Update for Friday - 10/12/2010

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Posted: 12 years ago

Update For Friday - 10/12/2010

TA continues his sad feel about couples who gets married against their families . He adds that people around  them always look at them like as though they have committed some crime and other hurdles the couples would be facing regularly and that before they becomes successfull in life, sigh!! sigh!!!!LOLLOLLOL
Thulasi is in deep confused thoughts.TA makes a tricky face and uses the situation aptly .....he asks thulasi whether she is scared...Thulasi nods and says yes, but adds that its alright and asks her what is the problem all about....LOLLOLLOL
TA asks her to give her hand.....Thulasi, still in confusion gives her hand...LOLLOL
He says, he has enquired each and everyone about the issue and that how this problem can be solved and that how everyone will accept them.....Thulasi is restless....He adds that only one person can actually solve all the issues they have and only when that person comes in their life the love and affection between a couple will be more.....he adds that their life will be very fine and they will be posh in their life........WinkWinkWink
Thulasi more restless and finally says, please stop the suspense and tell me whats the matter   ........WinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkWinkHe says, they need to pray for that person to come soon.....LOLLOLLOL
He comes close to her...he says its their baby..........lol......so when they get a kid....their problem would be solved........she comes to reality....notices that he is so close to her and her hands are held by him....she moves away from him.....she sarcastically says , is this all your problem and now I understood your motives, TA smiles thats she understood her tricks.....
She says just leave me, I have a lot to study.......He comes close to her with a pavam face and holds her hand and asks.....enna patha pavama  ilaya(dont u feel  bad for me?????).....LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
She says no, I dont......she adds that , his wife has lots to study and that isn't her feeling bad for his wife....he gets restless.......and says....podi po....go study.......keep staring at the books....write everything in block letters.......get  first mark.....nothing other than that is important......LOLLOLLOL
she tries to convince him....adds that she would finish everything within 4 hours and be back soon....LOLLOLLOLLOL
he gets irritated and says.....four hours.....it will be morning then and that u can take bath and go to college directly and lies down in the bed.....
she tries to come near him....he is pushing her away.....she goes to the door to study......he calls her, Thulasi....she turns back......
He gives her a flying kiss with a romantic smile........(inime ava padicha mathiri  thaan)EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.......   she closes the door and goes to study.....

She takes the book and pen......serious try to study.......lol....notices TA's face....his looks and his kiss.....she smiles to herself....closes her eyes.....when she opens, she feels he is sitting close to her....she again closes her eyes and there he is on the  other side......she tries hard to concentrate.....no chance....
she feels as though he is near her on  the sofa, the opposite sofa, on the table.....Thamizh, Thamizh everywhere Thamizh......
she closes her eyes......she is restless again....
she goes to the room....slowly opens the  door and goes near him.......looks at him  and bends towards him and sees if he slept......he pats her back head.....he sarcastically smiles and asks her, if she had completed all her four year studies in just 3 minutes....LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
She says, how can I study.....I am not able to study......She says she sees only his face on the book.....He smiles and says, close your eyes and study.....LOLLOLLOLLOL
she says even if I close my eyes , i can hear only what u were talking to me.......if I try to write I write only your name.....TA is so  happy hearing all this... he says,no problem now that u can go and study and that he wont disturb her anymore....she turns, but hesitates and asks him if she has to go really......she says she thought about what he was talking all along and that she has also come to the same conclusion and let them pray for the new arrival..... TA says, he was just playing with her all along and first priority is always studies.....she is first a student always, then only his wife, mom to the child whatever.....he asks her to continue her studies.....she says she feels bad for him, and that if she does not complete her written work she would be scolded by the teacher....he  says everything is fine and that she can carry on with her studies...........he says he would even make her tea, write her record notebooks and adds he will do all sorts of help and that she has to studty well.....ClapClapClapClap 

.......she goes happily to continue closing the door......he smiles happily to himself.....(Nalla Pulla)............ClapClapClapClap

Charu and Periappa in tracks.....morng walk......Periappa walks fast and charu walks slowly and she is deep thought looking at the strange behaviour of perippa.......perippa calls her and forces her to walk  fast....he says morng walk is always very good and that they get fresh air.....meditaion is also good......walking is the best exercise.......she is confused at his talks....he adds that when they get fresh air, their mind would be relaxed and the depression and bad thoughts would automatically vanish......charu stops periappa.....she asks him, what is he upto....perippa says he was generally telling these....she asks her what did the  doctor say, she asks did he say no for the wedding....perippa nods.....AngryAngryAngryAngry
she says, she already knew that the doc would say no for the wedding.......she says, the behaviour of the doc on the bride seeing ceremony was not all that good.....he was asking her so many question and that he is suspicious about her behaviour.....she tells about the phone call matter, that he enquired to her.......perippa says, doc told it was she who called him.....charu says, will any girl  tell bad about her own character and that too to a new person....
she says the doc is too suspicious about her character, she adds that he would not have  had any calls and he is just faking them.....
she says , she met  the doc before itself in the hosp,that too with TA, and may be that is the reason for his suspicion.....AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

perippa ask her why  did she open up the matter about TA....charu correctly  counter attacks him, asking if he had not told about all that to them...perippa says he had told all the matter to him.....now charu asks, so whats wrong in her telling  about TA to him...perippa is shocked......
perippa says, the doc is a psyc and he told bad opinions about charu, that she is in a disturbed state and that needs to  be taken to a psycaterist and tells everything that the doc told.....Charu is all angry....Perippa is worried about her future now.....
he says he would drop her wedding matter for about  6 to 1 year and meanwhile tamil would get a kid and that people would stop all gossips and that she can have a good life....Charu is irritated and upto something......

The most expected arrival.....Mr.Anand at his home,busy searching something.......looks at all places......under sofa, behind tv stand, under dining table......
His dad asks what is he searchin...no ans from him....mom asks what is he looking for.....dad makes fun of him....that his son is a constable and is searching something like a CID officerLOLLOLLOLLOL......Mom asks hiim not to make fun of him....he says he is looking for his socks.....
Dad makes fun again.....Head is there no brain...shoes are there no socks LOLLOLLOL.....Anand still searches  seriously....dad walks away....mom says she would look them at the  terrace if its along with the washed  clothes.....LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Anand seriously seraching......a girl walks in near.......he looks up.......its none other than Thulasi.......
Both  staring at each other........AngryAngryAngry


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Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you for your update Shubba Akka Hug,finally escaped from me lol

First part was soo cute.habaa anyways finally as I expected left her in peace to learn but its really very tuff after all his imsai.Idhathaan "Pillaiyai killi vittutu thottilayum aatradhu"nu solvaanga LOL

It was really funny to see her listening to him so keenly with her mouth open throughout as if he is saying Chidhambara ragasiyam LOL LOL and when she was dreaming third Tamizh was sitting on her bag...ok ok people,I know that it is just a small otting mistake.....sumaa sonnen.....that is a good try really  to show three at a timeThumbs Up

I don't want to comment about Charu,she is thoroughly atrocious Angry that too to watch after such a beautiful scene.But must thank for not playing a part in this episode's first part.That's a clever move by Charu.Starting is always good but finishing sariyaa irukaadhe paa D'oh.I don't understand how she is expecting Tamizh to come after her just like that.
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Shubba Akka for the wonderful and fast update HugBig smile!

The first part was sooo nice and cute to watch, and decent too. Somehow they both were kenjufying like little kids.Tongue I am happy that only others around them are interested in their kids, but not they themselves like Ranu said. I really love when TA takes her hands and plays with them, it is something, which is shown very rarely in Tamil shows. I think this is what it makes their romance innocent and somehow enjoyably kiddy.
So TA knows that her studies are more important than everything else, good good, like it, respsonsible hubby than Smile. It was soo cute when he held her face and talked to her so nicely EmbarrassedAiyoo paavom Thulasi...like Akka said, how could he expect her to study after his flying kiss LOLLOL. She just wanted to be nice to him.

Aiyooo indha Charu, ulaga maha liar....granddaughter of Mr. Harichandran?? Confused.. Apdiye plate aiye thirupi pottuttaanga......grrrr.....aiyoo indha perippa vera psycho ponnai nambhi tholaichuttaare..very bad very bad. Enime everyone will believe that psycho and athu freeya thannoda job ai paathukkum...grrrr.....AngryAngry..but Gokul great escape from this cheating party LOL.

As usually Anandh's parents were funny, don't know why his father makes so much fun of his son.....but let him do it, it is funny.....nalla ending today.

Hmmm...parawallaye,,,,indha director almost showed five weeks of tortures and is giving us also more than a month of good and happy episodes....too much aa Thendral Kaatru veesuthey,,,appo eppo bomb exploding???

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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for the update Shubba Akka! Big smile

First part was way too cute, Embarrassed  I love how sincerely affectionate their relationship is shown unlike most couples on serials. Though TA is such a tease Tongue But I'm glad he told what's more important to Thuls, though I'm sure she already knows.

Oh Periappa, you disappoint me, I thought something good will happen but no way. Stupid me, I got tricked by the director yet again. No one will find out till its too late and something goes horribly wrong in T&T's perfect little land. 

aaand Anandh's bacccccck. LOL poor guy, always he's made into a comedy piece. I wonder if there's going to be a Thuls/anandh confrontation, does she realize he's not a sincere friend to TA?
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Posted: 12 years ago

Nice update Shubba. Thanks!Clap

Very cute romance from TA and T! Embarrassed Pavam Thulasi, how can she concentrate if she sees Tamil everywhere?LOLLOL But, good to see a responsible TamilLOLLOL. Day by day the director is showing how their love grows deeper and deeper. Nice direction.
Aiyoo Pavam! This doctor asked Charu periappa to take her to Psychartrist. But these 2 made fool of themselves!Ouch This Charu track is so annoying these daysAngryAngry. I thought that Charu periappa was a sensible guy and would react properly to Gokul advice. But this Charu again acted and changed him too. When people around her realize that all her goodie goodie acting is fake and even later if she changes for good, nobody is going to believe her. Big Loser!
Happy that Gokul escaped from Charu! Clap
Anand dad jokes were very funnyLOL. Very apt for Anand. I thought that when he was crawling in search of his socks, someone will come. But did not think of Thulasi.
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Shubba for the update!Smile

so i don't know what tortures are in pending for upcoming weeks....that we got to see from Charu's side....i had a hope on this periappa...and he just ruined it!...director will never show something that we expect lol....i still believe that doctor got some important role to play in this serial.....lets see how its going to go..as always TA will get to know about charu after everything go to maximum worse....omg whats wrong with nithish's dad....no marriage talk for 6months to 1year....i cant just imagine what she is up to but pretty sure she is planning something big....so next week this girl will visit TA just to tell that the groom suspected their friendship and will add more crap with her cunning act to make them feel guilty to the max....great....then she will go tell that ro lady and lav.....

i have a feeling charu is going to make that lady to accept T/TA because she made sure if her great athai is able to do anything for her on Wednesday's episode....then she will move her plans...lets see....nithesh's dad is making charu to neglect her mental issue more by believe her acting.....which in turn going to go to an extreme sooner or later...there will be charu/ta scene next week for sure...because there was none after that house scene..

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Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Shubba Akka for the wonderful and fast update Thumbs Up
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Shubba dear for the lovely quick update...

semma romantic and jolly episode with tamil and thulasi... engineering padippu oonjal aadugiradhu between love...ha ha ha...

tamil nee romba overru as all said first wooing her for love and then stopping her at end... ha ha.. why creating such disturbances while she study...

final scene was super as if anand falling at thulasi legs... ha ha ha ha ha ....

tat periappa is one fool otta vaai.. told all the pyscho details to tat charu mental trusting her fully....

and he even putting oil in fire as he said tamil and thulasi will get child in one year and people will not suspect her for marriage... this one point is enough for charu to plan them separate quickly...

lets wait for next week promo..

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