Bajji-Roops-Madhu love triangle?

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hello all Ltl fans,
I am well aware of the dislike most LTL fans have for Madhu and would like nothing more than her to be removed from the show.
But somehow, I like Bajji-Madhu pairing. No chappal throwing at me please!!!!!DeadDeadDead
But it seems like the CVs do not know what to do with Madhu's character. I thought she would be Naku's ally in the fight against ET. But so far it does not seem like she will ever find out about the ET.
so now that Roops will be working hard to trap Bajji, how will Madhu come between them?
 We know that Kala's plan always fail. So Roops is bound to fall in love with Bajji. But we also know that Bajji will fall for Madhu, but I do not see how.
In order for that to happen, Bajji and Madhu have to have many scenes together. But Bajji and Roops will have more scenes.
I have a feeling Madhu might soon find out about the ET and then offer Bajji help in destroying the ET?
any ideas?
Posted: 12 years ago
kutte ke dhoom teda hota hai chai jitna kosis karlo roop nahi badlega, kabhi kisi bure ko atcha banta my nahi dekha aab tak.  roop is not good for our sweet baaji, madhu is perfect for baaji
Posted: 12 years ago
bajji and madhu have more seen than roop and bajji. cv is clearly showing bajji like mathu butterfly is flying in his when she touch him. but mathu dosen't have any idea about bajji but soon she will bajji need love like what D&N love. a pure love mathu should fall in love the bajji. it should not come in sympathy
Posted: 12 years ago
as of right now i don't feel the chemistry between madhu and baaji, but maybe if they develop their story a bit more i might. CV's should really show more of Madhu. Now would be the greatest time, considering Nakku doesn't really have any female friend in PN. I personally would prefer a baaji-madhu pairing over baaji-roops. I don't know if roops is positive, negative, or in between, but she just bugs might just be that reason. I don't know if she is good or bad. I don't want a love story with baaji where he is betrayed...there already is a lot of that going on in the drama.
Posted: 12 years ago
We are still not sure Madhu is +ve or -ve. I hope roops turns positive and she should fall for Bajji. I love their chemistry. As we know Madhu already started trapping(in other sense) Bajji. Bajji is falling for her, Left to CvS NOW, if madhu-bajji paired, to watch TASHA, i need to tolerate their scenes. Confused No other option left,  I am wondering Once the ET's are exposed where will roops go, other two sisters are married so they follow their hubbies. What this poor girl will do?? Confused

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