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Posted: 12 years ago
When I log in to India-Forums, i straight jump to KMH forum and everyday I see new people entering the show, saying they never watched season 1 but they're glued to season 2. This makes me feel so happy!
I mean after this, the first thing that pops into my mind is, "oh finally, atleast one of these new viewers will be India and will help boost the TRPs of KMH!"
But alas, nothing as such is happening.
I wrote a topic previously about this too, & everyone suggested that KMH has just begun and that it needs time to stick to the audience.
Today's it's already been 1 month and 10 days since the show started and there's so get-ups in the TRPs! There's either no-change or a downfall.
What's the damn cause? Even after having SO many fans of KMH till the show was brought BACK on viewers demand, why aren't the actors/creatives/makers getting the appreciation through TRPs that is needed?
Reason- Kitani Mohabbat Hai is a youth-oriented show, according to my point of view, half of the viewers watch the show online- not on television therefore the show is losing out on TRPs. However, it is LOVED as much when it comes to online viewers. That's why when season 1 had an abrupt shutdown, Imagine's MAIL was filled with petitions.
Therefore, again there's no solution to this problem, these online viewers are watching the show at their own preferred timings as the slot 8pm is not a goodtime for them. Personally, i know and i think everyone doesn't want KMH to suffer low TRPs despite the great acting by Karan and Kritika.
Question- What can we do? This still remains a question with NO answer at all. Angry
Posted: 12 years ago
Sonia, I think what went against S1 was that it was telecasted at 8pm as well as 10.30pm. Hence, neither of the timeslots got the full viewership. It got divided and that was not a good sign. As far as S2 goes, I think 0.8 is a pretty decent trp for a show like KMH firstly because Imagine is a comparatively small channel. You can't expect the shows to have 4-5trps. Secondly, as you said, its a youth-oriented show. Most of the older people don't really watch it. How much can people our age contribute to the trps?? My sister loves KMH but she has to watch the recording because she comes back home only at 9! The people who watch on YT, I feel are the ones settled abroad. Why would people like us in India watch it on the horrible resolution of YT when we have the much superior option?? Lastly, we people here in KMH forum are hardly 10% of the total viewers of TV, hence, you're right. The harsh truth is we can't do muchOuch

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