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Posted: 12 years ago

We bring you a new issue of our newsletter called "SEPARATION". We have received positive reviews on our previous two newsletters and hope that you all will like this one just as much.


by: jahnvi.angel10

Shravan & Sanchi sign the divorce papers and are forced to live seperately yet under the same roof. Due to the terms of the divorce, they can not talk to each other. Thus, the couple comes up with a code language they could talk in front of the family. Shravan looks for a job and when gets rejected everywhere, he lands in Pratap's office for an interview but ends up humiliating himself. Upon reaching home, he lies that he has found a job as a bike designer. Everyone gets really happy as they are unaware of the truth.

by: jahnvi.angel10

Undoubtedly, it was the mandir scene where Shravan & Sanchi spend the last two hours of their "married" life together. They both have the time of their life there as they play around, talk, create code language, and pray.

by: jahnvi.angel10

6 (contract signed/2hours)
7 (separation begins)
8 (Codes begin)
9 (Shravan interviews)
10 (Shravan comes home)

by: nycsweetie

December 14th ~ Priya a.k.a nycsweetie
If You Were Born on December 14th: You are a spirited, sensitive, and intelligent person who has a true spirit for adventure, yet a down-to-earth side to you that is unmistakable. Enterprising and ambitious, you are also very versatile, sometimes to the point of leaving a trail of unfinished projects and endeavors behind you! You need to experiment and mix things up a little in order to feel like you are truly living. Intensely curious, you never stop learning. Because you are easily bored, there are times that you have the urge to stir up a bit of controversy just to get some sort of debate started. Others find you fascinating and multi-talented.

 December 15th ~ Aishwarya a.k.a malluangel
If You Were Born on December 15th: You are versatile, witty, and often quite impulsive. Mentally restless, you are curious and easily bored if left without new and stimulating things to do, or at least to talk about. You are quick to take action, and often jump into new endeavors blind, figuring that you can pick up any pieces later, if need be. You can be accident-prone as a result. Very good-hearted, you easily empathize with others and while you tend to keep some distance emotionally, you readily help out anyone in need. You are a great lover of debate and any kind of friendly competition.

 December 18th ~ Kumar a.k.a ZZkumarZZ
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Celebrity Birthdays
December 14th ~ Juhi Pramar
  December 17th ~ Sachin Shroff
        December 19th ~ Ankita Lokhande

by: xxSheilaxx

On their last 2-hours before they signed the divorce papers:

Shravan: Dekha. Pakar liya na.

Saachi: Chhor ke to nahin jaayenge na?

Shravan: Aham. ('No')

Saachi: Kabhie nahin?

Shravan: Kabhie nahin. Aur tum?

Saachi: Maine to tab bhi nahin chhora tha jab aab chhorke jaana chahte the.

Shravan: Saachi, ek baar phir pakarlo na mujhe. Aur ab kabhie mat chhor na. Jee nahin paoonga tumhare bina.

by: jahnvi.angel10

Definitely Mr. Shravan Jaiswal! During the mandir scene Shravan outdid himself by portraying his feelings so magically beautiful.

by: jahnvi.angel10

Dadi. Are you wondering why so?
She was the only person in the jaiswal family who had the courage to argue with Pratap and try to reason with him. She supported Shravan during their breakfast time and I loved how she tried to motivate him by telling him Pratap's past struggles & success.

by: jahnvi.angel10

It was none other than Shravan. The way he went to tees and scarves with plaid shirts and non-shaved face from half zipped up jackets with bare chest requires some courage.

by: SaraPari

This week's Game is called Rapid Fire Shocked
One person will post two situation/phrases. and the next person
 will choose one of them and continue playing.. 

I will startBig smile

Bunty / viren


Now, time to announce the winner from our last GOTW!
This member played very well and had the highest number of correct answers.
And she is none other than: Davi


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DADI / Pratap
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Posted: 12 years ago
mami (for some reason)

who has a better hairstyle: rajat or shravan?
Posted: 12 years ago
rajat has better hairstyle right now , earlier it was shravan

Posted: 12 years ago
umm nidhi (not nita because Mihika wasn't the right choice for the character acc to me)Embarrassed

sanchi in red or black?

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