brief updates 7th & 8th Decemeber

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Posted: 12 years ago
Hi everyone

yesterday - the episode started with prem and nadini continuing their talk, nandini is very disturbed by prem mention of the secret and she doesnt know how to react, prem is teasing her and is as usual in a romantic mood but she runs away again with no excuse, prem has no idea whats up with her...
the rest is gautam emotionally blackmailing kalyani, urmila also taunting kalyani... urmila also finds the letters an calls dadi to let her know but there wasnt a direct confrontation about the letters or the baby
the sad part was when kalyani and nandini are shown reminiscing about the past in a very sad manner and thats where the episode ends

today - urmila spies on nandini and govinds phone call and gets all sort of weird ideas from it, dr Kalyani shares everything with a friend in the police and she advises dr K to advise nandini and prem to stay away from each other till this matter is solved
pratham tries to convince urmila to accept nandini and train her to be like herself so they can convince baba and dadi to accept her too, maskaofying her to agree to it for prem
very brief appearance by prem trying to romance nandini when dr K walks in and then talks to nandini about staying away from prem, emotional scene but well done, all that they said made sense too, dekhnay wala hai..

oh and highlight of the day was when krishna comes home from the hospital to his home and shonakshi has the house decorated and wheel chairs ready... must watch scene

sorry cant go into many details
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for d brief updates Fatima..Krish-Sona scene finally..aww..really liked d way she'd decorated d rum..but d logic behind buying all d 3 wheelchairs LOL LOL..Sona's simply d best...d brief PreNa scene was cute..Gaurav in asking Nandini to stay away frm if they ever got a chance to stay together...Pratham d sugary hubby..haha..liked his sarcasm..dude u tried to convince ur wife in d sweetest way which she doesnt deserve..but still atleast u tried..n I guess this a warning..wish to see d hard side of u too..anyway for me d best scene today was d Sona-Krish scene..Sona babe u rock..hey ppl dont u think we shud make a Sona corner that most of us r her big pankhe LOL
Posted: 12 years ago

Thanks for the summary updates Fatima..............Smile

Yes, the story is moving forward.........lots of progress this week with a tadka of romance, drama and humor..........courtesy Prem, Urmila and Sonakshi in that order!  Tongue
I am waiting for the scene when Prem gets to see the letter.........that is one of the turning points and I am waiting to see how Gaurav does it........I want to see the other side of Prem!! 
Too tired nowadays to type a closing with just this much!Disapprove
Posted: 12 years ago
Missed d last segment n d d letters land in Prem's hands??
Posted: 12 years ago
@rads - in the precap, nandinis family receives the information of the letters, dont know from where exactly
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by fj08

@rads - in the precap, nandinis family receives the information of the letters, dont know from where exactly,u mean Govind's family?
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Fatima for update, didn't see yesterday episode yet.
I am missing Sumati alot, I think they got in Sonakshi to fill her shoes. She is more of a joker, some of her convos are good but some really stupid. Like she wanted to be nurse act with Aayi, aayi expressions were so goodLOL
Want to know mystery behind Krishna, when are they gonna expose when Nandini secret is all out?? At the speed they are going I believe it should be next week.
Shobs me too want to see Prem's reaction now, I hope they show lesser of Urmila now. Dadi chali gayi par apni parchayi chodd gayiCry

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