14 Dec Written Update

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Posted: 12 years ago
bebo asks kuku if he recognizes this place. kuku looks around.

amrit forces himself to eat. biji asks amrit if he didnt like the food. amrit says its very good. arjun asks amrit why he is restless since he came. viju says its his fault for worrying him about the chandigardh site. arjun says its good to be devoted to work, now he should just enjoy the food, they will go soon. sad ambo music plays as amrit eats. amrit gets up. viju says the food is done, they should go now. they get up. amrit says hes happy to meet them. biji tells amrit to keep coming and to think of this as his own home. ria says next time bebo will meet him. amrit and viju walk to the door. amrit stops and says to viju he wants to see bebo. viju says not now. arjun asks viju what is wrong. amrit says he feels like he is leaving something in this house. viju looks on shocked.

amro looks for prabjot. amro tells the rest of the narangs that kuku went somewhere. they go to look around.

arjun asks amrit what he is leaving. viju takes out a phone from the side and says the phone. viju drags amrit away.

the narangs search for kuku and prabjot. ashok says kuku will be found. amro says where did kuku go with his condition. ashok says they can write a police report. daljit says no they should wait. amro prays.

kuku hears some people saying to burn the factory and protesting. kuku holds his head in pain. kuku says to let someone go, not to burn his factory. prabjot asks kuku who. kuku says shalini khanna died here, he is responsible for shalini's death. kuku says this is kuku narang's factory, shalini died here, he kuku narang is responsible for this. a guy sees kuku and runs away.

amrit remembers biji praising bebo, arjun praising bebo's food, ria saying bebo is the best. amrit takes off his glasses.

kuku walks around. prabjot asks bebo what kuku is saying. bebo says she does not know but kuku cannot kill anyone. prabjot says they should leave. bebo agrees and tells prabjot to take kuku home. some people say that they will not leave kuku. people come with torches. a guy says he saw kuku and kuku said he killed shalini. prabjot asks why they want to kill kuku. bebo tells prabjot to take kuku away. bebo moves cans out of the way. bebo hides. prabjot tries to take kuku. he refuses. prabjot says bebo wont meet him if he doesnt leave. prabjot hides kuku. prabjot hides with bebo. the men storm the factory. one guy sees kuku. bebo and prabjot look on. 


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Posted: 12 years ago
Can you pleasee post the rest of the update????
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for the update
OMG does this mean that kuku is really responsible for shalini's death
ufff this shalini secret needs to open now, whats the story behind shalini's deathConfused
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for the update. Hope Kukku's life is not in danger.

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