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Posted: 12 years ago

Part 2

The entire family is gathered under one roof. Everybody is very quiet and very serious. Geet was also called for this family gathering. Geet was never allowed to attend any family meeting but this was her first time to attend this meeting. She was really scared. She didn't know what to expect. She was sitting at the corner of the room where nobody could notice her. She was shivering. Her face turned pale. Brij was staring her with his red angry eyes. She was so scared that she couldn't move from her place.

Brij was looking very furiously at Geet. His face was all red like he was drunk. He stood up in front of everybody and he said that I have talked to Dinanathji and he is ready to accept Geet as his daughter in law. We should start wedding preparations as soon as possible so that Geet will be away from our house. I can't tolerate her for one more second here.

Brij was looking at Geet and told her that never come back to this house once you get married.

Everybody was listening to Brij quietly. Nobody dared to say anything except Mohanji, Brij's father. At last, Mohanji stood up and he yelled at Brij to sit down.  

Mohanji: I have to share one family secret with everyone today. A long ago, at the time of Geet's birth, my father, Mr Shankar used to share a very good friendship with Khuranas. At that time, Savitri devi has made a promise to Mr Shankar that one day, her eldest son Maan would get married to Geet. I still respect my father's promise therefore tomorrow I will go to Savitri Devi's house and ask for Maan's hand for Geet.

Everybody was looking at Mohanji with shock. Nobody could grasp this except two people in the room.

Mohan continued: And if everything works out well, then ………………..Mohan was continuing his conversation but Brij interrupted him. Brij turned redder; his eyes were filled with anger.

Brij to Mohanji: Pitaji, it is not possible. Maan is my childhood friend and buddy. I know for sure that he doesn't like Geet.  In fact, he hates Geet as much as I do. I can't ruin Maan's life for Geet. He is very talented and educated; he can get any girl he wants. I have already promised to Dinanathji and he has happily agreed for Geet's hand for his son, Rahul. Why do you have problem with that?

Brij continued: Main kal hi Geet ki shaadi Rahul se karvata hu. (I will make sure that tomorrow Geet will get married to Rahul).

Mohanji couldn't listen to this anymore. No matter how much he hates Geet, but he can't disrespect his father's promise. Nobody was paying attention to Geet and nobody has asked for her opinion. She has listened to this conversation carefully. Geet didn't get surprise as once her mom told her about Savitri Devi's promise and she knew that someday this will happen. In fact, nobody knows that Geet secretly likes Maan even though she knows that Maan hates her and she can never get a place as a wife in his life.

Flashback to past:

Maan, Geet and Brij used to study in the same school. One day, for some reason, Brij couldn't take her to the school hence Brij had asked Maan to take her to school with him. Unwillingly Maan was taking Geet to the school and on the way, Geet was thirsty and she went to nearest river to get some water. While having water, she fell in the river and Maan saved her. After that incident, Geet fell in love with Maan but she never expressed her feelings to anyone.

Geet is so used with hate that she didn't care whether Maan accepts her or not. She is ok if she has to live with a man who doesn't or who couldn't love her as she has never expected love in return from anyone.  

Coming back to present:

She is totally scared with the thought of leaving her house as she never knew the life outside of the house and she has assumed that life would be much harder and people would be much worse outside the house. She got so used with all the pain in her life that she has accepted that pain is the part of her life and that is how Babaji (God) has planned her life hence she has stopped complaining about her life a long ago.

Brij was still not ready to change his mind. For him his words are like patther pe khichi lakir hence he can't break his promise to Dinanthji. Not that he ever care about Dinanath but he does care for Maan. He tried to convince his father, Mohanji but he didn't listen to him at all.

Brij pretended that he has accepted his father's decision in front of everyone in the house but his mind was thinking something else. At night he met his fawning friends in the backyard of the house when everybody went to sleep and they made a plan to take Geet away on Sunday and get her married to Rahul. They will convince Dinanathji and Rahul for taking part in this plan. They didn't realize that somebody was listening to their plan.

Guess who was listening to their plan?

Will continue in part 3







Posted: 12 years ago
OMG great update love it now can't wait till to find out what happened next poor geet yeh brij toh hai he zaalim insaan baychari geet aur maan i hope he cums to save her and they get married  he can conti his hate relationship at least they will b marrried :P
Posted: 12 years ago
what kinda of brother Brij he is... so horrible. just because he hates geet doesnt mean he have to force her to getting marryin to that rahul guy
i hope maan alteast be kind to geet

update soon

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