Written Update 11th Dec, 2010

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Posted: 12 years ago
hulchul ho dil mein,
miley jab HUM TUM...
suhane safar mein,
Day Dreaming
hehe, no guys, i haven't gone mad! LOL i know this is the rbo section! lol! perrr i just saw such an AWESOME vm!! and i think EVERYONE who hasn't seen it shud check it out:
by our very own ranjini!!Embarrassed
chalo moving on, I will be updating today guys! Big smile  full fledged detail shetail update, with my side remarks that u can feel free to ignore!LOL
starts with:
rahul asking sam whether she can see love in his eyes ... (either there is a fiance and he is just ullu da patha...or there is no fianceOuch) so anywayz, sam denies.. rahul at this says he wudn't like it if his fiance thinks the same, so he snaps a finger - and all the lights go off and spotlights turn on on the two! (and i can't help but ROFL...he turned off all the lights in a STORE with HIS snapping fingers? wht abt other customers? ring bechne ka kaam karte hain store waala ya lovers ko milane ka???LOLLOLLOL) ... rahul then informs sam that he has to propose his fiance (how is she a fiance then??) and he it is her duty to give her feedback on his proposal (uuuuuuuuuuh...yeahConfused....i guess next we will get to see him practicing the weddign day dance with her as well since it is her duty to give him feedbackon that as well!LOL and then it will also be her duty to "practice" walking the altar with him so she can give feedback on his "walking" as well! LOLand i think then he shud go ahead and inform her abt her duty to see his honeymoon suite with him as she needs to give feedback on his "choice" as well! LOL and uuh... then i guess he may need feedback from her on his honeymoon performance too..??LOLLOLLOL sahi tareeka hai larki ko pata bhi nahi lage ga, and she will have become his fiance and then wife and later even celebrated the honeymoon with him! LOLLOLall int he name of WEDDING PLANNER... haye haye rahul mujhe hi bana lete wedding planner - i am single too u kno!LOL ... oh damn - the update! yes yes! *BACKTRACKS*...LOLLOL) 
so anywayz he says how sam has always been expressive abt her feelings, very diff. than other girls.. (why u saying this in a taunting manner rahul - i think being straightforward and expressive, instead of beating around the bush, is quiet a useful skill!!WinkLOLClap) anywayz.. he kisses her hand (eeeks!Embarrassed per yeh kya yaar is ke chehre pe humesha cunning look hi rehti hai! Angry)...sam turns shocked.. rahul janab gives a dhaansu dialogue which inluded stuff like how doesnt know wht love is and she taught him, etc.. and they show flashback of how sam had said the SAME dialogue to a totally surprised and seedhe saadha shaan during their college days (yaar i LOVE this sam she used to be so BINDAAAS!LOLnow wudnt all guys just LOVE to have such a gf, who says all this lovey dovey stuff to them with no hesitation nothing total bindaaas LOL) ...he takes her hands while saying this dialogue...and they keep shifting b/w the flashback sam and present day rahul! present day sam tries all her best to be indifferent...but she can't help getting lost in him! Embarrassed the fllashback sam switches out of her romantic pose by saying: OEYE , mujhse toh garbar ho gayi! while poor flashback rahul is all confused (ROFL) and cutie flashback shaan slams a big board on his head (LMAO this is HOWLARIOUS, it seems the board had her whole dialogue written there! ROFLROFLROFL man i LOWWWEEE,, absolutely ADORE sam shaan college day friendship yaar! ROFLROFLROFL ahaha! he had her whole dialogue for her?ROFLROFL) .. so anywayz flashback (fb) sam says how she was supposed to take his hand AFTER the dialogueLOL (guys rahul ke expressions DEKHNE waale the is flashback part mein! poor guy ke chehre pe foran baara baj gayeROFL) fb sam says she can't do all this, she just knows that she just LOVES HIM! (rahul sam friendship must've been really something as welll guys!Embarrassedi just LOVE the comfort level these three used to have with each other!) here in present rahul says he loves her TOO! (OMG OMG  *hyperventilates* this is the FIRST time v see some real love in him guys, he says TOO....he doesn't just say ILU...he says ILU 2!! he replies to the fb sam!!!! he LOVES HER HE LOVES HER! man this waas SUCH A TOUCHING scene!Embarrassed)...
andd ji right on this confession, guess who seems to be passing by the jewellery store.... apni khanakri!Big smileBig smileLOL (bari shopping wopping ho rahi hai khanak?Wink)... and she sees the two!! (pakre gaye pakre gayeee! *jumps around happily* abhi shaan ko pata chale ga, phir bara MAZA AAYEGA!! *jumps around*) ..... rahul makes sam wear the ring, while khanak looks on... and he says "i love u YAAR!' - just the way fb sam had !!Embarrassed (i tell u he looked SO ROMANTIC here!) idher sam madam is all lost in him, and stammers with i love..main... when rahul goes with the oops dialogue in a TAUNTING manner (and i pick up my chappal and throw it in his direction for RUINING the moment!) sam NOW gets the same flashback and realises tht he was taunting her the whole time! she pulls her hand out angrily, and tries taking off the ring, but it wud'nt come off! rahul tells her "itni zor se nahi" (nahi, zor se toh main beta karungi tere pitayi! Angry u just wait ! JUST U WAIT!!!) ..he takes her hand and easily pulls off the ring! on her informing him that her fiance WUD like the ring, he gets the lights back on and asks the guy to show some other ring... *sidra picks the confession ring and orders for it to be placed in the museum!*LOL the shopkeeper shwos some 15 lakh ring Ouch sam says its too costly while rahul says he'll buy it! (he shud know the value of money MUCH MORE since he has seen how it is to be without money and to see others wasting money! i was very disappointed here! wht is the difference between him and the other rich brats??!!!Ouch)
here in the cafe, duck is STILL trying to reveal the truth to shaanOuch shaan tells him that he'lljust ramble and won't really say anything, so he will talk to khanak instead! (yeah good going shaan, i was tired of hearing this duck's :mujhe tujhse kuch baat karni hai dialogue repeatedly as well!Ouch).. here khanak tells shaan that she saw sam with her bf...shaan doubts that, and explains that it may be her misunderstanding, when khanak says she saw the guy making her wear a ring! the same guy she'd seen in the cafe! (oops...now when shaan does come to know the cafe guy was rahul,cud he misunderstand that sam is back with rahul w/o informing him???Confused) anywayz shaan tellls khanak he has his audition tomorrow and thus doesn't wanna think abt anything distracting and to let go of this for now...
then there is this  kamini akshay khushboo scene, where boo has attached a mic to akshay's jacket, which allows her to hear everything they r talking abt...kamini orders some wine and akshay ends up gettign drunk..she takes him to a hotel room (she is such a witchOuch)..tries to take advantage of him (yaar yeh CHAKKAR kya hai?KAUN hai yeh larki i am sure this is part of some major plan against shaan or khandelwaals! and the masterminds are either rahul or mogambo!Ouch) anywayz akshay comes to senses enuff to push her off, gets really angry at her tells her he is married and loves his wife dearly! (GO AKSHAY! haye haye kya acting kya ghussa LUB JUUU!!i LOVEEE akshay khushboo couple yaar they r sooo cute !Embarrassed)...while going outside he scolds kamini more, who threaten him, and khushboo - who had come to take his class - witnesses all this and smiles!Embarrassed
last part was duck asking shaan to sing his fav song but shaan is reluctant as it will bring back old memories, and says he'll sing a diff song instead..
precap: same one we have een seeing since last 2 days! shaan singing at audition with khanak and rahul looking on!... hayeee hayee two hotties are gonna clash next week - next week plz make sure u cover ur televisions and monitors with those protective bubble sheets which can tolerate all the sparks coming off the tv ! LOLROFLROFL
alrighty that's it guysss!!
chak de phatte and peace till monday!Embarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
Oh man you never cease to amaze me..as long as there is RS in the epiosde..your updates will be very detailed...ROFL.I like,I like.!!
Edited by sharmida - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Hey you missed Rahaul BHA..that was the best part of the epiosde and more than the honeymoon he should make her try the wedding dress on or rather he should make her wear it.LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the update dear,,,
Posted: 12 years ago
i liked the short update today!ROFL really managed to compress your thoughts ESPECIALLY in the first paragraph!
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the awesome update.Thumbs Up

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