"Drashmeet" are precious,avoid misunderstandings

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Posted: 12 years ago
"How sick from fans even to interprete Guru said something against Drashti,those who even thought like this shud be ashamed of themselves."

I dare you,give me one interpretation where you feel Guru said something against Drashti,it is highy disgracefull from fans to even think like that,in one view we want them to give us moments we die for and in other view we react and interprete something which is not even there.

We are fans of Drashti and Gurmeet,we have not owned them,they do not owe us anything,we love them becasue we want to love them and no one forced us to do so.

Earlier I thought I wont read the blog but since too much hype was made of something which does not exist,thought of reading and then writing this.

Irrespective of who so ever has written it,whether Guru himself or someone on his behalf here is a interpretation for those who did not understand what he meant to say and those who took it in a complete opposite direction.

Guru's comments: " I was skeptical to put about dexter lest u start saying that I don't look good with him, or I should throw him away bcos I look good with some so and so stray dog in some serial of mine."

Dexter is his pet dog I guess,we fans have developed such a bad habit of interfering in personal lives of Drashti and Gurmeet without realising they are independent identities.

What I interprete from this line of Guru is,he thought fans would give feedbacks against his pet dog mentioning his real pet isnt that good compared to one of his pets onscreen.

Guru says:" U guys request me to put about my parents? Why? So that u get the chance to say I look good with my screen parents?"

Where is he wrong and where does Drashti's name direct or indirect comes in.

Guru spoke his heart out,he knows his fans want him to look good,be with the best and that is why they react and write something which turns out abusive.

Friends before you comment on Drashti and Gurmeet think twice about whom and against whom you are commenting.

These are the actors ,fans have literally idolised in past 6 months,if they have given those spectacular moments which have given you sleepless nights,it is only becasue of the comfort level they share with each other,trust me the moment this comfort is gone,scenes wud look some what similar to what we are getting with body doubles involved,where hugs and proximity looks mere formality.

If Drashti and Gurmeet have given those moments it is only becasue they gel together well,they are friends now and more importantly master professionals.

For our entertainment we cannot expect someone's personal life being targeted just becasue the profession is such where relationship with fans and masses matters.

Geet is a fiction,Maan and Geet are characters,if they look good onscreen it is becasue the writers have created a plot for these extra ordinary heavenly onscreen pair to excel.

If writers write something which does not offer much you would be hating them.

If you want an example,think of the plot where Geet rejects Maan infront of everyone and where Maan misbehaves with Geet.

The real life circumstances are different,relationships are different.

If you want to love something,love the soul of the characters Maan and Geet and please stop suggesting who looks good and who looks bad.

In short,draw a line between personal and professional,between reel and real,enjoy the series and expect less.

I myself have expressed Drashmeet look great together but that is a desire and not a reality.

For further clarifications if any and war of words,I am ready to be on side of Drashti and Gurmeet,where do you find yourself,you have to decide.

Unless something clear and from relaible sources is not out,do not beleive and react on anything you come across about Drashti and Gurmeet,they are the most happening onscreen pair,consider bollywood too,it is obviuos people would envy them.Be a true fan and with support to your fav star,try and understand them and their priorities,if u cant keep urself in their shoes or in their place and then react.

With hopes of some maturity from fans towards Drashmeet who are giving so much to fans,

Vikrant Khatri.

Posted: 12 years ago
Great post Vikrant. I completely agree with you. This whole drama has gone far enough. I am just so fed up. I want to enjoy a fabulous show with amazing actors. I sure hope that this whole rubbish does not impact their on screen chemistry.

I hope you have posted this on FB as well.
Posted: 12 years ago
I agree with u.
If people r interpreting that GC has said DD dog then the whole sentence shows that He is campairing Debina with dexter.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop this discussion i'm fed up with people negativity.Why people forget that an actor is also a human???He has also feelings.
Posted: 12 years ago
I loved ur post please post this on FB as well ok!!!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
I guess we must stop linking their names  as well like GURI drashmeet . this can also create problems like we already have had .
they are drashti dhami and gurmeet chaudary thats it ... linking chrs name is ok but not their real life names....
 another thing these photoshoped pics MUST be banned .
Posted: 12 years ago
agreed.please post it in the fb wall.
Posted: 12 years ago
Very well written, i agree....
Posted: 12 years ago
loved ur post Thumbs Up agree wid u

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