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Posted: 12 years ago

Gardes I have no clue what you are trying to say. Anyways we are not suppose to bring what happens or happened  on CB forum here or what happens here on CB forum. That breaks iF rules and . If you have any personal problem with anything or any one . Plz pm the mods rather making such personal posts or accusation about Dev team.

No one is favoring any one here or being a friend of any one. So plz  do not make such posts . if you have problem with any one then report or pm me. We are not allowed to make such accusatory posts against DT.

Such posts are considered spamming as well.That breaks another rule.

Sangini forum is about discussing sangini and not other things and talking about bombay slums. or CB forum.


Sangini Dev Team.


Ramas, Since you did not give me a chance to respond and closed the thread, here is my response…

Obviously analogies are hard to understand.  Let me try in a simpler language….

I am very much aware that we are not allowed to bring in discussions from the other forum here, so I don't need to be educated about that.  As you know Ms. Samta Sagar was part of CB prior to Sangini, and the issue had started in CB forum but has now made its house in Sangini forum.  Hence the issue right now exists in Sangini forum and I am trying to bring attention to it.  This VERY MUCH belongs to Sangini forum and has nothing got to do with CB forum currently (if you had read the post carefully, you would have understood that).

The issue is blatant promotion of Ms. Samta Sagar by a member of the DT and her friend.  (If you are monitoring this forum frequently, you know exactly what it is and I do not have to refer you to that).  The friend has openly claimed she is doing business with Samta Sagar.  Does IF allow such personal business promotions even though it is connected to one of the actors of the show?  I DO NOT think so. Why has it not been stopped yet?

For the next issue, look at Page 2 of the thread .  A member with ID - Rjorge has copy-pasted 3 posts from members without writing a single word.  No one is allowed to post messages without writing anything.  You yourself have termed it as spamming and that is exactly what Rjorge has done.  Do I see a DT comment there?

Here is a case of 2 IF rules broken and not a word from you or anyone else from the DT.  What lets them get away with it?  That she is a friend of Eva, a DT member, and no other reason?

You have been a channel moderator for a long time and I'm sure you are experienced enough and have the knowledge to identify which posts break rules and what nots.  How is it that when I bring the issue up, you do not take action on it but instead catch up on some word called CB in my post and say that my post is breaking rules?  Did you even try to read my post carefully?  Anyway, I have tried to explain it to you very clearly now and if you still do not understand, please PM me.  I hope I can be of more help in making you understand.

Like everything in life, people are not alike.   Life would be too boring if everyone of the same opinion wrote in the forum.  People who complained about my negative posts earlier are flip-flopping now and complaining about the show daily.  Isn't that called negative posting?  I don't waste my time and write to mods about it.  I am an adult and some of the postees are VERY young and haven't seen real life yet.  I don't need to get to their level.  This forum is for fun for ALL within certain boundaries and not just some chosen few.

Our opinions come from our experiences and as long as we are not abusive, none of your or any other DT member's input is needed.  But I have also noticed that whenever mods are needed, their response is so inadequate.  I am alluding to the posts recently about a teenager writing in detail about some serious practices she indulges in.  Where were you?  And why didn't you delete the posts right away?  This is Binny Sharma/Gauri Appreciation thread and the members there are chit-chatting for pages without a single word of appreciation.  In this forum there are numerous occasions where members break IF rules on a daily-basis.  In my post in that thread, I was not abusive, but stating facts as I saw them, using analogies.  I have nothing personal against Samta Sagar or Binny Sharma.  I have nothing personal against any of the members of the DT team or the postees, but if you use your imperfect and personalized logic to threaten and reprimand people, I WILL SPEAK UP and LOUDLY.  What do I have to lose?  Being on IF?  NO BIG DEAL.  None of this makes or breaks me.  I can walk away from here with mostly good memories and meeting some nice folks.  NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!  I lead a very busy and fulfilling personal and professional life outside of the forum.

By the way, don't expect PMs from me to bring up issues.  I have tried and the mods don't bother to respond or the response is actually terrifying…  So now I prefer to do it in the open for all to read and make their own judgments.


Posted: 12 years ago
If you have issues with a mod please discuss through PMs.
Topic closed.

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