December 13 - Written Updates - Loha's Plan....

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Posted: 12 years ago
                                 Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo
                         13 december - Written Updates..
Marry Rekha Madhur : RV Shocked
Show starts as RV tells Madhur to marry Hes really regreting what He did..He and Rekha has no hubby-wife kind of Relation and He never gave her happiness..He now knows Rekha can be happy with him only..Hes really repenting and want Madhur and Rekha's happiness and He loves Jamuni only....Madhur tell him that though he has his own doubet LOL
as He wanted to Kill Rekha      and Now he wanna Release her but its first decision Which is
right in Rv's Life He tookWinkTongue..RV assures him that soon He will prove that What hes saying
 he really Mean it..ShockedOuch
Madhur informs Shali about RV's Idea : Tongue

Its Shali's BedRoom. Laali is Singing and Making baby Madhav SleepEmbarrassed.. Shekhar is sitting  there Calculating something..Shekhar tells Laali about new  Business Profit Which She wanna  hv for village Woman..Some one Knocks Door..Its Madhur ..He comes and tells Shali that RV is ready to realease Rekha & ready for their Marriage..Shekhar is happy..Laali seems Confused..

RV's Plan :
Rekha in room Brings Dinner for RVOuch..Here also RV Good hubby Drama Continues as  He see Rekha accepted him as hubby by puting sindoor Given by himOuch.. Now he instigates Rekha    against Madhur..that He wanna hv Good Married Life With Rekha but Its Madhur Who
 Wants us to Divorce  Shocked. .Rekha seems Shock and confuse..But She tells RV to hv
Big confusion and Misundertsnding :
Laali comes upstair to meet Rekha ..She thinks as  Shes happy to know fact that 
RV ready to release herConfused .. Here Rekha is happy on RV's Drama that RV wanna Rv
 Nice Married life with her Ouch..Both hv own reason to be happyTongue..Laali hugs Rekha
 and  tell that Shes finding her happy Like this after Long..and Shes so happy for Rekha.
.Shes  still not able to believe RV changed... But Nice if Hes really..Rekha says No hes
Really changed .Rekha is happy that now she'll get happiness of Marriage....RV is no
More  Fake  and Now She and RV.Ouch.She about to tell  about her Reason ..Just then
 Madhav  comes  and  Ask  Laali to back to Room as He wont sleep otherwiseTongueLOL..
So Laali hv  to  go..  Here RV  who was over hearing this is relaxed that Nothing got
cleared....  Both  Sis  having  their  own  Fake happiness..Which he will ruin Soon..
Laali  meets  Madhur  at  Downstair.. and  She  saw Rekha happy and now shes also
 thinks  that  May RV  is ready..
RV takes Rekha's Thumb Print on Divorce Paper: Shocked
Its Night ..RV comes in Rekha's Room..He takes her Thumb Print When Shes sleeping..
and Says Its fun bcuz now Everyone will believe his Drama Completly after Look this
Papers  that  He wanna Prove that He really wanna release Rekha.. and Divorce her..OuchOuch
RV Drama Continues..Sleepy
Its Morning ....Laali is telling all Woman in Panchayat about her New Achar Bussiness Idea..
 In Which they hv to invest 500 and Profit will be around 2000Tongue..  Shekhar and Jamuni  is      here.. RV comes here and asks For Laali's Permission to take Rekha.. He shows Papers 
to  Laali to  Prove that Hes taking her to Sign on PapersConfused...RV tells Laali that another Respo   
 of Madhur to take Divorce from Suman.Rekha comes and they LeavesOuch..Jamuni finds  this Jumble of RV as She can't him be so Nice.Clap..Laali sends Jamuni to follow them..
RV and   Rekha leaves..and Jamuni Follows them in another Car..Rekha is  happy
be  with RV ..
Its Loha's Plan to clash Laali and Rekha : Ouch
While RV driving Car ..Loha calls RV and Asks If He managed to show
Laali  Papers..RV  says yes and He cuts call..And Here in Jail..Now Its reveal that all is
 Loha's   Plan to create tension between Laali and RekhaShockedOuch..Loha says He wanna
Create Wall of hatred  between this two sisShocked..Now Rekha will think Laali is culprit to break
her  Marriage and curse her.Ouch.(dirty PoliticsDead)
Please Divorce Madhur Suman : LaaliClap

Suman in Room..applying  Sindoor and Wonders Why Madhur is behaving strange and               not coming to her Room these daysLOL..Just than Madhur enters and after him Laali..Laali   comes to Suman ,She seems bit nervous and She tells her the thing Which I wanna tell you   today Is not easy for me to tell not easy for you to understand.....But I hv to tell you this..From  the day you   came In this Haveli after Marriage,Nothing is Going well between you and Madhur..You know that  Whom Madhur Really Loves..I m not telling that you dont Love him..But ur Love  is becoming ur obssession Day by day...Not Any relation is possible without Love &  trust...Clap      You wanna  make some one love you force fully..Which is not right as well not      Possible Even....You were  not like this Earlier..You knew how to be happy in others happiness. But  now  you are ready  hurt anyone for ur ZidDead..Now I m gonna tell you big thing..May not any  mother     hv told this to  her Daughter ever..But believe me I m telling bcuz I  want yr happiness..Pls     Divorce Madhur..ClapClapSuman is Shocked and As usual angry   on Laali.. and  Laali  with her Poor requsting Face..(Why   do you waste   yr time Laali..I don't     think this girl  can understand   either any  sentiments or   feeling at allOuch)


Precap :
Some People arrived at Haveli..They are standing with Suman..They tells Laali that Suman
does not wanna Leave her hubby and She wants Justice  from Panchayat ...Shali & Madhur shocked
I told you.LOLWink. Basically shes senseless..thats It..)
Edited by -SweetGirl- - 12 years ago


Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for update I hate Loha When is Ranvijay going to change for good?? I want some romance between Shekhar and lali  if shekhar becomes normalEdited by natasha_1407 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for the update. Loha is cunning as ever.
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for the nice update :)
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the lovely update!!

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