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Posted: 12 years ago
Billu's jewellery is stolen...ppl are dancing downstairs.   Billu thinks someone from the house has stolen the jewels and they call police.   POlice comes.   everyone is shocked.   they are all informed that billu's jewellry is missing.   The investigation starts.   Amma is smiling and looking at lakhan and lakhan is confused.   Cops are searching the house.   The bring lakhan's luggage outside and takes it out of lakhan;s suitcase.   Everyone is shocked and amma is smiling.   All the pandey ppl in the family is taunting lakhan and his wife.   Lakhan is arrested.   and taken away.  His wife is pleading everyone to save her hubby.   but no one listens.   EVeryone leaves from there.   his wife leaves with all her belongings and crying.   Runjhun is cleaning up inside.   and amma in her room thinking...i have to hide ur beautiful kundali.   and she hides it and someone is watching all this but not shown who?   then amma hears a sound and asks who it is ...and it is runjhun.   

Runjhun comes in and gives amma water and tucks her in bed.   Lakhan's wife goes to the police station looking for lakhan and tries to give cop money...and cop lets lakhan go.   Lakhan comes out and says this is all cause of amma...and amma is outside police station and then is shicked to see her there.   Amma gives lakhan some money and tells him to leave from here.   Lakhan says i will not go away form here like this...i am goin to blackmail u now.

In the morning...pandey is talking about cops comeing to there house and how bad it was for reputation.   Runjhun comes in with a letter and pandey reads it.   Runjhun goes away.   Pandey's wife mittho says whats the letter about...and there is a photo inside...and he says usha didi sent photo for maha devi.   Pandey takes the photo and goes to amma to ask her about the marriage alliance of maha devi.  Phone rings and it is lakhan on the phone.   Amma gets scared.   Lakhan says it was all ur plot so we became silent but next time what will happen.  Lakhan says listen up ...next month keep some more money aside and he threatens her.   Amma is looking worried.  Lakhan keeps the phone.   Pandey comes there and says amma i asked usha didi to send an alliance for maha devi.   Amma says runjhnu is elder to maha devi so first runjhun will get married and then maha devi.   Pandey and his wife are arguing with amma.   Amma says i have a right on this house first as the scent business was set by my husband so if u r in a hurry to get maha devi married then go ahead but first runjhun will get married and this is my final decision...

Pre-Cap -  Some ppl are introducing guddu bhai.

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