NivRen: Aab Toh Forever

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Posted: 12 years ago
Yes girls, believe it or not but another NivRen thread.
This couple has us going bonkers over them. We go through NivRen threads in about five days. This couple is definitely picture perfect.

Let's dissect this couple as individuals...

Nivedita Viren Sood: a small town girl who fell for her childhood best friend but sacrificed everything for her cousin/ sister. Nivedita also known as Nivi has given up what she thought she wanted for her older sister's happiness. Always selfless and always sacrificing. That defined Nivi. She put everyone and everything before herself and always just wanted the best for the ones around her. Although Nivi might seem weak because of her silence, this girl is anything BUT weak. She's shown so much strength and groW*H that it's hard to see her as naive anymore. It's true she's oblivious to certain things around her: for example, the evilness in her chachi and her in-laws but Nivi has grown as an individual. Although we do still see tears in her eyes, Nivi has grown out of her weak feeble stage and has blossomed into an independent individual. And slowly, the boy next door is stealing away her heart without her realizing it and she's falling for him. It's taking time but her husband is surely making his place in her heart and she is surely about to feel what true love is.

Viren Sood: the younger son of the Sood house, always put second to his older cousin/ brother who has been the ladla of the house. Sent away at a young age, Viren never got the love and affection he deserves and always ached for. His grandmother obviously puts Sid before him and his mother and father are so consumed in their hatred for the Sharmas and Sid that they put their hatred before their duties as parents. Viren is definitely the ultimate lover. The one who not only says but also does. The lover who is willing to die then live a life without their love. Viren's love is like a thunderstorm. Loud, obvious and sometimes frightening but in the end, when you look at it, it is absolutely beautiful and natural. His love defines him and has made him the perfect man [and pretty much every girl's dream].... I personally would have snagged him up by now if he were real. But Viren is the definition of a friend, of a lover, of a husband. Although his tactics to get what he wants aren't always kosher, but they get the work done. Viren has managed to get his own mom to seem accepting of his wife and although it's nothing but show on her behalf, kudos to Viren. He truly loves Nivi and accepts her as she is. Exactly what every woman wants-- understanding, affection, companionship and immense love. Viren is definitely making his place in Nivi's heart. It's taking time but soon Viren will get all the love and affection in the world from his wife and he can be finally happy which is what he deserves.

And now to put the couple together....

When you put NivRen together, it's like BOOM. The end result is amazing. Although we have yet to really see their love story, we see Nivi opening up towards Viren and slowly accepting him. As of right now, their marriage is defined by their friendship and trust in each other. When Nivi needs him, Viren is right by her side. When Nivi feels down, Viren is there to pick her up. Now if only Nivi could do for Viren, what Viren does for her. Hopefully we will see Nivi falling in love with Viren and reciprocating his immense love soon.

NivRen... from now until the end. Come whatever, this relationship will make it through. 

This brings me to the point of what is marriage....
The difference between most guys and Viren? Most guys would usually explain marriage as "the beginning to the end" or "suicide in it's worst form" [and no, I'm not making it up: search marriage in and you'll see] but Viren defines marriage as his life. At this point, Viren Sood would give up his home, family, name and even his own life for his love and his wife. Viren is definitely the perfect man. He knows how to love and unlike Nivi's past-- this is true love.

Marriage is defined as "the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitment, religious ceremonies, etc." But that is not only what marriage is. Marriage compiles of trust, faith, commitment, honesty and companionship (to name a few). So many different aspects go into marriage and although NivRen is lacking the main one of love right now (even though in a sense Viren's love for Nivi is more than enough it just doesn't replace the love she should have for him), but soon this relationship will be defined by not only Viren's love for Nivi but Nivi's love for Viren too once she finally realizes how much of a role he plays in her life, how much she needs him and once she understands how much he does love her. 
Posted: 12 years ago
Hey Mahi thanks for creating new thread. Fabulous introduction of our favorite couple. I loved your definition of marriage. You described it perfectly. I wish to see more magic of Nivren in upcoming weeks. Smile
Posted: 12 years ago
Mahi thanks soooo much for this new thread. Girls conrats for finishing yet another thread. Man i think by the time this year ends we will have around 20 new threads lolz.  Anyways Mahi i just loved what u wrote in ur introduction, u said everything soo perfectly. So girls now get ready to set our new records and finish this thread much faster then all the others lol i know we will if the story and all the scenes continues to be this good.
Posted: 12 years ago
wooooooooow Awesome thread love it girl Clapthank u for beautiful introduction   Day Dreaming we definitely  can't get enough of them Embarrassed...NivRen the end result is magically Amazing .....they do define each other so perfectly

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Posted: 12 years ago
Fun (and random) Fact:: Today marks 2 months I've been on this site which also marks two months of on going, nonstop NivRen discussion and within these two months how many threads have we had.....? TEN Smile
Posted: 12 years ago
Marriage for me is the union of two individuals till death parts them - at least that is what I think of this institution which is made for society sake. It is this belief which forced me never to stray from my Husband (but love and be loyal to him) though I had a Past and a Love Affair with a Guy many (including my Mother) thought as Perfect. I am saddened to see many people not giving this institution due respect and treating their Husbands/Wives as if they are Clothes you can shed or throw away.NivRen for me is a relationship which is for forever and I can't imagine either of them breaking their bond.
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Posted: 12 years ago
@anamika so true dear marriage definitely means staying together but to add to it with loyalty for the respective spouses and love ...........................and standing with each other in ups and downs of life.we do see viren playing the full part i really hope nivi the perfect simple girl will also luv her hubby and make their marriage complete
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Mahi for this new thread. Kudos to our favorite jodi NivRen.

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