10th December Written Update

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hey Guys
Here is the Written Update
The Episode starts with Arjun goes towards the fax and he destroy the sketch and no one comes to know.Arjun then write something and says to the guy i have to leave now.Arjun give the letter to the police and says that give it to DIG.Arjun comes outside with Arohi and gets angry.Arjun says next time don't ever take decison by urself and says don't ask for any lift now.Arohi sits on the road and Arjun says i have given a letter to DIG that we are going to see the sunrise and u'll come back after 2 days.Arohi gets happy.DIG comes to the police station and says sorry for being late.The officer tells him that a inspector came and he gave good speech.DIG ask the name and he says Arjun.The officer says there was also a girl with him.The officer give him a letter and its written that Arohi will come back in 2 days.
Arohi and Arjun are waiting for the bus and Arohi tells to Arohi that since 1st grade she have sit on a bus.Arohi tells Arjun about how she use to bite a guy because she wanted the window seat.A bus comes on but Arohi said i won't go in this bus as its always broken later on.Arjun gets on the bus but not Arohi.The bus is almost about to leave and Arohi runs behind it.Arjun puts his hand out and Arohi grab it.A guy come in the prison and tells to Rudra Pratap that Arjun was seen in a bus.Rudra Pratap says i think i'll have to bring Arjun back now.Arjun takes Arohi bag and sits near window.The bus brakes and Arohi falls on Arjun lap and they stare at each other.The conducter comes and says there is some problem with the bus and says not to leave the bus or we will leave u.Arjun tells Arohi to wait here but Arohi dont want to and leave the bus.A guy tell Arjun to get her back but Arjun says she is acting and will be back in a few minutes.Arohi goes upset that Arjun is not caring about her and leaves.
The conducter comes and says we are about to leave but Arjun doesnt go and go outside.Arjun ask Arohi to come out but she doens't.Arjun folds him hand and says you can come out now,i am sorry.Arohi doesn't come out and Arjun gets upset.DIG comes with Rajveer and release Rudra Pratap.Rudra Pratap says finally my son get me free.Rudra Pratap says to DIG that u had said thatill be behind the bars for the rest of my life so what happend.DIG says u won this battle but u will be back here soon.DIG says now that u are released,i want Arohi back.Rudra Pratap says don't worry,ur granddaughter will be back home soon and leaves.Arjun is asking to everyone if u saw this girl.Arjun saw Arohi sitting at a restaurant and eating chips.Arjun then go and says u are here eating and i was worried about u.Arjun says where will we stay for the night.An old couple comes and says to Arjun is that a way to talk to ur wife.Arjun says she is not my wife.The man ask to Arjun why u leave her in this condition.Arohi lies to them that she is pregnant.The old man says that now Arohi will speak and u will only listen.Arohi start yelling at Arjun.
Rudra Pratap is at home celebrating.Arjun sister asks why u don't look happy.Rudra Pratap says because Arjun is not here.Arjun sister and brother says we hope Arjun is fine.Rudra Pratap then thinks why Arjun has not yet return the girl back and where is he going.Episode Ends.
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Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you! Nice update Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
thnx a lottttttttttttttttt love u arjuhi and the chulbuli arohi
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks so much....lovely epi...loved it...Embarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
Arohi lies that she's preggies? Oh my days! This is awesome!
Arjun will have to act like a caring hubby to his preggy wife!
Posted: 12 years ago
great episode.... hilarious Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanx For The Updatee
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks alot for the update.

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