RBO Weekly Discussion/Live Update #20

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Posted: 12 years ago

(Thanks Hina.. Hug)

~~~Rang Badalti Odhani~~~
This is a daily/weekly episode discussion thread.
You can discuss daily episodes.. and also have live updates.
Please donot have live updates on the main forum and keep it
in this thread to respect the written updaters time and efforts.
Enjoy the thread.

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Edited by Dancingdoll - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
First ...*looks left right* ...*takes deep breath*
Congrats all!! ..we are at our 20th thread...
A great episode..simple ,clarity in track,great performances and some superb lines ...
Thought of the Thread : ....A friend in needings is a friend in deedings.......
Asli dost wohi hota hai jiski hamesha koi na koi zaroorat hoti hai  ...ROFL
Edited by priya1209 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
At last.....KARISHMA!!!VEENA!!!......We miss you!!!!!Hug.....
Good Neend Priya and Vandu!Hug....Finally I can goLOL
Posted: 12 years ago
Yay !! New DT !!
Congo Shongo ppl..!!
And now Good Neend....GTG.....Feeling sleepy !! Byee
Posted: 12 years ago
hehe ..we made it May ,vandu,Krishna and other there ..I felt without Karishma around it would have taken us ages...
Miss Veena ...and thanks for the thread DD ..
Good Neend All...
Posted: 12 years ago
ND!!!....You can update the first post nowROFL.....We are finallly hereROFL....Byee!
Posted: 12 years ago
Just before I goLOL.....Please can you write the the title of the DT just like the last oneEmbarrassedBig smile.....Well, Veeni did say I have to keep the OC feeling alive on the forumEmbarrassed.....ROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
@Priya loved all that you said about the epi...completely agree...
Yes a better episode over all..saod a similar thing myself ...Good dialogues, scene execution and clarity does wonders nah...
What I find intresting is Rahuls view of Shaan and him wanting Khanak to meet him...wont he be in for a shocker when Rahul finds out that Shaan is her husband..adn in for more shock when he hears their story.
Khanak inded will eb the glue...that will bind them back together....be it Rahul Shaan or Rahul Sam..or All four togehter again...as between them all...she is a true warrior..courageous and strong...emotionaly as well as mentally.
She at a young age faced so much..but came out a winner..and with a smile on her face.
Can't wait to see...how this all shapes up..as Precap ...seems very interestuing indeed.

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