FUNNY - what Geet wrote....but what she meant

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Posted: 12 years ago
Disclaimer: This is meant to be pure fun. Take seriously at your own risk.

what Geet wrote and what she actually meant Wink

Maan decides to budget his time since only 30 minutes are available and makes a list of things that he can do with Geet and sends it to Geet. ROFLROFLROFL
Her answers were hilarious so here are some of mine translated for easier understanding

Maan: Candle light dinner
Geet: Been there done that Tongue
Literal tranlation: Arrey loser I do not want another astronomy lesson ROFLROFL. Knowing you and your kanjoosi and your proclivity for the heavens I will get another sermon on celestial bodies. I might be tempted to take the candle and use it to set you on fire so that you can see your favorite stars and planets up close. ROFLROFL Otherwise I may get so mad at you that you will be wearing the food instead of eating it. Tongue I may also dump the water jug on you so that you feel one with nature like you seem to want to do. So let us just skip that Haan. Wink

Maan: Long drive
: Delhi traffic and one little ice-cream
Literal translation: I do not trust you in the backseat of a car ROFLROFL.....kya pata aap ke dimaag mein kis tarah ke dusht  vichaar aayenge Shocked ROFLROFLROFL........I refuse to sit with you in the backseat. ROFLROFL
I refuse to sit next to you when you drive because of your temper - we might have a road rage incident and I will be locked up along with you and me akele akele in a jail cell together Shocked Shocked Shocked.....hai babaji......this is just plain scary ROFLROFLROFL
Upar se when the car engine is idling you may give me a lecture on petrol (gasoline) ka bhav Confused D'oh. I am not going to risk that.....NO FREAKIN WAY LOL LOL LOL
In addition to that you will insist on sharing my ice-cream Angry......dude do you even realize I am eating for 2 now Angry Angry..........get your own. Approve

Maan: Movie
Geet: Movie is for 3 hours Ermm.....what are we gonna watch in 30 mins.
Literal tranlation: Yikes he is gonna take me to see some brainless art film or documentary jiss me mujhe kuccch samaj nahin aayega. Ermm
What if he takes me to see an "aise-waise film" Shocked Shocked Shocked.....hai babaji I cannot take the risk ROFL
If he takes me to a hindi movie knowing him we will go back to the same theater like 50 times before we finish watching the movie. He will get bored in 10 mins and then start lecturing me about watching crap Ermm. I will go with Pinky baba not with him ROFL

Maan: Disco
Geet: Do not like it
Literal translation: I do not trust you around other chicks - especially those in short dresses Angry
You were happy to shake your booty with Pari and Anana peel (Arhana). I had to bring you back in drunk state the first time and the next time I ended up slapping you to bring you to your senses. My patience is running low these days upar se I am possessive of you - who knows what I might do Shocked Ermm . I might actually kill you this time. Angry
Jaana hai toh go with your darling sister who is the partying type. LOL
Lekin ek baat yaad rakhna if you decide to go and blacken your face in the disco LOL LOL LOL, don't show me your kaala face ever again Angry Approve

Maan: cell phone
Geet: Not necessary. Who will I talk to?
Literal translation: The only "me" time I get is when I am away from you. Wink I need to bond with my baby and the other Khurana family members you know Wink. Plus I know you. YOU will get the cheapest phone on the market with the cheapest calling plan for me. Angry ROFLROFLI cannot talk to anyone but you - not even to my Pinky, Adi Sir, Romeo, Manisha or Pandeyji - whom I adore BTW. Tongue ROFLROFL To hell with your cell phone I am better off without one. ROFL

Posted: 12 years ago
ROFL..ROFL bloody hilarious!ROFL.. 'll die laughin!ROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
ROFLTooooooooo good jhana, seriously too goodROFL, poor MSK, he and his crap plans, fully rejected by Geet, but i am sure, the solid plan is in his brain will rock....Aiwaie MSK nahin hai.....

Posted: 12 years ago
*Stops to breathe*
Edited by mkgh - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
too hilarious dear.wonderful post.LOLLOLLOL
Posted: 12 years ago
your sense of humor is wicked!!! awesome version of letter.... Thumbs Up
Posted: 12 years ago
lolz.. too goodROFL
MAAAn was like Broken Heart

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