Abhay-Piya :His love for Maithli was so passionate

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Posted: 12 years ago

Abhay-Piya : His love for Maithli was so passionate


So people?


I guess room temperatures rose a lot today , hmmm? Abhay-Piya are on fire and the connection, the tension , the attraction and magnetism between them too strong to keep them apart for long. For Abhay , you can imagine that why it is so difficult for him to be with Piya and to be away from her. She is a clear reflection of Maithli – not only in the way she looks but also the way she behaves. She is brining Maithli back to him and it is actually killing Abhay… much more than the torture that Piya is suffering from the thought – the jealousy of Abhay belonging to another woman.


Today's episode highlighted Piya's intensity , passion and her irrepressible feelings for Abhay – the harsh truth that Abhay loved another woman , loved her enough to die for her made Piya cry and feel a jealousy that she couldn't handle. At the revelation of this truth, Piya felt that whatever Abhay is doing with her – for her is just charity and moral duty. He would go and save a cow in snow the same way. It hurt and it hurt her enough to make her cry… sad. And Piya is Piya – she is subtly obsessed with Abhay and she had to know who that lucky woman was …she had the nerve to touch the picture lying under Abhay's pillow and that was stupid. Doesn't she know how alert and agile Abhay is ….and he caught her in the act . It was , of course , a passionate moment and they almost kissed….this reflects the nature of their relationship – now and in future – fiery, passionate , forbidden but rooted in the soul.


And as Piya slept with her head and hand on Abhay's chest , he was fighting an another battle altogether… the lines between Maithli and Piya are fading and he is unable to make sense out of it. How can two people, separated by a 100 years and more be so similar ? It is uncanny and it is unsettling Abhay… he is forgetting the difference between Piya and Maithli. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Only time will tell , perhaps.


Abhay is the coolest ,. BTW. While your darling Piya felt guilty about having slept in the same bed as Abhay and that too on him , he was like… " what's wrong with you? We were just sleeping!"…. Abhay is .. just Abhay. He recovers from his weak moments very fast – superhuman , huh?


I will like to say something about the Abhay-Maithli flashback…..i kind of felt bad for Abhay. Maithli was the center of his existence – he didn't just love her , he worshipped her and you can see that in the way he mouths those beautiful words to her and promises her an undying love across lifetimes. We don't know how Maithli was but she was beautiful – such a princess like woman. No wonder she was and she is Abhay's everything…. I love Abhay-Piya and they are the end game but yeah, AMetz were beautiful.. it is sad that Abhay lost her.


Precap? Well, Abhay will keep his word. He will clean out Piya's name as promised. It is useless for Abhay-Piya to fight their feelings or keep away from each-other. All forces of nature – all people – all energies are throwing them together and they cannot change their destiny. Whatever the future of this love story , it is just meant to be.


P.S- Chemistry meter surely went breaking through the roofs. Hats off , EK for getting them together.


Love and luck always,Heart

GOD bless everyone. Hug

Posted: 12 years ago
ur analysis nd post - "SUPER DUPER HIT"
jst luvd d epi nd u said it all Heart
by d way luvd chaandeena for sniffing around lyk puppiesROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
 tonight episode was full of fun
especially chaand haseena sniffing,.................ROFL ROFL ROFL
and haseena trying to sense piya............ROFL ROFL

kitni bhooki vampy hai door say hi human ko smell kar leti hai................ROFL ROFL
abhay shweeto...Day Dreaming
Humans kay sath rehtay huay bhi un kay sath romance kar sakta hai...........ROFL ROFL
Haseena should get training 4m Abhay................ROFL

 but loved da Abhiya or Abhmetz scene..Day DreamingHeart
so power full scene...........NukeHeart

Guys keep commenting on VISU page

Edited by ..fari.. - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
literally haseena nd chinese papa are so damn despo........unse "APNI PYAAS CONTROL NAHI HOTI" bechaareThumbs Down
Posted: 12 years ago
I again Loved todays epi! Day Dreaming
AP were magical and Abhay Matz were a beautiful dream Embarrassed
its sad to see Abhay still suffering...i hope it ends soon and AP can find solace with each other Embarrassed
the sizzling chemsitry of Visu was souring high today!BlushingBlushing

Abhay is the coolest ,. BTW. While your darling Piya felt guilty about having slept in the same bed as Abhay and that too on him , he was like… " what's wrong with you? We were just sleeping!"…. Abhay is .. just Abhay. He recovers from his weak moments very fast – superhuman , huh? 

ROFL Exactly i tghought when Abhay got up that he would say sorry but no, he was like so what you were only sleeping! LOL
Posted: 12 years ago
today's epi hmm what can I say!!!  ABHIYA too  hoooooooooooooot!!!  he he he ..one of the best scenes of ABHIYA!!!  there was so much passion especially in Abhay's eyes, actions and words!!!  I couldn't get enough of their scenes today!!! and  he admitted that he feels the same way for Pia like he felt for Maithili!!!!
EK kabse rocking hogayi pata hi nahi chala!!! Keep it coming and keep rocking!!!
I wont be surprised if the show in NO.1 on the chart now!!!  It should be... It is totally there... with best ensemble cast, music, story everything!!!!!  
Chemistry meter surely went breaking through the roofsWink totally agree

Posted: 12 years ago
Nice post & descriptionClap
yaa, it was so pure & tender was their love, it was so obvious that Abhay loved Maithili more then his lifeHeart
that was lil bit funny, when he came to kiss Pia, thinking her as MaithiliDay Dreaming, & she backed offLOL, & was sorry for thatEmbarrassed
but Abhay was not sorryLOL, as it was him, who came to kiss herWink
& he says, tum sorry mat kehna, tum soo rahi thiEmbarrassed
instead, he should be sorry for doing thatWink, but he had no such regret in itApprove
Posted: 12 years ago
@pocahontas : good post ...

yeah d abhay mithli scene ws awesum...

@all bt me lkd pia n abhay wala scene...mre..he senses sumthin fishy evn in dt assionate eyelock n d way he lifts her up...dt scene ws gud....

n haseena sniffing.....LOL

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