Sulochana Ayi, don't wait, show Manju who's Boss

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Posted: 12 years ago
Alright, they invited Jaywant to lunch. Let's have Manju the fridge invite him again, but this time, Manav can tell Manohar BEFOREHAND what Satish told him and they can invite Satish too, WITHOUT telling Manju.

Then, over dinner, let Satish let the cat out of the bag, by cat I don't mean alley cat Manju, I want everyone to know what Jaywant said at his own house and it has to come out now.

I also want to see a big argument between Sulo and Manju about who wields the ultimate power in the home. Let's get that lawyer in the picture and put the house in Archu's name pronto. And do this quietly, Manju should not know.

Manohar is already seeing what a rotten piece of garbage Manju is, why sit passively right now while she insults your wife in front of you? Before you know it, she'll want to have a batwara over false teeth....yeh daant aapke, yeh mere honay chanhiye....

I know, I's this for a way to get Manju to leave the house herself...remember that Doberman I said would keep Savita the Komodo Dragon out of the house? Let's have Manohar and Sulo keep one for their pet in the house and train it to follow Manju around and growl at her all the time. Or Let Manav own him. Or rent him.

Let it sleep outside Manju's bedroom door so when she wants to go to the loo at night, she will be in utter terror just walking around the house.


Only way to get rid of her is via legal means. Or get a very dominant, strong powerful personality into the home and let them put her in her place.

By the kitchen wall. Where all fridges belong.

P. S. Swati Anand, I think you play Manju's role so well, you are an awesome performer, no one could play this role better than you. Saw your interview, you're a sweet and lovely person off screen with an adorable smile. Love your work as Manju, I wish your talent takes you far and garners you so many awards that you won't be able to hold them all in your arms! Great work, Swati! I hope all your hard work is rewarded soon. Fantastic actress. Well casted in this serial.

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Posted: 12 years ago
I like the idea of inviting Satish and then letting all secrets come out .But honestly these sadistic writers only want to show Manav and Archana in misery. I am giving up on these guys ..After the reunion all they have shown is misery .As if they are punishing us for  making  their faviourite Shravani go away ...
Posted: 12 years ago

Sulochana will never show her authority with manju calling the shots. she has only mastered the art of slapping manav. so Manju will remain the boss for a long period now.

So far as satish is concerned, he will keep his mouth shut (God knows why) for next 6 months until and unless something big happens (I wish Dharmesh got bankrupt due to jaywant)

well I would now like ask the IF members, was Archu wrong slapping Dharmu?
Posted: 12 years ago
I think violence is wrong, slapping shows lack of emotional control and zero maturity.

Archu ko woh thappad maf hai, Archu ko sab kuch maf hai, because she is our dear little princess and we love her. Dharmesh was asking for his, his cheeks were clamoring for it, so he got it.

But this is a TV serial, so yeah, slap the sucker as many times as you want Archu.

Honestly though, a lot of slapping goes on. I am also watching other serials where a character gets miffed and out comes the hand like a fly swatter for human cheeks. Smack!

And the funny part is we get to see if 3 times, like we missed it the first time. 3 times, from different angles. Wasted footage, I say.

People don't get to slap people around in real life, but what a stress buster that would be!

Your boss who gives the raise to his nikamma nephew who is always late to work but not the one who deserves it, your neighbor who uses the leaf blower at 6 AM on Sat when you're trying to catch some serious zzzzs, the guy in the car behind your car who honks at you thinking its your fault there's a traffic jam, be fun to let loose on them.

But hitting/slapping someone is wrong.

But in a serial, it  sure is ok to slap someone.

Almost fun to watch. TV husbands and wives slap each other, then get back together. For some women, and men in real life, one slap from a spouse and poof goes the trust and tenderness. And out come the divorce papers, if they can slap you once, they can do it again.

Back to Archu, yes, she could show us an action replay of it once she finds out what Manju and Dharmesh are up to.
Posted: 12 years ago
i dont kno y its ok for sulo to treat her wonderful damad like sh*t, and her sh*t bahu so wonderfully?! Makes no sense y neither parent says anythg to manju... She's one bahu who deserves to be dealt w/ badly. (And yes, i agree, even if i cant stand manju,swati the actress, u do a great job!)
Posted: 12 years ago
I would have loved Sulochana Aai stand for herslef for once in front of Manju. Everytime Manju crosses her limits and then she's forgives just like that. I wish she had to Manju she can leave the house happily and stay in her FLAT. This home belongs to her husband Manohar Karanjkar and she has the right to take every decision of that House.

But i dont find this happening so soon
Posted: 12 years ago
after all its ekta kapoor show so you dont expect  her any thing other than her touche ring the main leads

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