Amazing episode...yet ...unanswered questions...

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Posted: 12 years ago

Yesterday, i couldnt wait for LTL to start at 8:30 pm....Wanted to know the aftermath of slap...

As many pointed out , the slap was a poorly executed one, i felt Dutta had to run behind Nakku to slap her...
Nakku initial reaction was shock, on the floor as like other PN guests except evil sisters n Sudarshan...
Dutta's sudden slap, as much as i understand Dutta's nature, suited him...Before you all raise the voice, let me explain some thots - We have been seeing Dutta - when blinded by too much anger - he either fights or flight away...he just wanted Nakusha to stop the nonsense what she's doing...Well, instead of choosing to shake her out of the state or drag her away or shout at her - he just reacted the way true to his angry nature...
He even inched towards her again to put her back into senses , but Kala stops him...So much blinding anger in him...
Nakku - after the initial shock , she wore a proud expression on her face, which said - she got what she wanted....well , my intrepretation of it...
So, if Nakku;s plan was to make Kala understand that - she's SMART and kala's plan wont work ...why would she chose to enact drunk?? She could have just stayed quiet...Yet she didnt - by doing the tamasha infront of PN people , i guess she wanted to incite strong reactions in Dutta, What did she ultimately expect ??
However , her defence to her actions are not entirely justifiable - The words infornt of the guests ..."Mein bhi thodi rang bhar loon..." She convinced Dutta & other guests that her steps never falter and she will never do anything to compromise Dutta's & family's honour...She has so much faith in her mangalsutra & suhaag...
So i feel , Nakku invited Dutta's wrath and she was shocked initially by the way he reacted , yet she understood his intentions behind it...The method was erroneous - the intentions right ...I guess that's why she justifies to him - his slap - in the kitchen....
I do believe she was hurt a bit, but Nakku being Nakku , look for the goodness - AS Dutta rightly asked her - mujh mein aise kuch nahin hein , jo koi pasand karen and she replies - she has seen his DIL....
Dutta's method - well to me , if I was in Nakku's place - I would never ever agree - Nakku's justification to Dutta - his haq and all that - Hmm no....
Yet Dutta being Dutta and Nakku being Nakku - i feel they are right as the characters , which they potray...
As Kshreya said in one post - many would agree to disagree to this post and I am alright with it SmileSmile
Tasha & LTL - Love you Star
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Posted: 12 years ago

I was wondering whether we need Dutta to remember the last night's fiasco today , Hmm lets wait and watch !!

Posted: 12 years ago
Yes you are right...Naku actually invited Dutta's wrath...she wanted a strong reaction from him...and to achieve that she faked a "drunken dance"!!! More than her "haq" logic, I'm finding it harder to digest that she actually led Dutta and all the guests to believe that she was really doesn't suit Naku, in my opinion!

Edit: I wouldn't have minded Naku taking such a drastic step to win Dutta over, if the CVs had taken care to give a proper build-up to the scene...and a proper closure....and some transparency to Naku's thoughts!
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Posted: 12 years ago
I agree with u. actually naku wanted a strong reaction from dutta. & she successful to do that.
Posted: 12 years ago
i might get answers only in the last episode of LTL , i guessLOL

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