Love-Shot :: Tu Muskuraa...!!

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hey Guyz, how u all doin ? doin' gr88 !! It's winter time...time for some cozy comforters, thots, smiles, hugs, hot drinks, coffee, Hot Chocolates ! umm...yummmyy....!!! so leavin all those eatables aside, lemme try and put a smile on your faces with my simple yet smiling Love-Shot. Well, i call my One-Shots (as you name it) as Love-Shots cos i try and put my thoughts on Love, care and affection in just one-shot...!! So, here i am with my First Ever LoveShot on SuShaan. the Cutest Couple depicting what we know as 'Innocence' and that slow & Steady 'Love After Marriage' concept with Perfect Amalagamation of 'Joint-Family' concept still prevailing all over India to be more specific...!! So, hope you all enjoy and apologies in advance for the mistakes, typos and may be DOPs...!! So, Thanks for the visit. And plzz do leave your comments, both appreciations and criticisms are Heartily Welcome...!! :))


7 o'clock Morning December Winters in Delhi. Ishaan and Suhana sleeping. Suddenly Alarm rings and Ishaan wakes-up. He gets up from the bed and cums back to wake his loving wifey Suhana. When he cums near her, he starts admiring her beauty and pampering her on her forehead. her hair fallin' on her eyes, Suhana is sleeping with her adorable smile on her face. She takes a side turn and grabs Ishaan's one hand and whispers 'Ishaan mujhe thoda aur sone do naa....'
Ishaan : Suhana, uth jaao, mujhe office bhi jaana hai, aur agar main tumhe uthaye bina chala gaya to tum tab tak soti rahogi jab tak tumhe Radha Bua ya Badi Maa uthaane nahi aati. Chalo utha jaao, abhi...8 baj chuke hai...!!

Suhana : Ishaann.... plzzzzzzzzzzzz!! bas 2 min...Sleepy

Ishaan : theek hai, 2 min matlab 2 min...!! main yahi wait kar raha hoon tumhare uthne ka...!!hmphh**

Finally, Suhana gets up... calls Ishaan..!!

Ishaan : Kya hua Suhana, main yahi hoon !!! Aankhein kholo..

Suhana : Nahi, pehle tum mere paas aao, tumhe pata hai naa.. main ab sabse pehle tumhari smile dekh kar uth ti just come here Mr. Ishaan Kashyap !!Embarrassed

Ishaan : Ok, ok, Mrs. lo aa gaya main, ab to apni pyaari-pyaari aankhein kholo aur mujhe bhi meri duniya tumhare aankhon mein dekhne doo...!!
ufff...howww romantic !!Day Dreaming

Both siiting face-to-face and finally Suhana opens her twinkling eyes, full of love for Ishaan.
Both cuddle each other tightly. Wish each other Good Morning with a kind kiss on the foreheads...!!!Embarrassed

Ishaan : Chalo, utho ab tayyar ho jao, tumhe pata hai naa.. aaj kya date hai ???Tongue

Suhana : date ?? nahi..bolo kya date hai... aaj kuch Special hai kya ??Confused

Ishaan : Mujhe pata tha ki tum bhool jaogi...!!hun !!Shocked

Suhana : bolo naa Ishaan aaj kya hai ?? tumhara birthday hai...? ya fir dadaji ka, dadi ka, radha bua ka, badi maa ka, ya fir Papa kaa....!! Bolo naa Ishaan..usbah subah irritate mat karo....bolo Mr. Ishaan Kashyap??LOL

Ishaan : Suhana..Suhana... aaj hamari 1st Wedding Anniversary hai...Dumbo !!!Smile

Suhana : haawwwwwwww..........!! main kitni Stupid hoon...sab tumhari galti hai, sab tumhari galati hai Mr. Kashyap....uff... u r horrible !!
keeps her hand on her face hidin her face...LOL

Ishaan : ab tum bhool gayi to isme meri kya galati hai...? ajeeb ho...

Suhana ; kyun, tumhe mujhe raat mein yaad nahi dilana chahiye tha ?
ab bolo kiski galati hai... bewkoof !!

Ishaan : haan...!! sab meri hi galati hai...!!!Confused

Suhana ; aacha jaane do, mujhe bahut late ho raha hai, mujhe bahut se kaam hai, Badi Maa bhi mera wait kar rahi hongi Puja ke liye !!

Ishaan ; haan. ab to late hoga hi...!!
Notices its already 9, he;s getin late for the office, runs here n there.

Meanwhile, Suhana is ready in a Pink Saaree, and Ishaan is lukin for the matching tie. Finally Suhana pops in and says 'Ishaan tum kabhi sudhar nahi sakte, no matching sense at dressing sense.'

Ishaan : hmmm....whispers 'tumhe kese batau ki ye sab tumhare liye, blushes, with his eyes down n smiling lookin at Suhana'

Suhana: 'ye lo apni Tie, idhar aao, drags him twrds her n makes her tie...'

Ishaan is all ready....!!Suhana walks out of the room...!!

Ishaan : Suhana... Suhana....!!Big smile

Suhana ; kya hai Ishaan, jab dekho 'Suhana, Suhana' chillate rehte ho..., mere bina tumhara kaam nahi chalta kya ??

Ishaan again blushin' n smilin'
Eyelock moment...!! Badi Maa, call Suhana.. to achha hai naa ki tumhare bina mere Ishaan ka kaam nahi Chalta, aakhir tum uski Biwi ho..!!

Suhana : 3 mile smile on her face...hugz Badi Maa !!

Badi Maa wishes both Ishaan and Suhana a very Happy Wedding Anniversary with a gift in her hand...!! Suhana is so happy now...

Suhana and Ishaan ; Thank You so much Badi Maa.Embarrassed

Suhana : Badi maa aapko yaad tha ?
Badi Maa ; haan kyun nhi yaad rahega, apne bachcha ke khas din mujhe yaad nhi rhenge...aaj hi ke din tum is ghar mein Bahu ban kar aayi thi...!!

Suhana : OMG Badi Maaa.. apko sabke bdays' anniversaries yaad rehte hai! you are amazin'.Love you Badi Maa..hugz her tight..

Ishaan : mujhe to koi pyaar hi nhi karta...long face..Confused

Suhana : hehehehe... poor baby !!

Badi Maa gives him a hug tooo...with a kiss on the forehead...!!

Badi Maa leaves !!

Suhana : dekha Badi Maa ko yaad tha, acha ab tum batao, tum mere liye kya laaye ho ?? mera gift...Big smile

Ishaan : take out a Diamond ring from the ccabinet and gifts her. Laaya hoon naa...Ye Lo...

Suhana : ye kya hai ?

Ishaan : khud dekh lo !! smilin**Smile

Suhana : bolo naa....

Ishaan : nhi tum khud dekho lo...

Suhana : unwraps the gift...waoohhhhhhhh!! amazin''''Clap
i love it i love it i love it........!!
Mere Liye.....??Embarrassed

Ishaan : nods his head sayin Yes, just for you !!

Suhana :: its lovely, chalo pehnaao mujhee !!

Ishaan : hunnn !!

Suhana : haaannn, pehnaao mujhe.....abhii
forwards her left hand with Ring Finger

Ishaan take off the ring from the box n

Ishaan : ye hamari shaadi ki pehli saalgirah par !!

Suhana : 'Saalgirah' now what tht Ishaan ??

Ishaan : arey i mean to say 'wedding anniversary' par !!

Both smiling and very happpy !! they hug each other with broad smiles on their faces....Big smileEmbarrassedDay Dreaming

Kodak Moment..clickkk!!!!!

Ishaan : chalo ye to hua mera gift, ab ye bato, tum kya layi ho mere liyeee ??

Suhana : puzzled !! mujhe to yaad ho nhi thaaa... main to kuch b nhi laayi tumhare stupid i am !! sobs**

Ishaan :: Suhana...!!! hold her by her shoulders!!

Suhana : hun hunnn...

Ishaan : ek cheez hai tumhare paas, mujhe dene ki liye...!! Bahut hi pyaari sur duniya ki sbse keemti cheez hai...

Suhana ; puts her finger betwen the teeth n raisin her eyebrows...
woh kya ?? ab tum ye mat bolna ki main ye Ring tumhe wapas pehna doo...!! i won;t cos i love ittttttEmbarrassed

Ishaan : nods his head, NOpe Suhana !!

Suhana : to fir ??

Ishaan :: keeps his hand near his lips n makes a smiley Expression...!!

Suhana : ye kya...!!

Ishaan : Ek Muskuraahat !!

Suhana : watery eyes, emo face, bigg smile,eyelock again... n hugs himmmm tighttt!! biggest teddy bear hugggg!!

and they both had the best huggggg !!

Ishaan : tum bas yuhi, sada muskuraati raho, mujhe aur kuch nhi chahiye tumse....!! Kyunki jab tum Muskuraati nahi tab kuch achaa nahi lagtaa Suhana !! Suhana promises, she'll smile forver

Suhana : meri bhi ek condition hai !!

Ishaan : bolo ?

Suhana : tum hamesha mere saath rahoge, mujhe kabhi akela nhi choroge..!! Mujhe bhi tumhare bina kuch bhi acha nahi lagta.. i love you so mch and can't live without you !! You are my Life,my Jaan !!!

Ishaan :: amzed at her confession for the first time on their 1st Wedding Anniversary !! And they were in Love with each other all over again....!! Ishaan loved her before Marriage, and Suhana fell in love with her Hubby after Marriage...!! This is the True Magic of SuShaan...!! Being SuShaan is 'Magical' !! Suhana didn't knew alot more wa sin store for her when Ishaan comes back from the Office, with a Candle-lit dinner at Suhana's Fav. Rest., Gorgeous Bouquet of Suhana's fav flowers and some Dance...!! The day was perfect and they made it even more perfect by filling it with Lots more Perfect Moments !!Heart


So, tell me, how was it ?? do leave in your views..n Thanks alot !!Embarrassed

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hye loved ur story for sushaan's...................kash yea sare shabd such ho jaye kas ase scene sushaan's ke bhi dikhayeWink..........................lovely story............................SmileEdited by Shakila2244 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

hey Shikz

very romantic love shotClapClapClap
hope 2 see such things in d show too soon
the best part of d LS
"Suhana: tumhe pata hai naa.. main ab sabse pehle tumhari smile dekh kar uth ti hoon

Ishaan : ye lo aa gaya main, ab to apni pyaari-pyaari aankhein kholo aur mujhe bhi meri duniya tumhare aankhon mein dekhne doo...!!

Both cuddle each other tightly. Wish each other Good Morning with a kind kiss on the foreheads...!!!

Edited by divi4u - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
awesome shiks!!
ur amzing !!
loved the oneshot oops loveshot to d core!

Posted: 12 years ago
Awesome start Shikha di..Loved the way u have named it Love Shot!Great one...So good to see u posting here on the forum..Pls do keep writing..and PMingEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
Shikhu.. ur an FF writer as well.. Shocked ...kya baat kya baat..!!
Awesome.. rapchik.. rapchundas.. BHAPKAAAAAAAAAAAA Party Awesome romantic yaar..!! Luvd it to bits..!
Great concept..n lovely Sushaan moments Day Dreaming
Aab chalo.. AUR LIKHO Geek LOL
Luvd it yaar.... thanks for the  PM Hug
Posted: 12 years ago
hey u!!!!!!!!!!!
                           wake up..........Wink

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