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Posted: 12 years ago

I have stopped watching this serial but I feel bad about all the actors so either it will end or CVS start fresh and please give time to all 3 Charcters of Aditi, Iqbal and Binny explain why who what

if its a triangle then stick to it.
Aditi is very strong give her a charcter which makes sense
Iqbal define what you want him to do
Binny Fresh face good acting lacks power  in her personality ,make up not good she needs to be presented better
but will alone not sustain your serial  .
make a desicion which way you wish to go other wise kill off one of the girls and start fresh with
igbal and who ever you want him to go with
Posted: 12 years ago
Sangini is going great and apt !!! no need of any suggestive changes lol
Posted: 12 years ago
Hi looser01:

I am not in complete agreement with your feedback but I too feel bad about the show because I want the show to succeed. And I am glad you created this topic because I was going to anyway when I had the time as I do want to give constructive feedback to creatives (as some members on the Forum said they do visit from time to time) so that they may be given ideas for tracks. But unfortunately, I don't believe I have time to go into detail. All I can say is that I want creatives to become detail-oriented with regards to the scenes and storyline progression.

For every nuance, gesture, expression, there should be a reason that comes from the characters' natural disposition and emotions and is completely believable from the characters' point of view and justified from the characters themselves.

I expect characters just as humans to be inconsistent in behavior and don't find that a problem as human nature in observation is found naturally inconsistent. However, if a significant inconsistency is shown in the character as a means of moving the plot forward, that inconsistency should flow naturally from the character's clear emotional, intellectual, or mental development rather than external story devices.

Monologues in part or a diary or a voice-over might be required if a drastic departure happens in the story so that viewers are not left to recover on their own with regards to a surprise. Or a later explanation might suffice as well but then strong foreshadowing should already be present beforehand so that whatever shown is not simply on-order serving of romance on audience expectation.

I do not as a rule like flashbacks because I feel they take time away from moving the story forward and find it an unnecessary waste of time usually, but if that is what it takes to synchronize the present actions with past emotions or inbound character sketch, then I find that can be a great tool to ensure that the audience is in sync with what is being shown on-screen.

I might write more later but for now that's all I want to say. Thanks for the topic.

Ek Umeed

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