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Posted: 12 years ago


In efforts to REIGN in our THREAD and REGAIN the OLD MOMENTUM....We have decided to open the thread for the coming week.................!!

Idiots' Tantra Mala

Chamatkar ya Balatkar'idiots ki tantra mala....

We forgot we are Idiots who are supposed to do chamatkar and not balatkaar Ouch...So new improved Tantra Mala includes what is defined as chamakaar and what is defined as balatkaar

1. Your POV
2. Symbolism
3. Ripping of promo, precap, episode
4. Deciphering the characters and their characterization.
5. Storyline, plot, future of the story, track or anything that a new character can bring
6. Ideas unique to Idiot Family
7. Songs, Shayari, Verses, Prose that bring newness to the thread related to the family, characters, story or in general entertainment.


1. Bashing anyone ' character, actor, member or anyone who has expressed a POV you do not agree with
2. Ripping ' anyone
3. Ignoring ' Anyone

Ikkraar Big smile

Aaaal Izzz Weelll as along as we agree to disagree..
Yaar paancho oongliyan barabar nahi hoti'aur muthi mooh par thodi na maarte hain..use to fight depression, oppression, compression, suppression, impression and enjoy the session


1. The first three pages are for analysis ONLY as it gets lost in the pages later on. We have received requests for this.
2. The chat thread would be the previous day's thread. So feel free to express anything and everything there.
3. Once the reserve of spot is done within say the first hour, the thread is then open for discussion and replies.
4. Anyone who misses the boat on first three pages to analyse the episode, should send a pm to the opener to index the link so that people find it easy to read your take.
5. The thread will open at 9:00 pm IST
6.We want maximum people to read the analysis and appreciate the effort and time put into watching the episode several time to bring in nuances.



Dol's OS on Idiotz


Vrush's Short Story Link

Vinu Ki Nihu - Nautanki Ka Raaz - A Love Story

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Index of analysis beyond pg 3:

Aditi's take:
Nihu Ka Piya kholenge raaz in Apna Andaaz (Vinu's sexy spoilers):
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Posted: 12 years ago
 Maaneet happy,.... WE too happy LOLLOL
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Posted: 12 years ago
Hawaaldaar Maan Singh has had a bad day at work ... and he knows why .. he has been tying to get thro his fiance but with no avail ... He had tried every trick that his boring brain could come up with and he finally decided there was just one way left! that is to directly meet her ....
"We could talk over coffee he thinks .. as he remembers the last time she had flooded his cup with 4 cubes of sugar .. He smiles to himself in the back seat of his car .... as the scene fades into a dream ..

"ek garam chai ki pyali ho
koi usko pilane waali ho
chahe gori ho ya kali ho
seene se lagane waali ho
mil gaye toh mit jaaye har gham...

And the dream breaks as he realises ...all those babes in the song had disappeared, neither was he near a beach, and why the hell was he thinking of chai? when he knew he loved coffee...
Kuch toh gudbud hone waali hai ...

else where at the Khurana mansion, geet decides...damn you Maan sir, you couldnt have called even once ? Is this how much you love me? is this what i have to live with for the rest of my life? Chalo, atleast lemme make a cup of tea for myself .... 

And as she walks along the corridor .. she see's him ...

hey .. hey ... ho ho ..
aankhon basi ho tum 
tumhe dil main chupaloonga
jab chaho tumhe dekhu 
aina bana loongi ..
hey hey .. ho ho ...

And he snaps out to realise, he was supposed to be pissed with her .. and incidentally she remembers too.... and why not ... !!!

and this begins the story of Maaneet Nok-Jhok that niha missed so much .. that she was only sitting and giggling all the bloody time when she saw the episode ... thanks Vinu ...Hug
Thanks Ved Raj
Thanks Vikas
OMG .. itne saare V's ...
and also Sudhir Kumar ....

Maan Singh ko toh main bhool hi gayi ...

Mr. Barry ... woh chote sheher waali line was ...ahem .... !! from my convo with Viju na?Wink

NISSAR PARVEZ ki toh har koi baat karta hai .... aaj kal woh bada popular ho gaya hai FB pe ... toh mere credit nahi dene se koi farak nahi padne waala usey ....Ouch

Btw .... looks like my dream is going to come true jaldi .. maan has officially agreed to cook for Geet after shaadi ... ! awesome ... men who can cook are super sesky !!!Day Dreaming
do we have a sequence coming up soon ????EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
How rude .... Geet ne fone turn down kar dia ... why am i not surprised though .. Maan uncle ji ... Geet ne blackberry maanga tha .... cordless phone nahi ....AngryAngryAngry
dadi ne sahi kaha tumhare baare main .. Baba Adam ke zamane ke ho tum toh ...

It was good to see DD back ..

Arjun Khufia Rathore, your short sweet scene was impressive .... Annie toh gayi ... bechari .. how long will she be able to resist sexy AYM-Part 2 ...apne bhai ki toh behen hai... pehle ladegi .. fir pyar karegi ...LOLLOLLOL humne bhi bahut TV shows dekhe hai ...!!!

Dadiji ... naughty naughty !!! maan ka prem patra ka iss tarah se ripping apart ???? dadi !! would love to know what your idea of a perfect date is sometime ... kabhi potey se share bhi karlo ...

That little emotional scene with dadi talking about the damad and nok jhok was sweet...

Maan's child like sulking expression was a classic ... if i ever get to see GC could i pull his cheeks( where are the cheeks you may ask) for that one expression !!!

Kal maaneet moments time !!! 

All in all .. accha laga ... and for once ... i am relieved there is nothing as such to analyse ... except Arjun, but for today ill let that pass .. what say ???

love it when he touches her hair softly ...

Guzarish: I want Maan to comb her hair and plait it, make a mess of it ...LOLLOLLOL
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Posted: 12 years ago

Hello  Kya haal hai sabke today i am Editing after 2 days Sab padhna i know my takes are very ok ok types but ki phark penda hai boss WinkGana humesha accha hota hai na

Today Episode was sweet with Maneet nok jhok i love it they behave like married couple already great WinkLove their every expression toooo perfect
Annie and Dadi are pur Nautankis Dadi read letter wah heeeeee that was very funnyLOLboth were pulling Poor Maan,s leg hiii taang khichai was full on SmileSmile
Icant believe Arjun bussiness tycoon se Wedding planner bangaya haaye rabbaaaaConfusedConfusedvery confused
awwwwwww the Jaan is Baq on show she is the lightning of this show every time DD comes on screen as Geet screen shines she is awesome love her Smile
but aaj bhi BD Angrygrhhhh
overall episode was sweet and nice Embarrassed
now my Song
Maan To Geet
Ruth na jaana tumse kaho to
Main in aankhon main jo raho to
Tum ye maano , ya na maano
Mere jaisa deewana paaoge nahin
Meri ye deewangi kabhi na hogi kam
Jitne bhi chahe tum karlo sitam
Mujhse bolo ya na bolo
Mujhko dekho ya na dekho
Ye bhi maana mujhse milne aaoge nahin
Saare sitam haske saho to
Ruth na jaana tumse kaho to
will updt ltr one more songLOL
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 December 14th      

         Today's episode was a filler with issues once again.

         Logic was lost in this episode to an extent.

         There was episode continuation.

         The pace of the episode was good.



1.       Geet is making tea for herself and thinking that it is time for Maan sir to come.  She preapares  teas  and goes off to meet him as they only have half hour to spend time.  Geet's idea of trying to get to meet Maan before Dadi knows that he is home and the two are together was smart.  But the CVs and Nissar made Geet inconsiderate to her Maan, by her not preparing a cup of coffee for him.   It would have been nice to see Geet walking down the hallway with two cups, cup of tea for her, cup of coffee for Maan.

2.       I felt Maan's character sketch being mellowed out and this isn't good.  It isn't good because while MSK's character is being shown mellowed out,  Arjun's character is still kicking strong.

3.       While being in love does create a certain tranquility within one, it does not alter the individual and this is what has been happening since Anwesha entered.

4.       MSK's Character should not be mellowed out.

5.       Dadi and Anwesha mischevious.

6.       Maan didn't recognize that it wasn't Geet's handwriting yesterday when he read the note.  I know that he asked the peon if he gave the note to Geet like he asked; but only today he knows it is Dadi who answered only because Dadi told him and not because he recognized Geet's handwriting.

7.       Arjun is definitely slick.

8.       Where and how did Arjun get a catering/wedding catering business up and running in two days?

9.       If the business was acquired in two days then how come Anwesha says it is the best in Delhi?  It doesn't make sense.

10.   NT isn't aware of any of Arjun's business.  Arjun is keeping NT out of his game plan on purpose.

11.   Arjun main target at the moment is Khurana Wedding.  Someone is going to stop him, but who, Anwesha, Maan, or Dev.

12.   NT declaring that she can't forget the past and her walking out of Arjun's office gives me an inkling of hope that this woman who "never say die" will turn against her little brother and seek her own direct revenge on Khurana family.

13.   Are CVs and Nissar gearing up Anwesha-Arjun track to be an item for another purpose… hmmmm…

14.   Instead of seeing Geet and Anwesha ratting on Maan, I would have preferred to see them bonding amongst themselves.

15.   I was happy that the precap did not show the same.

16.   Also at night Maan tells Dadi that her half rule will not go, Dadi says fine but Maan will have to follow Geet's rule of not going to her mayka at night.

17.   How did Dadi know about "Geet's mayka"?

18.   After MSK says to Dadi that her rule won't be followed then how come he doesn't gift Geet the cell phone in front of Dadi and Anwesha and if he wanted to do it in private then why at the breakfast table.

19.   Why did Geet refuse Maan's gift?  Geet accepted the green outfit and earrings from him before they were married. 


Precap:  I am not gonna speculate.



My speculations… (Addition a)

a.       Arjun will use Anwesha to get to Maan, but will fall in love with her in the process.

b.      NT's sentence to Adi will come into play once again "loyal employees of Maan Veerji, he'll need them."

c.       From Maan's repetitive dialogue about "as long as he is there nothing will happen to Geet" makes me think that may be for whatever reason he won't be there once due to circumstance and something will happen to Geet.

d.      NT brings in Sameera…

Here is what needs to happen…  (No changes)

1.    Who was NT's helper that dropped the chandelier which was supposed to kill Geet?

2.    The entire story of the entire Khurana Family and Family Members need to be told now.

3.    Anwesha needs to inquire about her bro Vicky and his wife NT and also Dev's Mom and Dev's sister.

4.    Dev needs to tell Maan everything that has happened from time he came out of jail because of NT to present including his deal with NT for exchange for family freedom.

5.     GEET NEEDS TO START CALLING MAAN "MAAN". (caps for emphasis only)

6.     I want to know exactly when and where NT got POAs, cause it wasn't when Maan was in the


7.     Dev and Meera should go and speak to MSK regarding NT.

8.     Geet needs to give a public statement to the press saying that "she misunderstood the

 situation and acted rash.  Maan is nothing like Dev and Maan is and will always be reputable.   The answer to your question is yes, Maan and I are getting married."

9.     I would like to see Dev slap NT with open palm then bring back to another slap with back of hands.

10.  Sasha needs to be put out of commission once and for all.  She should not have another hand

in causing any more damages to Geet or Maan as for an employee she has already got away with too much.

11.  Dev's mother and sister need to be mentioned as part of the criminal crew and be punished


12.  Geet needs to know Meera's true ties to Khurana's family.

13.  Maan needs to become the ferocious tiger.  Remember his words to NT that if she made Geet

                  cried he would take revenge for each tear drop.  I don't think NT can pay this debt in its'

                  entirety in this lifetime.

14.  Maan still needs to know

                           i.   That NT poisoned Dadi's mind

                         ii.   That Dadi kicked Geet out of the house.

                        iii.   That NT lied to Geet about him not wanting to see her

                       iv.    That NT lied to Geet about the taveez and again Maan not wanting to see her

                         v.   That NT moved him from his original hospital room in order to prevent Geet from seeing

 Him and that she stopped Geet at the door of his hospital room from entering to see him.

                         vi. That Sasha is the reason why the story came out at the office.

                        vii. Nasty Attitude insulted Geet and threw her into the pool.

                      viii. Sasha is working with NT and locked them in store room.

                         ix. Maan needs to know Pindi was working with NT.











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Bejaan patharon mein nayi jaan dali
In sookhe hue hotho pe ek muskan dali
Tere chahaton ne in rahon mein meri nayi pehchaan dali

Teri is muskurahat ne diya aisa sila
Apne jahan ki humney ek ek eeint(brick) badal dali

Sochne samjhne layak naa raha dimag
Ke dil ne apni nayi dukaan khol dali

Un ankhon ka kahar, un hothon ka zahar
Ab hamarey liye har dava-daru bekar kar dali

Hotey hue hum iss jahan mein nahin
Ke sarey jahan se naa jaane kaisi dushmani humney kar dali

Teri har ik adaa ka asar, janey kya hua idhar
Tere balon ka lahrana, uss par yun palkon ka jhapkana
Teri Inhi balaon ne ...

Bejaan patharon mein nayin jaan daali
In sookhe hue hotho pe ek muskan dali
Tere chahaton ne in rahon mein meri nayi pehchaan dali

another one...........

Tum gaye dino mein jo saath the, meri qalb o jaan ka saboot tha
ye bila wajah tera roothna, meri zindagi ko mitaa na de

Tere saamnay meray hum nafas meri dharkano ki basaat kya
tera is tarah mujhe dekhna, kaheen meri umr ghataa na de

Tujhe ilm hay ay tabeeb e jaan, tera pyaar hi meri hayaati hay
main mareez hoon teray qurb ka, mujhe door jaa ke dawaa na de

Yahaan sub andhair parast hain, yahaan roshni ki majaal kia
yeh chiraagh phir bhi chiraagh hain, koi aatay jaatay bujha na de

another one...........

Aj tujhko dekh jaise aankh bhi maikhaana hui,
Aankhon se tujhko pi bhi liya, mera machal jaana hua,

Aankh teri jhuk si gayi, tera kuch yun sharmaana hua,
Jab beheki us baarish me hamaara khidki pe nazar aana hua

Some random thoughts............

1.     Maan doesn't like that Daadi has accepted this so called TRUCE from Arjun......but we all know that Arjun will not be that shareef and so quiet.  And I have a feeling...and i hope that Maan will keep tabs on Arjun and his actions.....I think when this so called fiasco will happen caused by Arjun...then they will close the loop on the NT...Dev PAAP!! 


2.     The HERO should be BRILLIANT and thus should be SHOWN as such.....and Maan should counter Arjun before Arjun can have a chance to make his moves!!!


3.     Vinu.................. are you listening...???That is not true that NT is not aware that it is his (Arjun's) office...when he asks her if she is going to ask whose office it is.....she says...I know it is yours and that app ne taraki ki hain....but was least bothered about why, how, or when all of this happened.   This leads me to believe...and i hope the CV show that..that Arjun is disappointed that his SISTER is so SELF_ABSORBED and so concerned only with HER REVENGE, that she doesn't truly care for him as a SISTER aught to for a bother...especially a LITTLE BROTHER!!!   This would add more DIMENSIONS to Arjun's character.....no??

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khulam khulla pyar karenge hum dono...
iss duniya se nahi darenge hum dono.....
haan pyar hum karte hain chori nahi
mil gaye dil zora zori nahi
hum wo karenge dil jo kahe
hum ko zamaane se kya......


Thu thu Main Main

Ek do teen, char paanch che saath aath nau, dus gyarah, barah tera…

Tera karoon, tera karoon din gin gin ke intezaar,aaja piya aaye bahaar……

Geet makin Tea lookin at da clock…sweet naa...she wnts to go befr Daadi cums so dat she can b wid him fr sum tym…..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


chanda bhi saath laayaa, taare bhi saath laaya

paagal banaane aayaa, vo……

mera piya ghar aayaa, o raamaji………..

mera piya ghar aaya…..

Aathe hi shuru – Thu Thu main mainLOL…yeh log ithna jagda kyun karthe hai bhai……ohh ab samjhi iss jagde mei hi inka pyaar chupa haiEmbarrassed……Yeh Lo…saara din yeh pareshan tha??ShockedShockedden wat abt all dos KC staff n Anni who had to run here n der to fulfil Mr.Jwalamikhis wishes jst coz he cdnt b wid his Jhansi ki Rani…..LOLWink

Mr.hone wala Hubby wnts coffee bt Mrs hone wali patni makes tea fr herselfTongue….poor guy sapna tootke bikar gaya……LOL

"Yeh badiya hai….agar main office aavu ya naa aavu….magar agar aapko koi pareshani ho jiske bare mein mujhe nahi pata phir bhi zimedaar mujhe hi taihraya jathahai"..: LOLClapClapClap

I rembr a similr dialog "Yeh Lo inke zindagi mei koi bhi pareshani ho thou ski wajah tho hamesha Geet hi hoti hai"Embarrassed

Samjha karo Darling……his EGO is hurt…aapne unke options ko rejct jo kardiya……LOL


Anni n Geet VS Dusht Dhanav : Nice sceneClap


Bhaiyya Mere, Raakhi Ke Bandhan Ko Nibhana
bhaiyya Mere, badi Behan Ko Na Bhulana
dekho Ye Nata Nibhana, Nibhana
bhaiyaa Mere...

NT wnts Badla…Badla…n Bhaiya goes on abt frgt n frgvConfused……yeh nahi ho saktha yaar…yeh thumhara bhai hai tho nahi ho saktha….ha agar he is ur step bro lyk Dev n Maan den mujhe nahi pataConfusedLOL….coz all relations in dis serial is exactly lyk Our IDIOT phamily…Its Complicated!!!!!LOLTongue


chup tum raho chup ham rahen…….
khamoshi ko khamoshi se zindagi ko zindagi se baat karne do
chup tum raho…..

Separtd by a wall……nice scene n finally ven dey met da alarm rings……Daadi enters…..30 mins over….da whole of 30 min gone in silly fights……bt it was CUTE!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Sumone wnted nhoj khok bari scene – Nihu meri CMM….ur happy naa??Wink

Daadi lets it out accidently dat all ur options ver bekaarLOL……Daadima undertsnd pehla pehla pyaar hai…pehli pehli baar haiWink……So Maan nt to follow da 30 min frm nw on….acha hai….agar yeh chaltha raha tho da odrs wd b da ones SUFFERING!!!!LOLbt I LOVED Daadis dialog abt dey bein Geets family n treatin him as his Damaad….EmbarrassedClap


Coffee se Tea……sach se jhoot….tere pyaar mei Maan bangaya deewanaLOL…….he asks fr tea…..n all keep starin at him…..Cellphone!!!FINALLY!!!!!D'oh....so Maan to gift her cellphone n she rejcts it sayin I cnt tak any gifts until v r married……LOLagain rejctn....


Intezaar rahega mujhe kal ka……aftr Fb fotos tho I cnt wait…..

DD is bck…good to c Maaneet togthr in one frame….WinkEmbarrassed

Nhok Jhok Bck – Lovely….Embarrassed

Loved da episode as a whole!!!!Thumbs Up
Loads of luv,
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