowing now, the soft snow flaked were piling up on the corners of the window, her gaze shifts to their beautiful mandab, her eyes get misty, she smiles and sighs deeply as her thought wander to the events of their wedding ceremony
She feels blessed, then she recalls how ironically her own dad ended up doing her kanya daan and she loved that.

Then she recalls how Abhay was looking at her affectionately when he tied the mangle sutra around her neck and how he danced with her embracing her lovingly on her favorite song (from this moment) she felt her heart was dancing along with her.
She loved the whole ceremony also the reception party that followed, everything was just perfect, the music, decoration, the photo-shoot and all, the whole event was more then she has ever imagined or wished for 

She recalls how Misha was on her full naughty mode dancing and laughing with everyone and amazingly for the first time she was joking with Abhay too? and Abhay was no less as he too retaliated to her jokes humoring her, and Piya liked that 
As she eagerly wants for both of her sisters to like Abhay and bond with him, especially now that he is her husband.
Husband, the word sounded alien to her but it filled her heart with warmth, as it referred to none other then the man who has touched her heart and soul, the man who turned her life around, the man that she feels she can trust blindly, who she truly and whole heartily love, her first love; Abhay.

Mrs. Abhay Raichand; that's her now, then she blushes, smiling shyly and then sighs deeply looking at the closed bathroom door.
The door opens she looks at Abhay checking him out, as he walks towards her, he looked very handsome in the golden shirwani coat, she thought
He was looking at her and her gaze flies to his
She smiles nervously

He smiles back and comes closer to her, her heart start to beat fast and she looks away, her hands nervously clinging to her embroidered choli
He stands close to her and holds her hands "Piya we need to talk" he says in a gentle voice, she looks up at him confused

He drags her to the sofa and let her sit and then sits beside her, still holding her hands "Piya I know that our marriage has happened quickly, and it was something that wasn't planned, I now We like each other? but I don't want to rush you into doing  anything just because we are married, or because you feel you are obliged to do, just because I am your husband, I believe that any relationship between two need sometime for the couple to understand and know each other well, and to connect, and I am sorry that you didn't get that chance with me, so I think we both need time to know each other well before we jump into the next step of our marriage"

She looks at him with a blush on her face, he smiles sighing he wasn't sure if she understood him, but he didn't want to sound too blunt, it would be too embarrassing especially for her, so he asks her hoping that she got  his point, "Do you understand what I am trying to say?" he was looking deeply into her eyes with a soft smile, she looks down and nods
"Do you agree?" he says looking eagerly at her now his heart beating fast!

She looks at him with a still face feeling sad and disappointed, so now you are giving me a choice! You are throwing the ball into my court after all that you have said! What do you want me to say Abhay? How can I tell you how I feel! how can I tell you that I don't mind going ahead because I am so deeply, madly and helplessly in love with you, and that in my heart I hoped maybe you loved me too! And that I prayed that this was your main reason for marrying me too, but you say you like me only! And maybe you are right about us not knowing each other well! But then why do I feel like I have known you my whole life? Why do I feel being with you is where I always want to be. 

You say we have to connect, but then why every time you look at me or be close to me I feel that we have this unexplainable deep connection, and then again I am your legal wife now, so why you want to keep your self away from me, what is it Abhay? Are you having second thoughts? Or maybe you don't find me attractive enough! She thought feeling down and disturbed, she wanted to blurt it all out but the words just froze inside her mouth! 

She feels a lump in her throat, she swallows and says "Yes"
He sighs in relief looking at her expressionless face although he senses her disappointment as her smile faded away, he felt how she felt, he knew she said that in a disheartened manner, but he felt that this was for the better, he smiles and pats on her hands gently
"Glad we agreed, it's getting late now, and you look exhausted, why don't you get ready to sleep?"

She nods, he stands up and heads to the dressing room to change, she takes out her jewelry and puts them away in the jewelry box  then walks to the dressing room, he moves away, she looks at him and then at the huge built in cupboards. A housemaid has already neatly organized her things that she decided to keep, inside her side of the wardrobe with many other new casual and fancy cloths that were bought by her step mom and Abhays mom too.

She opens a drawer and her gaze shifts to the sexy lingerie's that Panchi helped her pick while they we were shopping for her wedding, she has told her "poor Abhay will go crazy seeing you in these"
She touches the silk fabric then looks at Abhay who was now unbuttoning his coat and she thought, it's good thing that I insisted of buying few new decent pajamas too, otherwise I would have felt very awkward wearing any of these seductive lingerie's now!

Although Panchi was against the idea, she told her men don't like these kind of nightwear especially newly wed men, cause they are so unappealing.
To which Misha retaliated "aree yaar stop fussing you two, it won't make any difference what she buys, as he won't give her a chance to wear them anyways" they have laughed and had fun during those shopping days!
She blushes and takes one of the pajamas and heads towards the bath room. Soon she was makeup less and all set to get some sleep 

When she gets inside the room Abhay was already wearing a vest and a night trouser and was lying on the sofa, a pillow under his head 
his back was towards her, he didn't look comfortable as the sofa was not that large and he was tall, the room was lit only by the fireplace fire as he had turned off all the candles 
"Abhay" she calls his name softly "you can sleep on the bed, the sofa is very small for you"
"I am fine for the night and tomorrow I will get a bigger sofa" he says without turning around

Why wouldn't he sleep on the bed, its large enough for both of them without one of them bothering the other, she thought
She lays on the bed, she has dreamt of her suhag raat ever since he proposed to her and it wasn't anything like she has imagined,  she felt sad a bit and confused a bit,  but somehow also emotionally numb now,  it was a tiring week with all the preparations and shopping for the marriage, add to that, the restless nights ever since her kidnapping and humiliation, and the roller coaster of emotions she has faced.

So he was right on one thing, she was indeed exhausted and fully drained, both physically and emotionally, but all she wanted and needed right now was to feel his arms around her, making her feel loved and secured, all she wanted is to fall asleep inside his arms, feeling his warmth and breathing his scent 

She looks at his back, twitches her lips in pain, but how that could be possible when he doesn't even want to look at me!  She closes her eyes tears roll down her cheek silently and she falls a sleep, soon she goes into a deep sleep

Sensing that she has fell asleep as her breath become more deep and regular, Abhay turns around and looks at her, he sighs feeling bad 

Piya I had to do this, I know you must think that I don't love you, and you are hurting but I am hurting even more! But trust me this is for your own good, for your own future sake, when I proposed to you all I had in my mind at that time that this was to protect you and to stop those wagging tongues. Later I wanted  to tell you about my true identity about what and who I really was, if it wasn't for my mom who warned me reminding me of my past so I just couldn't! I can't stand you hating me!  Then to discover that my own dad has planned this all, it was like the last straw, it was like I deceived you!

Every thing is against me! Against us being together! But until I can figure out away to let go of you with out harming you in any ways! We have to play this husband and wife game, and he closes his eyes in pain!

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Originally posted by nitina

woah..........awesome...freakin awesome

thanks allotEmbarrassed ..glad you liked it have you read my other FF?
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AWESOME DEAR. Continue soon dear Clap. You are a good writer. Love you so much.Smile
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its awesome buddy.. Plish continue this ff buddy.. Eagerly waiting for next chapter.:) :)Edited by SimplyAparajita - 2010-12-27T01:17:32Z
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This is really great. You have explained all the moments and the tussle of emotions in Abhay's mind. Edited by Ritz93 - 2010-12-20T09:00:21Z
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Wow!! That was amazing, ka7eela!! Abhay and Pia married!! Uh-oh!! Thats a big kahaani mein twist!Shocked
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It was a lovely OS.ClapStar
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Wow, just WOW! Clap Don't know wat else to say. The start for ur FF is so unusual. U have taken it off at a point where most of the stories end. Awesome start. Please continue. Clap
I also love ur previous FF too Smile
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