unknown consequences Epilogue tonight 23/09

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Posted: 12 years ago

Unknown Consequences </font></font>


aan= aged 21.. Student 1 year older than Geet. Geet and Maan are best friends and sort of rule the college. Maan is a Casanova type person and a flirt. He cares for Geet a lot. Best friends and neighbours. Always there for eachother. Protective of Geet

Geet- aged 20. Best friends with Maan. Always fighting with him. Helps him with loads of things especially when he gets in trouble or want to break up with his girlfriend. Has Asthma which makes Maan over protective of her. Lively and jovious.

Jay- Friend of Geet and Maan. Aged 21. (Sort of a trio but mostly about Geet and Maan)

>Meera- Jay's girlfriend. Sometimes jealous of the friendship that Geet Maan and Jay have.

Sunaina- Maan's mum.. loves Geet a lot since Geet's mother passed away. Gives her the motherly love.<

Vikrant- Maan's father. (secretly wants Geet to marry Maan)

Abhi- Geet's brother. Over protective and strict with Geet but loves Geet a lot. He doesn't like Geet and Maan's friendship but doesn't say anything>

Sunil- Geet's father. Loves Geet a lot. Always lets her get away with anything.

Armaan- Part of the groupie


<i>"Calibri">Ridima- gf of aRMAAN PART OF THE GROUPIEEPart

Geet awoke as the sun rays hit her face. She went to the shower and got ready and went downstairs where her father and brother are waiting for breakfast for her.

<font size="3"><font face="Calibri">'Good morning dad, bhai' Geet said sitting on the table.</font></font>

'morning Geet' . Geet started her breakfast talking to her father. Abhi and Sunil left after breakfast for work. Geet called Jay to wake him up.

'oi Jay wake up college nahi jana kya'

'uffo Geet main to tayyar bi hochuka ho, meh Meera ke saat araha ho tum chinta mat karna, Maan ko jagaya'

'nahi, woh ullu ka pata abhi tak soraha hai kya'

'ha maine Maan ke ghar do baar phone kiya Sunaina aunty ne kaha ke wo abhi tak soraha hai'

'tik hai main dekhti ho'.

Geet grabbed her bag and went straight into Maan's house to be greeted by Sunaina.</font></font>

'Morning Aunty kaise ho'

'main tik ho Geet betey tum kaise ho'

'tik ho Geet, aaj bohot achi lagrahi ho'

'thank you aunty'

'breakfast kiya?'

'ha maine dad aur bhai ke saat karliya ta'

'tik hai anyways college nahi jaana tumhe'

'jana to hai, bas wo Maan ko lene ke liye agayi aapko to pata hai na main college Maan ke bina nahi jahti'

'ha wo uppar hai abhi taq soraha hai'

'Ab main dekhte ho us gadey ko'

'tik hai jao'

Sunaina laughed as Geet made her way to Maan's room as Geet was the only one who could control Maan and get him up.Geet entered Maan room and saw him sleeping soundly

'awww so cute' Geet said sarcastically. 'yeh kumkaran abhi tak soraha hai'

'Oi utt' Geet yelled. Maan didn't stir

'oi kamine uttt.' Maan was still asleep. Geet got angry. She sprinkled water on him he still didn't move. She then jumped on his bed and kicked him

'oi kumkaran uttt' she yelled. Maan awoke with a jerk and pulled Geet down. Geet fell on the bed and Maan went on top of her and pinned her hands down

'Kamine utt mere uppar se late horaha hai aur tum abhi taq sorahe ho'

'yeh kya tarika utane ka'

'agar tum pyar se nahi ut saktey to yeh to karna hi hai na'

'Sorry bol abhi'

'nahi' Maan held her hands tighter



'ab bolo Maan is the best'

'Kya kabhie nahi' yelled Geet.. Maan held her tighter.

'Maan is the best' Geet mummered..Finally Maan got off her and stood up and Geet stood up afterwards

'I know I'm the best darling'

'SHUT UP! Maan is a dog a monkey a pig' Geet yelled throwing cushions at him. Maan ducked and ran into the shower

'Oi kamine shower jaldi lekar jaldi tayyar hojana samjeh warna main tere haalat bohot karab kardongi samjeh' Geet yelled going downstairs waiting for Maan.

PRECAP: College

<font size="3" face="Calibri">PART 2</font>




Edited by sweetysumaiya - 11 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

1st of all...im very sad 2 hear Day n Nite is finishingCry...any im happy...lolz...sperb duper happyBig smile...u started new one...luv it...!!!Heart

do cnt...very excited 2 read more..>!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Day and night is gonna finish? *
Love this one
Haha love maaneet friendship
Lol love how geet talk to maan..Kumbha karan..Lolz..
Loved it
Continue soon dear
Cant wait for some more!

Posted: 12 years ago
Well its different 4rm ur other ff's.......plz continue....loved it...... looking 4rward to read next part.Edited by aditiwalia56 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Aw night and day is going to Finnish but good your replacing it as your ff's always have this intersting zest to it and I'm sure this ones going to be good to and loved the intro/part 1 ek yeh do continue soon I want to read more and awe geet and maans friendship is cute Smile
Posted: 12 years ago

really sad that other two ff's are gonna end.

but as you are starting a new one i'm glad.

i liked this part

Posted: 12 years ago
loved it sumaiya......do continue it....
would love to read this...
loved Maneet's bonding..
hey its sad to know you are ending Night and Day
Posted: 12 years ago
day and nite ending plz noooooooooooooooo CryCryCry
khairs coming to did one tats very interesting pls do continue plz plz btw make it a hott one Wink make geet and fall in love soonEmbarrassedBig smile

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