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Posted: 12 years ago
I am really sorry for all the trouble... which the picture in my post has caused..
Believe me, it was not my intention to cause any of this... i am already very guilty of not having paid attention to it given that it was my post...
But what is even more upsetting to me is that Jake is being blamed for this... i knwo we are all part of a group called the Deedians started by her, but this does not mean that she should be blamed for our posts...
We are all grown-up and take full responsibility for our posts... when i write on 'Diary of Meeshti...', Driving OS, TRPS... anything... it is my responsibility not Jake's...
Please dont blame her for my stupidity... she being a Muslim herself was VERY upset, more so since she wasnt even there when it happened...
And trust me on one thing... whatever the arguments with other people might be... none of us would stoop this low... on this or any other thing... it was all deliberately misconstrued to cause trouble for us.. whch that person has succeeded
Anyway, all that is pointless now... i only want to reiterate one thing... i am really sorry for unintentionally causing all this trouble and you wont be plagued by my presence further...
SO i have been forced to come back... because of the rumours that have been doing the rounds... clearly people have taken my apology to mean that i DID do something wrong and am now being accused of something entirely different
What seems to be the common belief is that i and my 'non-muslim friends' posted some picture of Ayesha on the Prophet's knees (sheesh, i didnt even kow such a picture existed! DeadDead DeadDead)
To clarify again, i DID NOT post the picture.. and the picture in question was NOT the one that has been described... i am only shocked and disgusted  that such rumours have been doing the rounds... which is why i have been forced to come out again and clarify...
Why i am apologising is because it was on MY thread... and it was NOT a collusion by non-muslim people... teh caption was completely miscontrued and portayed in  the light of hurting relgious was NOT an OS that was written, and it was not meant to hurt anyone...
if people want an exact desctitopn of what was written and how it was twisted, please pm me... am too upset to put it down here...
I did NOT make this post in response to Jake's post, rather we made it at the same time... so please dont think that i put it down only after she made a post
I now know the level to which people are goign to defame us..
Yes.. and one more thing i wouldnt thank these perpertators is that they have caused some problems between friends... taking pettry Forum differences to an entirely new level be involving religion
i hope you are satisfied now!
Did not want to take a preachy tone, but God knows we are blameless and he will make sure that the people who perpetrated this get punished.. someday, in their own way, for this low and disgusting piece of slander.
Anyway, sorry again for the bother
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Posted: 12 years ago
Jake, I am also very very sorry for this whole mess.... I was there, so I too take the full responsibility....
I am sorry to everybody who must have got hurt by that pic.....Sorry Imzzi..

I might have done a lot of rule breaking intentionally but I dont want to be know as an insensitive low life who doesnt respect religious sentiments...

I am ready to take full responsibility for my action and even ready to face any legal actions....

Jake, I am really really sorry that I let you down... You are an amazing girl and very responsible too irrespective of common belief.
Posted: 12 years ago
@all even i'm sincerely sorry for the commenting on the pic and hurting the religious sentiments but call it my stupidity i did not even notice it was on Prophet Mohammed..which is no excuse to my mistake.
once again sorry to all
i've never tried or even intended to hurt any person's religon by my comment
Please accept my apologies
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Posted: 12 years ago
I also apologize for hurting anyone intentionally or unintentionally !! 
It was never my intention and i will never stoop soo low to do that !! 

Once more sorry !! 
Posted: 12 years ago
I would like to also apologise to my friends and anyone who was hurt, as it was never our intention. i was there, i dint see much of the picture and dint realise what was goin on until it was too late.

so my heartfelt apologies to everyone. Sorry guys!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
I sincerely apologize that this incident took place. It was carelessness and negligence on our part. But believe me we would never do such a shameful act intentionally. I apologize once again.
Posted: 12 years ago
Okie to deejay I always thought you are very sensible because you are matured sensible enough.  I respect you post from long time.... ..So my reply is definitely not for you...its for rest others....who were just spreading negativity on forum from last2 days......Please see where hatred took all of you..
..I dont want anyone of you leave...neither JAke...All of you specially Jake and ROLz....have reaaly good sense of humor...I was the one who supported Jake comeback mission because she is too good .......but please divert you negative energy to better direction..(better not agaisnt actor for their small mistakes and better not aginst moderators with no mistake)..You  dont have to leave....but change your point of view for life.... I think there is no limit you guys spread negativity sometimes but there is limit which others can take. positive....spread positivity.....
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Posted: 12 years ago
I am not aware of the pic or anything in this i joined in very late. So i exactly dnt know what happened.. Just now got hold of the situation.. 

I from my part apologize to everyone..intentionally or unintentionally if we have hurt ur feelings or sentiments..pls forgive me and my fellow members.

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