NMG*#27th(Invites Only)Want Arti back together!!!

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Posted: 12 years ago
*Naughty Mayurians Gang*
                                               (invites Only)

                   We r Very Veryyyyyyy n Veryyyyyyyy Naughty Here.......Evil Smile
                                               so Enter at ur own RiskWink
                                      We Luv Mayur/Arti Veryyyyyyyyy MuchEmbarrassed
                                         n want Arti to be a Couple soonEmbarrassed

Introducing The Queen Of Tellywood...."RATI PANDEY".......Day Dreaming

Now The Prince Of Our Heart............"ARJUN BIJLANI".........Embarrassed

And When They Are Together........Its ARTI=PURE MAGIC.....Blushing

Posted: 12 years ago
*Our Naughty Gang*

                                                Name: Anum(Annu_Arti_Mayur)
                    Nicknames:Annu,Shehzadi,Japani Guddia...n mamy moreLOL
                                                             DOB: 24th October
Ur Luv 4 Mayur: I jus Luv them...dats it....they r Adorable n noe can be like them...they r uniqueWink
   Ur Luv 4 Arti: Same as aboveWink..Arti or Mayur its the Same thingWink
               wase i want them too Confess soonEmbarrassedluv themEmbarrassed
      How Much Naughty r u: well i m very Naughtyyyyyy...at times Evil SmileLOL
       Somthing about U: i m a simple girl...i m very naughty but at the same time  very Sensitive...i get easily hurt...n mujeh mana bht Mushkil hota haiLOL.........i m Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy romanticEmbarrassed.....     Short tempered tooOuch
     all in all...fun luving,bubly,jolly girlEmbarrassed


                                    DOB:29 july.........Embarrassed
Ur Luv 4 Mayur: i just love them,don't have any reason.....Big smile..
             Ur luv 4 Arti: again the same answer as above.........
How much Naughty r u:well lets wait and watch jee..........Evil Smile
Something about u: i am very jolly,fun loving girland kind ofromantic.........Embarrassed   
                                                        Nickname: Sunny
                                                        DOB: 4th Feb
Y u Luv Mayur: i duno they have sum magic that cant not b described Embarrassed
Y u luv Arti:they r such an amaing personz. luv them d way they r Big smile
How much Naughty r u: well LOL thatz 4 u all to find out Wink
Tell me something about u: Am from Karachi Pakistan. done my graduation of Software engineering. so am a software engineer n working. am a very jolly n fun person but really very short-tempered. getz angry on very minor thingz Tongue .. my frined thinkz that every1 should have a friend like me.. coz am too gud LOL


                     Nicknames:Natshu.natz,Lal tamatarBlushingLOL
                          DOB:11th October
            Ur Luv 4 Mayur:because they are played by ArTiBlushing
       Ur luv 4 Arti:There are many reasons for why i love them , but for this  one just because they are Hawt , have a sizzling chemistry and they set my   heart on fire.BlushingMost importantly they set my heart on fire.
          How much Naughty r u:Jitni lagti hu , usse kai jyadaWink. Ona scale of 10 i could get a 100WinkLOL
           Something about u:I am a total Pagal person, Mad behing ArTi like crazy. I seriously am obssesed with them.I am a bit of a senti Person and have  extreme mood swings.I love my friends especially IF. I do have blush-o-Mania LOL(for those of you who had a doubt). Bas what else..

                                   Name: mehak kinza arshad
                                               DOB: 3 july 1991
             Y u Luv Mayur:(ans in just 1 line) they make me blush..
          Y u luv Arti:(ans in just 1 line) they make me blieve in friednhip
                  How much Naughty r u: ask shivi...Tongue
          Tell me something about u:
 ummm...well the most abt me is that i am  
an ordinary girl...very ordinary...

              Ur Luv 4 Mayur:because dey r realistic couple like arti
          Ur luv 4 Arti:because dey made a wondreful mayur for me
         How much Naughty r u:im not dat much naughty but im bubbly and funny gal
       Something about u:sometimes i doesnt belive in myself i have only faith in ALLAH,im very negative about all things in world but sometimes try 2 b positive,i m highly affected by people opinions but in d end its ony my decision which take over and im always positve about mayurWink


                                                          Name: Rabi
                                                   DOB: 16th October 
          Y u Luv Mayur:love their chemistry and love for each other
           Y u luv Arti:love their acting and onscreen personalities
                        How much Naughty r u: hahah a lot
         Tell me something about u:, i am from germany, have done  a Level and
continuing Studying in university in Mainz.Big smile

                                                 Name: Shailee
                                               DOB:26th January
          Ur Luv 4 Mayur: The most romantic, cute and rocking Jodi on screen
      Ur luv 4 Arti: Two most passionate actors who respect  each other and have the MOST sizzling chemistry. In short, just love them both. 
       How much Naughty r u: We cant say exactly how much, but so much that when ever I hear a romantic song, I think of them.
        Something about u: Well I'm from Nepal, but currently working in India. Never knew i would be so crazy for a TV serial jodi our Mayur. Their just rocking. 


               Nicknames:richu,cutu,kittu and many more...do call me watevr u lyk Smile
     DOB:25 july.........Embarrassed
                 Ur Luv 4 Mayur: i just love them,coz they tougt me wat love is...i can't feel same for any other jodi as i feel for MAYur...and moreover their fight remind me somethingBlushing
             Ur luv 4 Arti: they r perfectly fine with eachotherBig smile
          How much Naughty r u:well lets wait and watch jee...depends on u Wink
         Something about u: i am sweet,funloving,bubbly like nups..........and kind of  filmy and  romantic too.........Embarrassed


                                                                 Name: Surbhi 
12th june 1993
             Y u Luv Mayur:(ans in just 1 line) 
Because they are the most unique , magical and perfect couple in the whole world . 
          Y u luv Arti:(ans in just 1 line)
 Because they are the most dedicated , decent and lovely persons in the world . 
         How much Naughty r u: 
 I am not much a naughty person waise . But i am jolly one shayad . 
           Tell me something about u
: I am Surbhi . I am a very shy person but  become strong too at times . I love watching mayur  /arti  , reading books , listening songs , playing with kids , dancing and singing . I am a medical student  . I love writing poems and ffs. I love all my friends dearly . 

                     DOB:15th September
            Ur Luv 4 Mayur:They have the best ever love story that i saw with such strong characters...never change but change for each other in their own special way...........the story that i love to dream about
       Ur luv 4 Arti:Their acting....their respect for their work,fans and each other...........and their chemistry sets the screen on fire..........and most imp they are the most adorable twosome when together.........i mean u just adore them and nothing elseEmbarrassed
          How much Naughty r u:Not much......LOL 
but this CC is having its effects on me LOL

           Something about u: Am an Electronics Engg.doing Web programming........am a complete movie fan......a dreamer....like creative things...fun loving.....hate to lie......take time to make friends..reserved.........and am a VirgoEmbarrassed 

                              Name: Ansha
                              DOB: 8th sept 
Y u Luv Mayur:(ans in just 1 line) they are characters near to reality
Y u luv Arti:(ans in just 1 line) they are good human beings
How much Naughty r u: im not all naughty but can be very much at times wen the need beTongue 
Tell me something about u: umm...well...im doin ma bachelors and i love to read books,watch movies and can talk MayUr/ArTi all day long.Wink


Posted: 12 years ago
*Few Rules*

                                   >Do Check the Member List

                      >No one is Allowed Other Than The Members in the List

           >No Member can Invite a friend who is not Common to Other  
          >All Members have to Check that whether this Rule is Being   
Followed or Not   
Posted: 12 years ago
Congo everyoneParty
well Arjun's Bankok trip got cancelled.......n so did someone else........
Posted: 12 years ago

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