Anupallavi 13 - 17 Dec

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Posted: 12 years ago

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Monday  13/12/10

Accent akka Thollai is reserved for Rojaa??/ Habbaaaa

Ganesh recalls the G - 2 meeting (Rojaaaaa, periya nations meet aa?? Gopi and
Ganesh nnu explain panni thOlai )
Gopi holding his collar and Ganesh escaping
saying that he is not Ganesh - Ganesh is very disturbed and goes to accent akka -
(Neram nalla ille, Roja kku neram nalla ille - Roja sOgama sings) broaches the subject
of going back to Ameerica and accent akka vetoes any such notion in heavily accented
Tamizh. Wants to know the exact reason but Ganesh is not forth coming - says that
he does not belong here and can not always sit idle  while accent akka is busy playing
cupid / marriage broker etc., etc., Accent akka is unrelenting and of course decides to
take up the matter in her own hands ( Oru serial kku Oru Omni, kashtam da sammy)

Accent akka calls arumai thangachi and imparts the info " Ganesh feels bad about
sitting idle...some business...your" Anu agrees to help and RR lands on
cue - Roja kku ketta neram, has to listen to accent akka all over again - same request
and RR promises to help. KOnjam discussion between Anu and RR and finally Anu
says " unga project le yethavathu Onnai athaan thalai le kattunga " (yeah sure,
how about Project Pallu??)

Now it ifs Gopi's turn to recall the G 2 meeting. He does not even care for the coffee
offered by his wife with lots of love. Karthik comes , mother and daughter extend a
warm welcome to mappillai , Karthik praises his would be FIL - all fall in deaf ears.
Finally Gopi says that he needs to punish Ganesh and prove (to who ever cares
to know ) 
his innocence. Seeks Karthik's help - "help me to find that car - silver
color, God's Gift sticker.." Karthik says that it is a difficult task but will surely try
and get the culprit. Gopi is happy...


 Updates by Eclat
 Tuesday -
Sorry for the delay - the update will be up before tomorrow afternoon - have a punjabi  kannaalam to attend - Oi balle balle...
Episode - 166 (half keNaru atleast aaNdavaa, pls)  Tuesday 14th December 2010
Prem and Shreenath come to Shreenath's house where Shreenithi is sitting and reading.  Prem asks her how come she is not asleep yet?  Shreenithi wants to know how their business is progressing, Prem praises Shreenithi to be very lucky.  Shreenath asks Shreenithi to get them some coffee, after she leaves for the kitchen, Shreenath goes in to get some file from his room.  There is a call on Shreenithi's handphone from Karthik.  Prem peeps to have a look at the caller's name. The time shown is 8.40pm (8.30kku thoongapOiduvaangaLaa??) he picks the call after checking that no one is around.  Tells Karthik that Shreenithi is making coffee for him (sick fellow) and advices Karthik to forget her, get married to the girl of his mother's choice.  Palli passes that way and Karthik shouts dei over the phone. Prem disconnects the call.   Palli all inquisitve wants to know with whom he is talking.  And if Shreenithi cut the line when she heard her voice.  Prem replaces the phone seeing Shreenithi coming with coffee. Asks Shreenithi to call Karthik immediately, because he called her and wanted to talk to her urgently. Stupid Shreenithi makes the call from there itself, and Prem gives that sick look.  Palli picks up the call , Shreenithi shocked hearing Palli...and shouts at Shreenithi calling her a kEduketta jenmam (Palli - you are worse than that KKJ, this lady is just too much!!) Prem is happy guessing with Shreenithi's expression.  Palli disconnects the phone after warning Shreenithi of dire consequences.  Prem as usual plays all goody goody to Shreenithi.  (aaNdavaa - 5 minutesla you tortured me so much...CryCry)
Vignesh's mama hurrying everyone for girl seeing.  Says punctuality is of utmost importance.  The marriage broker (AAR??)  hasnt arrived yet. The father (sorry forgot his name) supports saying maybe  traffic jam or is held up..mama is not satisfied with such replies... Asks Vignesh to call the broker... mama talks to the broker who would meet them at RM's house.
Gopi on the road (aamaam episode 1 lEndhu avaru angathaanE)  sees MK repairing some car.  The owner of the car is very happy with MK's work and although MK refuses to charge him pays and leaves.  Gopi  enquires if MK charged the customer a heavy sum, for he looks to be a big-wig.  MK gives him gyaan on PR and marketing.  Gopi tells MK to find Ganesh and take revenge on him, like a son would.  MK promises to hand and leg buy (kaiyya kaala vaangardhu) , takes leave because he has to attend a customer.  (most likely Ganesh or RR!!)  After MK leaves, Gopi's inner voice says - MK should beat up Ganesh and both of them must go abacus counting - one stone two mangoes !!
RM asks Vasanthi if everything is ready... Adhi has gone out on business...mama's punctuality is remembered.  Broker comes - says the groom's party would arrive soon.  And the jingbang arrives.  After the welcoming, Vignesh's mother says everything is her brother... RM tells Vasanthi to bring Surudhi... Shruthi is getting ready asks for 5 minutes, Vasanthi says all ok, mama would leave if she takes her time... Vasanthi  serves coffee... all are happy.. Mama says he doesnt beat around the bush - asks Shruthi if she likes Vignesh, she nods, he asks her to tell it out loud, she accepts and the same is repeated by Vignesh.  Parents are happy.. Vignesh's parents want the engagement to be held on Friday.  RM gleefully accepts.  Mama stops him and tells him to consult with the others in the house first (adhu avaru sarithrathuleye kedayaadhu) because there are instances of engagements getting called off in the last minute.  RM and co are a little SBT, but RM promises that this wouldnt be called off. 
 Updates by Smlaksh
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Episode - 167       Wednesday - 15.12.10

Mech Karthik (MK) & SR on a jolly (?) bike ride .. MK spots Ganesh's car , with the help of God's gift sticker .. Follows the car .. Car takes a right turn & stops .. AAR & Ganesh get down & meet RR & his friend .. MK stops his bike before the cross street , tells SR to wait & walks forward .. Sees G with RR ,returns to his bike .. Concludes & tells SR tht Ganesh could not be the guy whom Gopi talked abt .. Reason , he is friendly with RR & the latter will not have any relation with such bad ppl [yov loosu Angry.. RR onnum uththaman illa .. unakke athu theriyum .. U met Santosh at his residence & had a doubt tht Karthik is his sons name nu] ..

VJ1 meeting [rathirila , athuvum yetho veetu mottai madi pola irukku Confused] .. Shree nondhufies her fate tht she has to get scolded by Pallu atleast twice a week .. Karthik chides her for calling him back .. Shree says he only told Prem to return his call .. Karthik denies .. Adds tht Prem heard his mom & so he planned all this , just to make Shree get scolded by Pallu .. Asusual Shree vakkalathu vaangufies for Prem .. One says Prem is a gentleman & other says he is pakka thirudan LOL .. Karthik says Prem is putting up an act .. and tells her to use her brain .. Shree is firm on her stand .. Karthik angrily says one day she'll get to know Prem's true color .. then she'll understand what he said is true & leaves ...

MK & SR return home .. SR's mom chides her for being so late .. Duo narrates them the whole incident .. Gopi immediately wants to see Ganesh .. MK convinces him syaing tht G was talking to a periya manushan he knows .. and tht periya manushan won't have any dealings with nambikkai dhrogi's .. Also comes ot a conclusion tht Ganesh can't be the guy whom gopi mentioned .. Gopi nondhufies for not noticing the car no .. MK assures him to find the culprit soon , as his (Ganesh's) bad time has started & leaves .. Gopi's monologue , one stricker , two coins , game over ...

Vicky's parents & his uncle meet AAR .. Updates them abt GSC Sruthi .. and they all liked her .. AAR asks abt engagement plans .. Puntuality uncle says she & Ganesh must attend the engagement & no excuses in last minute .. AAR face changes & says in a different tone , ofcourse , naanga illamala [will she talk to RM abt Adhi-Niveda wedding .. enna plans vechirukko AAR Confused] ..

Gopi is busy attending customers in MK's store .. Chides MK for not billing a customer promptly & the customer himself phoned him & asked for the bill , so tht he could settle the money .. Advices to be smart in money matters .. SR who comes there watches her dad & boy friend's friendly chat , unknowing to them .. MK praises his maama for becoming so responsible all off a sudden .. Gopi says SR & her attitude is the reason for his change .. SR likes only hardworking persons .. MK does a chayang chak .. More praises for SR ..

RM's home .. RM & Vasanthi has a casual chat .. They await their family astrologer , to fix an auspicious day for engagement .. RM for a change asks his wife , if she is happy with the proposal [why didn't he ask the same for Adhi] .. Josiyar arrives .. Gives 3 dates for engagement ceremony .. Vasanthi tells RM to consult with Vicky's family .. Josiyar sees Shruthi & praises her .. yoga jathagam .. your guy will reach heights after ur marriage .. blah blah .. Shruthi is all happy ..

Thodarum ..
 Updates by coolrrk

Shruti's fiance Vicki and his father having a casual chat (for a loooong time) about having breakfast at home vs his plan of having breakfast with his friend. 

Enter SM and wife Vasanthi dropping in for a visit, Vicki and his dad welcome them. The mama enters, and asks them with a slap in the face (moonjila aranja mAdhiri) why they didnt call before coming, and why they dont follow the protocol of calling before coming (what a rude old man, this man is worse than SM!). He asks them why they came, and SM says he consulted their astrolger who gave them 3 dates and they have picked 18th. Mama says you shouldnt pick a date without consulting (thats what SM is there now right!!). Seems like this mama likes to shout louder than SM.
After consulting panjAngam mama agrees to the date. SM wants to book wedding hall to conduct the engagement in a grand way, but mama says they should have it at home instead. Mama says too bad her sister (Vicki's mum) isnt home, hence the importance of calling.

Vicky rushes behind his new in laws and apologises on his mama's behalf. SM says its no problem and they will oblige. 

Patti is cooking, and Balu's wife leaves the home, wandering around the streets. After a while Patti realises she is missing and alerts Balu. They go searching for her, and finds her on the street nearby looking at a small girl thinking its her daughter. They coax her to go home, and she settles down. Patti says she thinks if the lost child is found, his wife will recover. Balu disagrees, saying that she wont be cured because he thinks his wife is only looking for a 3 year old daughter and wont accept a grown up daughter now.

Shree is riding her motorbike, and her tyre gets punctured. Along comes Prem (of course), and offers to accompany her to the workshop nearby. Workshop says it will take half hour, so Prem volunteers to bring her to the temple in his motorbike. Shree hesitates but he convinces her to ride with him....(not sure what he is thinking, maybe he is busy snapping photos- I wonder how he plans to win her heart doing villaneous activities).

SRM and wife inviting families to the engagement ( we have the kodumai to watch him inviting each family)....thodarum.

Updates by Eljay
 Update for Friday, Dec 17, 2010:

Shree and Prem in the temple, the priest gives some thread to Prem and tells him that if he ties it around his wrist, all his prayers will be granted (idhu endha kovilppa?  enakkum indha thread vendum, konjam yaaraavadhu thedi pidichu sollunga).  Shree ties it around his wrist and of course, guess who is watching them?  Palli - eclat, ungaLukku indha script munnadiye theriyuma?  She moves out of sight and gets into her car with her usual grumpy expression (has anyone seen her with a pleasant expression?)

Palli at the dining table - mom asks her why she hasn't yet gone to sleep, she says she didn't feel sleepy, wants to wait up for the two timer, RR, who walks in right then.  He goes to change, Palli tells him that she is very upset with Karthi, even after her telling him that his girlfriend is not the right kind of person, he is still in contact with her and talks to her on the phone.  She says that there is no way she will allow that girl into this house - yeah right, nobody in her right mind would want to be your DIL!

Gopi walking as always, sees Ganesh near his car, goes up to him, grabs his shirt, Ganesh pushes him away, and drives off.  However, this time Gopi has seen the license plate number of the car clearly.  He goes home, and is looking at the piece of paper with the info on it.  His wife wants to know what he is looking at, and he says it is his lottery ticket.  She is confused, and he tells her that this will give them all their lost wealth.  SR and MK come in, he tells them the story and how he then went to the RTO office and found out the address for that car.  MK says it belongs to someone called Rukmani, but Gopi insists that it belongs to Ganesh.  MK says he will find the guy and bring him in front of Gopi.  Gopi is pleased, thinking to himself that he can bring down two mangoes with one stone this way.

Thodarum ....


Edited by eclat - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks RP.
Gopi overnightla changed into a good man and accepted MK to be his SIL....  andha carla God's giftnu irundhudhaa illai Gods' must be crazynu irundhudhaa - nambaLa ippadi oru serial paarthu kumura vekkiraarE adhaan !
Ganesh and AAR did not decide on what to do when and if they get back to Chennai from the U.S. - adhuvum returning for good ... Have not heard of such instinctive decisions ever ...
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks, Roja!  Looks like AAR wears the pants in the family, she decided it was time to return to India, and poor man Ganesh had to obey.  Now she has decided to play marriage broker, and so Ganesh must remain in India so that she can fulfill her new role.  Get a spine, man!
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks roja..

Anu pavam pulla poochi role la nadichu kadupaitanga pola.. So she has requested the Dr and he has resorted to the dual role ..

AAR.. un accent sagikala..
Posted: 12 years ago
How is it that if Gopi had such a turning moment in his life, its something which none of his family knew about? Especially given he was a gem of a guy before Ganesh tricked him, surely this must have come up in family discussions??
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks, eclat!  I think this HMM (handle bar meesai mama) will be the one to figure out that RM was responsible for breaking up Adhi's engagement, and it will somehow come out during Shruthi's engagement ceremony.  I like this guy, he doesn't hesitate to call a spade a spade.
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Rojakka & Eclat .. Too many annoying characters in this serial paa .. athaane parthen , Gopi yavathu manasu mararthavathu .. hmm .. Soon he'll get a big aapu ..
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Laksh.
Why cant this Shreenithi use her brains...
Maybe G&G were partners in crime,  one G made his escape to the U.S of A but the other got caught..
HMM is good, like his character. 

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