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Who do you think would be the first to be eleminated?

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Sushant / Ankita/ Ragini
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Posted: 12 years ago
Who do you guys think would be the first person to leave JDJ next week?? Who would not get the chance to showcase his / her talent for further week??

Your thoughts, people !!!!!

I didn't have option for all the 12 contestants, I have hence put Sushant, Ankita, Ragini together... however, if you want to mention anyone, plz do so in ur post.....

Posted: 12 years ago
well sushant anikita and ragini r saved for sure! along with krishna and chang also maybe daya! i think that public will save shekhar and also renuka! i have mu doubts on mahi but i think she will get away with it!! although akhil got bad marks the public of haryana might save him just like with mika (punjab) in season two! the main fight will be between yana and anushka!! i see yana being saved and anushka getting out!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Possibly Anushka..... I just don't see a fanbase for her....
Posted: 12 years ago
anoushka and yana are irritable plus i dont liek their dancing much
anoushka obvious reasons but yana is always dancing on same song plus she is already a dancer full time and still she ddnt perform so well in my opinion even though she had salman 
or chang this guy needs to improve quite fast
Posted: 12 years ago
performance wise ------ Akhil
but cud be Anushka  also
Posted: 12 years ago
Nooo I want salman to remain in the show pls don't vote them out
Posted: 12 years ago
Sushant, Ankita, Ragini, Mahi, Krushna, Daya and Chang are saved 4 sure cuz they can't get out on 1st episode
and i think those ppl will keep Akhil cuz he is a boxer and as we know last year the winner was a soccer player which is from a sports field
i think Anushka, Yana or Akhil deserves to be out
but i love Salman and Punit though
so lets c who gets out 

Posted: 12 years ago
Hmm ......Akhil or Mahiway.......................... I want Yana in , wat if she is a dancer , give her chance 

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