My Final Bye! See You In An Other Life!

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Posted: 12 years ago

I'm sorry guys.

I'm not in for Jyoti as a Mod.
Jyoti is part of a group - Devils.
I believe, it was unfair to choose someone from a group. Why did GMs choose from a group anyways?
I believe Jyoti is playing an unfair game - What proof do we have that she WILL NOT favor others over her friends - Devils?
Honestly? I would have if I was a Mod. LOL
I think, people should elect someone else. She's a Devil.
I'm sorry Jyoti and Devils. I have nothing against you people, but I simply do not trust you. Big smile Blame it on your actions.
It's the same group who made plagiarist topics and bashed.
Make someone else a Mod. User's voting. Anything. I know GMs are the ones who choose new moderators - complain it to them.
I think, we should speak up.
I want Nabila (Tomiko) back which is impossible, ofcourse. Ouch She was a fair Mod. 
I don't want Jyoti as a GF Mod.
Let me repeat, this is totally unfair, because she is part of a group - Devils.
I think, GMs shouldn't have elected someone who's in a group. Someone from outside.
What say guys?
If Jyoti is there as a Mod, I'm will not be on GF. Stern Smile 
This is final!
I'm ready to announce it to the world that I found Roshni. and Chandini far better Mods than Jyoti. At least, they did not use to give sarcastic comments while closing the topics ... or think themselves as ... I don't know what.
So agree or not ... I'm out of this place.
I don't know what 'Idiots' think about this matter ...
But I don't want any Devil to be a Mod.
Posted: 12 years ago
thank god!!! u agree *sighing with relief* i thought u would never agree ROFLROFLROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
Jake if you have seen i have talked to you too...and i have always been a devil too and regarding jyotidi i know her loong before she is in this forum...and besides i know ehr personally....there are many devils who are in development team....that does not mean that they are biased towards anyone...has she said anything wrong that you are saying about her in this way?she has just spoken up about rules which any moderators will do...does it mean that if you are a moderator then you cant talk to a certain group of people????
Posted: 12 years ago
Hmm..... looks like Jyothi comes with a lots of personal opinions and too much inside information about the show!!
Soon GF will turn to be a forum for PH than innocent users who dont know anything!!!!
Not a good feeling.......Confused

Posted: 12 years ago

Jake posting in a particular thread doesn't mean I m a devil or a deedian or a idiotLOL..we hv different grps here for SERIAL Discussion I believeErmm and if as a Mod I post somewhere in a thread its because I m interested in a show's discussion..being a Mod doesn't mean I will become a robot and only close topics and give warnings but not participate in discussionsStern Smile...Moderation is not a new thing for me...u can go to bidaai or Uttaran forum if u want..I m moderating there too and trust me I m not any devil thereROFL..I m in this business for many years now and I know whats the duty of a Mod and in what way he or she needs to b neutral but that doesn't mean Mods don't hv the right to it Devils thread or deeds thread or idiot thread or any other thread..minute a thread is breaking rules action will b taken..

Rest leaving forum or not is your wishSmile
Posted: 12 years ago

Me too same feeling....  people may call us your chamche!!! but yes we speak our minds!

*runs from GF* !!
Posted: 12 years ago
Agree !!! Simply not liking the sarcastic comments to close the topics...closing topics is fine at some point but not the opinions which tells the whole story in the mind Agree Jake with each word said !!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Darling, why so upset? Moderatership is such duty which will hav to b proven. So why chose between devils, idiots, tom, dick or harry? Shes the mod coz shes capable so chosen for it.

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