You guys think Sara Was right about big boss?

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Do you guys think Sara Was right about big boss?

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Posted: 12 years ago
Do you guys think Sara Was Right about Big Boss Being Partial?

I think she was right, to save her from nomination Twice in a row, she was given power, and taking her side all this time... Understood Captaincy was in housemates hands, but big boss took advantage of Situation and called Dolly who was already in power of Mallika-e-sultanat. which again wasn't fair. She must have re-entered the house with public appeal and votes (again i didn't see any promos or polls on colors tv website). but that doesn't dissolve DAAL fully.  

Posted: 12 years ago
Yes, the favour was even in the apology that Dolly offered to all housemates and then especially to Shweta. It is much much more easier to apologize when you are sultana. Because you are getting the big ego boost from it. It is not easy to apologize as a commoner.

But making a mistake means that one must apologize the hard way - as a commoner. Otherwise the apology is meaningless.
Posted: 12 years ago
i dont like shara, but this time she was rit. these questions arise most of the people. she was evicted as a punishment thn why even her name was for voting. sameer was back soon after eviction, becoz of public pressure and Big Boss realised his mistake. last time whn KKR was evicted he just came as guest, but why this time dolly came again as participant. secondly partiality is rit from beginning. why she got power to save one person. all this create misunderstanding. so expressing her doubt is no offence. why Big Boss made this such a big IssueAngry
Posted: 12 years ago
when she came back she was saved for the nomination for that week , why why why??? . when sameer came back he instantly nominated.
Posted: 12 years ago
Yes, Sara was right.....
Posted: 12 years ago
oh unfortunately i pressed d no button,,,!:O:(

count my vote too in yes n deduct 1 from "no",,,!:D
Posted: 12 years ago

shes made a mistake and going to pay by walking tomorrow.  shes played with both sides and then took punga with BB, and now he will show her who is boss.  firstly she takes millions from BB for a fake wedding, then she has the audacity to criticise him, like he would take that from a spoilt greasy kid!!! her argument about unhygenic conditions when dolly is in the kitchen is least dolly doesnt flavour her food with dandruff and dead skinDead

in short the lesson she will be taught is........dont bite off the hand that feeds you.........fair play to BBClapClapClap
Edited by Shizaru - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
BB should have this poll on his web site.....since he believes in junta..

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