Hitler is definitely Wrong this time!

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Posted: 12 years ago
Every time....every freaking time Shravan takes the initiative and does something "responsible"..instead of encouraging him to step further, Hiler insults his efforts and trashes him such that Shravan bounces back to his old careless self!

It's not Shravan's fault and it is 100 % clear now! Hitler is the one who is to blame here!

He wants Shravan to become "responsible" and realize the significance of hard work in life, then why the hell is he taking away all the support from him?!

Shravan can't step up alone by himself! A man like Shravan definitely needs all the support from his loved ones to become confident about doing something! You can't just leave him out in the open and expect him to "learn" the life's ways on his own! DARN not even the most genius of the geniuses can do everything by his own!

Hitler is wrong and that is a fact! There is absolutely NO justification to his cruel  act at all! He's murdering his son's self esteem and his aspirations by spewing such insults on his very first step!
No one's asking Hitler to hold Shravan's hand or sing his praises at this moment.....all Shravan needed now was just a bit of head nod and a word that encourages him to move forward with confidence!

Shravan's going to win now...he's definitely going to become everything that is to be to become "responsible"!

You show him Shravan! Go throw those 1 lac whatever on his face!Wink

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Posted: 12 years ago
yehh i agre with ya i think prataps gon a bit tooooooooooo far but 2days epi also reminds me of a book i red as a kid its called the boy "who cried wolf " lolWink
Posted: 12 years ago
hvnt wtched the episode yet..bt im already hating pratap lol Angry
Posted: 12 years ago

totally agree wit ya amy... i hav already mentioned in my post, i hate pratap to d core... his behaviour was hyper moronic... his anger does nt even make sense to me... mama and pratap look same rite now.
Posted: 12 years ago
yup...this time it was Hitler who was wrong....gosh!!!he's taken the place of saachi's mama acting all hyper...but shravan was so right this time...he didnt speak a word to Hitler...didnt cover up for his fault nor did he answer back to him...coz he's gonna show it to him on the last day of the ultimatum...as the saying goes "Actions speak louder than words"....you go shravan!!! earn the one lakh or maybe even a lakh more...come back and throw it on Hitler's face....this has to be ur goal now!!!!
Posted: 12 years ago

We all are so worked up that now we think we dont need a cameo fiance of Sachi to make Shravan responsible .

Good ! Good!
Hitler was enough !
Posted: 12 years ago
Ramy - I fully support you.
If it was in NA , A father like Hitler could have been sued for a million dollar  and Lol shravan would have got his money . LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by sunaina02

Ramy - I fully support you.
If it was in NA , A father like Hitler could have been sued for a million dollar  and Lol shravan would have got his money . LOL

True that Sunaina!LOL

Leaving  Hitler aside, I don't like the way Saachi's reacting to all this! She is forgetting all those vows and is acting stupid and helpless!
Why only Shravan has obligations to their marriage? She is the wife, doesn't she have any obligations to the relationship as well?
Just sitting and wailing about the situation is not going to do any good! Why does Shravan only have to go through the rough times? She married him, and she claims to love him then she should have given her support to him in every step of the way, shouldn't she?

Or may be I'm just too young to understand this thing called "marriage"?!Stern Smile


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