LOL ! What is going on in here ? *Read it*

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Posted: 12 years ago
So I will tell my story.
I woke up [Im in USA] and come to school & open IF & Read Jas MSG saying she is sad Cry She told me to read GC blog.
I read it & I was like What ? Awwh! Poor thing is really hurt.
And I came to my 2nd house [GF] & I was shock seeing all the posts/comments. Shocked
BUT BUT Here comes the main thing !!
As I was reading it I was only thinking one thing. It cant be GC. [I know I just think too much]
IDK , If you guys noticed it but, usually / all time he always use full forms + he neve have spelling mistakes.
BUT This time their were many shortcuts + spelling mistakes.
SO Its just my feelings that it cannot be GC.
I mean I think he know that we all fans love MaanEet as we see them everyday and watch their scnes like millions of times.
BUT guys I m not saying its his fault. I know he is hurt & it really is making sense to me.
I mean WHo will tolerate that People bashing his Love GOING in his own BLOG ? ??
I dont know about you guys BUT If someone do that to me [If I ever be famous LOL] I will just break there face [I know I m really peaceful person ROFL
Ok, So why don't we [MaanEetians/GurTians] Just stay away from commenting Negative stuff in his blog. I mean we can say Good thing about him atleast[If not Debi] in his blog right?
We have GF to discuss & appreciate MaanEet Right ?
Do share your thought Smile
Let me know who is with me !!
Posted: 12 years ago

yup I totally agree with you poojaHug

Posted: 12 years ago
Hey I'm on board with you.  Your solution sounds sensible compare to the ones I have come up with on my own LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
 xactlyClap evn i feel its NOT guru.somehow i cant believe he can write that way.i mean d tone and ways of xpression just DONT suit his personality.i mean there is, i dont know, but something fishy.ShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
Posted: 12 years ago
I totaly agree with you .
Posted: 12 years ago
I totally agree.

I've seen GC's off-screen interviews and he does not speak like that at all. I know for a fact that DD's english is very good but GC's is not as strong and while reading the entire thing I had a strong feeling it was not him but someone else who maybe translated it in english and put it up for him?

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