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Posted: 12 years ago
Hello Lovely Ladies. 

well there are many of us , who find themselves in land even after a single simple episode.Wink

well this thread is for them , feel at home in this  thread and who dont agree or not confused , avoid this thread please 

I am going to register myself as Forever member in this thread as even the slightest scene takes me to confusion land , unlike to lala land LOL

Dont get into arguments and all , have fun 


Posted: 12 years ago
Count me in.

First off, I want to explain that I was all set to forget about my previous quibbles with prior tracks and ready to accept the bringing of the baraat to Gauri's home but even then I grew to be disappointed this week and this when I tried to have absolutely no expectation.

Here are at least five things I am confused about:
  • Where is nani as doesn't Gauri say she needs to convince her mother (Sunehri) and nani to leave from the town forever? But nani is missing at arguably the most integral life moment of her granddaughter's life.
  • Rudra's change is still not completely convincing to me as a character. I loved the fact that he did accept Gauri and did want him to accept Gauri as his wife but somehow somewhere I did not completely buy it...though I would have excused even that had he only appeared more resigned and a little less happy to come get Gauri into his home. (I did love and appreciated the fact that he cares for Gauri enough that he did not want to ruin her future for his past...but somehow...somewhere...I still question it...but maybe...later episodes will explain his motives and internal shaping better.)
  • Why were the rituals of the marriage (pheras) not conducted at all (obviously not at the home but at any temple (mandir) since I thought the point of the baraat was to bring her with full riti-riwaaj (rituals-tradition) to his home? (If the rituals-tradition were conducted at the temple and only not shown, then they should have at least indicated this by means of conversation that this is what happened rather than let the audience try to fill in the gaps for the hours between the baraat and the dhaba.)
  • Why were they Ketki bhabi, Daadu, Gauri and Rudra at the dhaba? (This is also not explained. Was it so late into the night that it turned to dawn before they had to have breakfast there? Where did they sleep or did they sleep at all?)
  • Why are Rudra and Gauri's sleeping arrangements not shown when they get to his mansion? (This in my mind has a crucial bearing on the story as that can establish where they are in their relationship symbolically. Separate beds would mean waiting and discomfort on on an instinctual, physical, mental and emotional levels of husband-wife. Same bed but no conjugal relations would mean trust but "not there yet" on physical level and maybes or hesitation on other levels. So, from writers, we have absolutely no tone that would help audiences establish in their minds what is happening with the pair.)
If this series was only about scenes rather than part of a story, I could find many scenes that I liked and found wonderful. But the scenes are shown as part of the story...and I thus find myself relating less and less to the story as a result of this.

There is no logical cohesion between moment this...then another moment that...and what suffers is the story.

Also, I feel this week the audience needed almost complete focus on Rudra-Gauri relationship so that the audience can also follow what their relationship is/will be. But we do not have that in two hypothetically "big" episodes of this week (from last week's "hook") as a result of Rudra's big decision to accept Gauri.

Ek Umeed

I miss the tone of the story that I fell in love with.
Posted: 12 years ago
^Bullet number 3....Are they fully married?? I know its a hindi soap and all but just two weeks ago, on another show (guess which oneLOL), the two lovers got married by only sindoor and it WASN'T good enough. They had to remarry with a full marriage ceremony in order for it to be legal. But in this show, you have to follow the power of sindoor and you are legally married??Confused At least they can sign the legal papers and make it legal in a court of law if not religion!

Btw, I'm going to assume that when the baraat left Gauri's house that it was four in the morning so that when they left, they decided to get some breakfast at the dhaba. Rudra's baraat may have awoken Gauri's neighbors from their sleep when he showed up that early in the morningLOL

Posted: 12 years ago
Exactly koolchick. Where are they going to get the marriage certificate to prove they are legally married because I don't think vermilion is going to be enough for the court and I agree they should at least have a legal marriage (by court) if not a marriage by religion. Also, you know how in shows they usually show flashbacks of the lead pair when they are immersed in memories of one another? I wanted Gaur-Rudra to be able to have flashbacks of the seven pheras in later episodes, especially as Pihu seems all set to come between them, but they can't now as the scene did not seem to have been shot by the director at all as it was not shown in the serial.

Lol. I like your explanation of the baraat being at four in the morning. At least that's something... (Sighs.)

Ek Umeed
Posted: 12 years ago
for those questions need answers which HAS NOT begin answered yet. so one of the   Confused lot.
Posted: 12 years ago
@koolchick, r u talking about pratha LOL............

yaar there had been so many questions which have to be answered yet ,if i come up with list , it would be endless,LOL... as much as i want to see this show in +ve way , i am not able to 
Posted: 12 years ago
Maybe we shud send a link of this topic to the CVs.Though I don't think we will see any results.
I am just annoyed that they have made G into a typical bahu.
Posted: 12 years ago
they will rub off their hands and will go for another confusing scene , but highlight of their confusion had to be barat and dabha breakfast scene and this wedding for sure ........... 

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