Live UD: Humare Raaste Huye alag....

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Posted: 12 years ago
police are pulling arjun into the police station.... Rajbir, Suhdir and tayaji see him and rajbir comes towards him and slaps him.... Arjun tells him dont do that when my hands are open.... Rajbir puts his head on the table and Tayaji stops him.....suhdir says that i'll send to in for 10 years..... arjun tells him to come in front of him in a open field.... Kartar comes there and tells Arohi to come inside.... Arohi and arjun stare at each other..... Rajbir goes and bring arohi inside the office.... she sits on the chair and tells rajbir to write arohi's statement but he says he wont be able to do that...
Kartar calls someone else and tells him to write this girl's statement.... Arohi looks at arjun and then the officer asks what happened with her.... arohi looks at arjun and then says that me and my friend left for jogging and she tells the whole story of what happened...... then the officer asks if he tried to force her and arohi's dad stops him but kartar says that we need to know this..... then arohi dad says to let her go home and kartar says we dont make a wrong report..... Kartar goes to arohi and tells her that this is a difficult situtation but you have to go through it.... then the officer asks again and arohi looks at arjun and thinks of the time when he hugged her... Arohi is crying and kartar tells her to say the truth and arohi says no arjun didnt touch he at all.... He didnt even look at me with bad eyes.... arjun thinks that your going through this becasue of me and hope you can forgive me...
Kartar tells arjun your lucky that she said no.... then says that my son will take you to court and punish you..... Tayaji tells him that you'll go inside for 10 years..... Rudra comes there and says that only dream if you can make it come true.... Rudra goes and hugs arjun and then says that is there a problem with my son.... tayaji tells him that if fine right now but wont be soon.... Rudra says kidnapping and Rudra looks at arohi and says that this is your neice.... Rudra then tells kartar that whatever happens happens and then he asks rudra if he went on a vacation with this girl....
A lawyer comes and says that the bail papers are done.... Rudra gives them to Kartar and he tells his officers to let arjun go and then says lets go home son.... Arjun looks at arohi and they both leave....
Everyone comes home with arohi and their all very happy to see her..... Arohi goes to her mom and hugs her crying.....  Then DJ and her mom take her to her room and let her rest for few hours.... Arohi sits on her bed all sad and her mom goes into the kitchen and she's crying while cutting vegetables.... Sudhir comes there and says that it wont help by crying.... Sudhir tells amrit ot find out right now and he' about to go but DJ stops him and tells him to think about arohi and how she has been all this days... then DJ says that this is not the time to talk about all this... Then she tells him the she'll only talk to Arohi and no one else will come in her room....
Rudra and arjun are in the car and Rudra tells him that he's very proud of him.... Then he says that there will be no case because if it goes to the corut then who will marry that girl....  Rudra asks him why is he worried and that if they ask if you kidnapped her then says that you went on a vaction with her.... Arjun shakes his head and says that he wont say that.... then he says that did you see her eyes she looked completely shattered and i wont defame her.....
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Posted: 12 years ago
thanks a lot for quick update Smile
Posted: 12 years ago

Damn, this is so saddening! Urgh!

I've stopped watching the episodes till Arohi understands Arjun. Till then, i'll cope with your updates Rosh.
Thanks a ton.
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks a lot for the update..I missed today's episode..Thank god Arohi saved arjunSmile
Posted: 12 years ago
the ending was superb..his words brought tears to my eyes...wonderful acting by karnika
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks....first time arjun refused to wat his so called dad u arjun
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks 4 The Update Wink
The Title Of The Post is So Touchy And Sad Type Stern Smile

Maria Heart
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for the update.

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