KMH2-11th December 2010 Written Update (MAHA EPI)

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Posted: 12 years ago
Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2
11th December Written Update
The episode starts with Arohi sitting and eating chips and Arjun tells her that your here and i was looking around like crazy and do you know how much i got scared. Arohi says that the way you are and Arjun tells her to shut up. A couple comes there and tells her why should she shut up and your a bad husband. Then they say how can you leave her in this condition and they tell him that now she'll talk and you'll listen.
All four of them are sitting at a table and arohi is telling Arjun bad names and the lady tells her to calm down and that its not good for her to stress in this condition. The guy says that very couple fights but that doesnt mean we leave them and the lady says absolutely. Then she tells arjun and arohi to stop fighting and say I LOVE YOU to each other. Arohi thinks that Arjun should say it first after all im a girl and im shy. Arjun thinks that she talks the most so she should say it first. Arohi thinks that do you have to say it and cant the eyes just say it and listen. Arjun says when the silent talks this much then why say it. The old man asks them okay you guys wont fight anymore right. Then he tells them to come to their house and arohi says we wont to go see the sunrise and they tells them that you wont get anything untill 4 in the morniong and they all get up to leave. Arohi starts to walk fast but Arjun tells her to be careful. Arohi puts her hand out and arjun holds her hand and then they start walking.
Arohi's mom says that Rudra is released but why isnt Arohi back yet. Rajbir says thats the thing i dont get what does Arjun want. Bua tells him that they cant hide this from DJ for lot of days. Kartar comes and they ask him if he found anything on Arohi and he tells them no and that Arjun took Arohi to Sarlee and says that im going to go there too. Rajbir says that im going to come with you but Kartar tells him to stay here and find out about Arjun's friends. He's about to leave but DJ says you wont take me with you and everyone is shocked. She comes in front of him and she tells him that you didnt understand me and you guys tho. i was that weak that you didnt tell me about Arohi being Kidnapped. Rajbir trys to stop her but Kartar says that okay she'll come with me.
Arjun and Arohi make it to the couples house. The couple invites them in and shows them their room. Arjun thanks them and the lady tells them to not start fighting again. Arohi says that i dont start the fight he always does and Arjun glares at her. The man says dont start fighting again and says that she's probably tried and should rest. Arohi say yes and that my legs hurt to and tells arjun to press it for her but arjun says why dont i press your neck and Arohi screams. The couple looks back and asks what happened and arjun says nothing and that she thinks that the child kicked. The lady tells her that its too early and arjun says that she's probably scared just like that. Arjun bends down and puts his ear near her stomach and tells her that you eat a lot thats why you probably have gas. Arohi starts to yell and the lady tells her that in this condition you shouldnt stay up this late.
They both enter the room and Arjun goes into the bathroom and Arohi thinks how am i going to stay with him in one room and one bed. Arjun comes out in his PJ's and arohi tells him that i wont sleep in 1 room and 1 bed with you. Arjun tells her that you did before and arohi says thats because we were handcuffed and arjun sasy you want to be handcuffed. Arohi tells him to shut up and Arjun tells her that you should have tho of that before telling them the story and now suffer. Arohi says why suffer and Arjun says that i wont feel bad that you'll freeze in the cold outside. Arohi tells him that she's going and Arjun just nods and arohi just leaves.
Arohi is outside and says that i saw this in movies a lot that the girl goes out and the boy comes after her and she ends up getting the bed. She starts to walk from here and there but Arjun still doesnt come. she peeks inside the house and sees Arjun snoring. Arohi goes to him and wakes him up saying you didnt have to sleep you had to come outside behind me and consult me. Arjun tells her who told you that and Arohi says that it happens in all the movies. Then she tells him that they told you to look after me and arjun says that you lied to them and Arohi says that yes i did but when they gave me a chance to say the truth then i and she stops talking. Arjun asks what and arohi says nothing. Arohi goes a little away and says that when will he learn to talk to girl and that they gave him a chance to say it but he didnt. Arjun sits up and asks what happened? Arohi goes into the bathroom and slams the door. Arjun says strange girl i didnt even say anything and she got mad.
Arjun gets up from the bed and he hears the police. The police knock on the house and they show the couples the pictures and ask them if they show them and the man says that they didnt sees them and if they do then they'll let the police know. Arjun comes out of his room and he asks them why did they lied to the police. The man says if we didnt lie then what get you arrested and the lady says that we know what your going through the story might be old but its the same. Then the lady says that even i ran away from home and my family put kidnapping case on him. Then she says that you guys arent married yet and you dont have a place to stay or food to eat and plus she's going to be a mother. Then the lady tells arjun to go to her and that she needs him.
Arjun goes into the room and says what is it in arohi's eyes that everyone can see but i cant. Then he says that maybe i dont want to see it or give it a name. Inside the bathroom arohi is saying that arjun doesnt have a brain and that he should understand somethings. She goes outside and its very dark. She sits on the bed and says stupid monster and if he wanted to do all this then why did he have to make me yell. Arohi picks up the curtain and says thank you while arjun says sorry. Arohi then tells him that i shouldnt have tolded you all that and your ways are very different. Arjun tells her to go to sleep as its very late. Arohi asks him what happened and if he's thinking of something and arjun says yes and then no. Arohi say you dont wont to tell me. Arjun thinks that can you see what everyone else can see and arohi thinks that yes i can see it, feel it but if you say it once then nothing will happen. She then asks if he's a sleep and arjun says that im with you for soo long now i cant sleep without listening to your rubbish. Arohi asks him if what happened between us can happen in 5 to 6 days.
Arjun says maybe and arohi says that even im use to you. Arjun then thinks that why is this happening and that in this world arjun and arohi can never be together. Arohi tells arjun that i know your not sleeping. Arjun smiles and says if you keep talking then i wont be able to sleep. Arohi says that im moving this curtain and they put their hand on each other at the same time on the curtain. They both stare at each other and arjun asks her if she wanted to say something and arohi say yes. Then he tells her to say it and arohi says that everything changed so fast and arjun tells her that tomorrow everything will change again. Arjun then thinks that i cant lie to anymore and everything wont stay the same they way they are today. Arohi says that it feels like a fairytale and Arjun tells her that fairytales can break and arohi says in doesnt have to.
Arohi says i feel that this story never ends and arohi says that you said that you never smile and Arjun says that i never had a reason but now i do and closes the curtain says its late and go to sleep. Arjun then thinks that has magical as this night is the morning is going to be even worse. Arohi thinks that this magical night's morning will be very magical and cant wait for tomorrow morning when everything will be change and says goodnight arjun. Arjun tells her goodnight and he looks at the clock saying we're late. He goes to arohi's side to wake her up but cant stop looking at her innocent face.  Arohi is about to say that she loves him but arjun wakes her up saying that we're late. Arohi gets up and looks out the window and arjun stands next to her looking at her. Arjun tells her that he'll get her shawl but she stops him saying that the sun will rise soon. 
Arjun takes arohi's hand and starts to rub them so she doesnt feel cold and arohi and arjun both look at the sun. Arjun says that the sunrise is beautiful but not the most beautiful. Arohi thinks pagal monster still doesnt understand that this sunrise and this morning is the most beautiful for my life. Arjun asks her if she said something and then asks her if she's happy and she says more than anyone. Arjun thinks that first time my heart wants someone's happiness and im going to hurt that person. Then thinks what are you going to do when i tell you that i told you a lie about me and that im not a police officer. Arohi says that she wants to say something and arjun says that even i want to say sometihng.
The couple comes there and they tell arjuhi that there is a temple here and that they want then to go there and take the blessing. They are at the temple and the couple ask that can you guys stay without getting married and that you want to be parents without marriage and they both say no. Then the man says that when one girl and boy love each other then why dont they get married and then he says that when girl and boy are ready then get ready for a wedding. Their both shocked and they says that they cant get married and the couples calls people over and tells them to take them. Then a man and a lady come to each of them and ask them if they are ready to marry each other. Arjun thinks that i know after you find out about me you'll hate me but my heart wants to spend the rest of the life with her. Arohi thinks that say no and then says why say no when my heart wants to stay with him. The lady says that marriage lasts on truth and if you guys want then tell each other the truth cuz after the pheres nothing can be stopped. They both walk towards each other and Arjun says that i want to tell you sometihng. Arohi looks at her him and Arjun tells her that you look very pretty and then the people come and pull them away.
Arohi's mom is sitting alone and looking at arohi's jewelry. bua tells her that DJ and Dadu went to get and she say i know but today i miss her a lot dont know why. Then she says that when the heart didnt listen i took all this out. Then she tells her that a girl needs to get married one day and leave. Arohi goes into her room and sees a bridal dress and says that mom your daughter is really a big girl now. Then she says that i told my mom that i wont cry on my bidaai but now that i know this marriage wont happen i feel like crying and both mom and arohi start crying.
Arjun goes to the room and asks arohi why is she crying. Arohi tells him that i have my bridal dress in my hand thats why i feel like crying and Arjun asks why. Arohi tells him that you wont understand no man would cuz you guys dont have to leave your house after marriage. Arjun tells her that we're not getting married in real and they both start to argue again. Arohi sits on the couh and says that i want to go from her and dont want ot get married to you and arjun says me too. Arohi then says that why dont you want to get married to me i dont look nice and arjun says you do and then says what do you want me to get married to you and arohi say no. Arjun starts to take his kurta off and arohi asks why and arjun says i cant wear my clothes on this and then tells her to change too. Arohi says in front of you and arjun syas if you can be my child's mother then you can change in front of me. Arohi says that was a lie and Arjun says that this is a lie too. Arohi tells him to promise to not look back and they both get changed. Arohi is struggling with the strings and arjun goes and ties it for her. Arjun then tells her that she looks okay types and arohi gets annoyed. Arjun then asks her how he looks and arohi tells him that he looks weird with clothes and without clothes. Arjun gets mad and says you looked behind and arohi says i took revenge and arjun thinks back to the time when he saw her change in the hotel room. Arjun tells her that usually in a marriage a girl or the guy runs away but this will be the first wedding were both bride and groom will run away together. then he says that they are village people not police that we should be scared.
Then both come out and everyone stares at them and praises them. Arohi asks him when to run away and arjun tells her to be patient. then a guy says who will give away the bride and who's from groom's side and who's from bride's side. The man divides people up and arjun tells arohi that there is a way that way and be ready.
DJ is crying and Kartar tells her to be strong. DJ tells her that there is a temple here and i want to go there and they stop the car there. They go towards the temple and the village people welcome them.  They take them to arohi and the man tells arohi to take their blessing and arohi without looking takes there blessing. Arjun looks here and there with his sehra on and the epi ends on his sehra face.
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and sorry to take soo long.
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Posted: 12 years ago
when does it air... I am in different time zone so not sure Smile
Posted: 12 years ago
it airs at 11 i think in India....
Posted: 12 years ago
thnx...daily it airs at 8pm right? n wht abt today?
Posted: 12 years ago

i think its 10pm in india..

Posted: 12 years ago
It's 10pm to 11pm in India [IST]
Waiting for this episode eagerly!
Posted: 12 years ago
okay guys it started and im going to start editing as i watch it....
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks a lot for posting :)

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