Can we stop with the over-reaction?

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Posted: 12 years ago
Why is everybody over-reacting?

GC said..."I was skeptical to put about dexter lest u start saying that I don't look good with him, or I should throw him away bcos I look good with some so and so stray dog in some serial of mine. U guys request me to put about my parents? Why? So that u get the chance to say I look good with my screen parents?". 

Just like people want him to be with DD because of their onscreen chemistry, he is extending the analogy to saying he cannot get rid of Dextar because, god forbid, he looked cuter with a fictional dog in a serial or give up his parents because the reel ones suited him more looks-wise. 

None of this implies, even remotely, that he said anything negative about any of his co-stars. So stop over-reacting guys. Just like we have a right to our opinion, GC is entitled to his. Respect runs both ways. The ridiculous outraged comments that are floating around make us all seem rather silly!

Please understand that these actors are giving it their all and doing a fabulous job in a show we all love. This is the best appreciation they can show us. Day in day out we tear their work apart and dissect every move, touch, word etc. This has extended to every type of comment being thrown at the actors of the show. Is that part and parcel of an actor's life...yes. Are they human and sometimes react...yes. 

So...lets read the blog, understand and react in a balanced manner rather than attribute the worst possible explanations to the words. Such extreme reactions can and will only hurt GHSP.

Chill out guys and enjoy the reel show!
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Posted: 12 years ago
I guss sometime people can take it in wrong way.
But this will calm down in few days. So we should simply ignore.
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Posted: 12 years ago
I agree fans r wrong on taking so much into their self, but his statments should be cleared from his side as well.......
Posted: 12 years ago
"None of this implies, even remotely, that he said anything negative about any of his co-stars. So stop over-reacting guys. Just like we have a right to our opinion, GC is entitled to his. Respect runs both ways. The ridiculous outraged comments that are floating around make us all seem rather silly! "

Jaya Hug Zabardust post! Agree with each and every word Approve
Posted: 12 years ago

sensible post here....really needed

looks like GF is on roll....we reallly have to calm down
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Posted: 12 years ago
iam agree with you and GC reaction also if i would be on his place my reaction will be same it will be our persanl life no fan should interfier there persnal life
Posted: 12 years ago
I agree with ur post. Sometimes things get out of hand from both sides, fans as well as actors.

Appreciate GC for his work, but fall in love with Maan. GC and Maan are different. Why mix the 2?Maan will always be with Geet. Let GC be with Debina. 

And for GC, it is a momentary and spontaneous reaction. He does not react this way all the time. And he can write what he wants in his blog. Can that guy have some privacy already :)

GC, take it all with a pinch of salt. For every fan who says harshful things to you, there are a couple who adore u for who u r and respect you for ur love for Debina. Take a chill pill. 
Posted: 12 years ago
Look folks

This is a storm in a teacup. I have no idea what the comments were that forced him to post this. I am sure they must have been pretty offensive to bring forth this kind of reaction from him. I think we all need to calm down and realize that he was probably angry when he wrote this and actions done in anger often have unintended consequences.

One has to be very careful with the wording because it is always open to misinterpretation. Let us remember that he may not have realized the implications of the hidden unintended meanings in his letter. English is a funny language in that way LOL LOL LOL.

His choice of the word fans is probably not the right one. He should have addressed just that particular section of his fans who he has a problem with. He should also have gone on to thank the other section who appreciate his work and stay out of his personal life. That would have made this a lot more acceptable. It would have been clear that he was targeting the fans who are hell bent on creating trouble.

Also the use of the word stray is being misinterpreted. If you look at it in context you can see that he was comparing his own dog - Dexter to some stray dog in some serial. Again the use of the word "stray" was probably a little too much - he could have gone for a less controversial word. My guess is that people also called his dog ugly and he was upset about that too.

He may have gone a tad overboard but hey he was angry plus anything written down or even things we say are open to misinterpretation. That is the beauty of the English language. Wink Stern Smile  LOL LOL Should he have gotten someone to read before he posted - absolutely. Big smile

But come on cut the guy a little slack.

Even now if he is not addressing you (as in if you were not among the people who posted things in his blog) just ignore it. Why do you want to spoil your day over what person X said to person Y because he was ticked off. 

Relax. I hope he clears this up purely for his sake.

My personal reaction, I know he is not referring to me, so I am just going to forget about this. Approve

I do not care about what an actor does or does not do on his own time. I have no inclination to know anything about an actor's personal life because I believe that they are human and deserve their space like anyone else. This is my personal opinion and I do not expect others to think the same way. All I expect from GC is that he does a good job as Maan in GHSP. Beyond that I have no interest in any of his off-screen activities.

My two cents. Sorry if I hurt anyone's sentiments. Embarrassed
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